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  • I wonder how much of the delay/potential cancellation is at the hands of Amanda. Not the easiest of folks to work with at all.

    • You know, I’m not sure what your statement is based on but I’ve seen the odd criticism or even attack here and there over the years and it annoys me. I don’t know her or any of the other organizers personally but she and others put all of this together without compensation and without cost to the attendees. I’m sure there is a considerable overhead of time and tedium involved for the organizers and anyone who enjoys the Fort Reno concert series benefits from those efforts. I’m definitely more inclined to say ‘thank you’ than to criticize.

  • Apparently, the concert series will still have to pay for a police presence, just not up front — that was the ‘compromise’ they reached. What’s wrong with only having police present when an incident occurs that requires armed gunmen dressed in blue? I’m sure Ft. Reno concert staff are capable of determining when such an extreme intervention is warranted and calling MPD. By the way, how many police incidents have occurred over the past 20 years during a concert? I’m willing to bet its zero or close to that.

    • But how can we live without constant surveillance and protection from all possible harm? And the camera that is permanently poll mounted at Fort Reno doesn’t count! IM SO SERIOUS 😛

    • F#ck you, I need overtime.

  • I know the organizers are hardcore, militant teetotalers. So does this mean there is zero tolerance for sneaking in alcohol?

    • Well, ya. In past years you’d be told to throw it out. Sounds like this summer and throughout the future you’ll get a citation and perhaps more (a misdemeanor on your record). We’re so much safer now!

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