Things You See in Columbia Heights on a Wed. Afternoon


A reader sends the photo above and writes:


Location: 13th St NW & Park Road NW, on Park Road NW
Time: 1:15 P.M.”

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  • And that’s why you don’t text while driving.

  • Why would it matter what day? As if there’s some appropriate day for this to happen?

    • It’s funny the way they captioned the photo. I don’t think there’s a particular reason this happened on a Wednesday. It’s humorous… Just go with it.

  • Live near here. Been saying for days something was going to go wrong near this site. Awful organization and very busy street.

    Not surprised.

    • Yup, they switch the side they’re working on daily, keep cones etc to the bare minimum, and don’t bother directing traffic. Doubtless the driver messed up too, but it’s a huge hole in the ground that, given the generally poor condition of this stretch of road, is not as easy to spot as you might think.

  • It’s hugely dangerous for pedestrians too. They post the “sidewalk closed” sign at Holmead, so you have cross Park mid-block, and you have to do it blind because you can’t see around the dirt movers parked in front of the building. Someone’s going to get creamed.

  • Yeah, just based on what you can see in the photo, this might not be the driver’s fault. I don’t see any toppled cones or other barriers that would have warned the car not to proceed into that pit, and the pit is probably pretty hard to see until you’re on top of it. What moron company (or government agency?) is responsible for this recklessness? They’d better be prepared to pay out.

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