Uptick in Graffiti?


@zoeica tweets us the photo above this morning:

“Lots of graffti showing up in Capitol Hill this morning.This is on N. Carolina SE”

I’ve also been noticing lots of graffiti all over town. Have others noticed an increase?

From U Street:


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  • Rotten sums of beaches… that’s on my way to work.

  • I wouldnt mind it, if it actually looked cool…these look like a bunch of amateurs.

    • We should be allowed to follow them home and then paint all over their place as a punishment. It’s obviously growing because DPW and business owners are moving too slowly in painting over it.

  • epric002

    i’ve also noticed a lot more than usual in coheights/petworth. so annoying. are we supposed to report grafitti on private property to 311, or just on public property?

    • I think for private property the city can’t do anything unless it’s at the request of the owner — even if it’s gang-related graffiti.

    • DPW will remove graffiti from public and private property. The private property requires some waivers.

      Also if you know any of the police in your area definitely let them know. At a recent PSA meeting our officers asked us to report and graffiti around the area to them so that they could track it if they thought it was gang related.

  • Voyer is the new Nero

  • I wouldn’t mind it in the proper places and with talent….but I guess that defeats the purpose! LOL

    • Pray, what would those “proper places” be? Would you want someone tagging your house or your business?

  • The neighborhoods north and south of H Street NE have had more graffiti lately on light boxes, stop signs, etc.

  • I was just noting today that we have aquied a tagger or two. On brat using orange has gotten 3 different places in the 12th and 13th and S. Carolina area.

  • justinbc

    Defiling the sacred North Carolina Ave, this shall not be tolerated!

  • So, when can we expect the turf war among heavily armed 14 year-olds to begin?

  • While on a walk this morning, I noticed a lot of places have been tagged in the SE Hill / Potomac Ave area. The Harris Teeter loading dock, a couple old corner stores, fences surrounding new construction all got hit by what seems to be a few “artists.”

  • Somebody in Takoma spray painted onto a brick wall over the logo of a dry cleaner. That’s hard to fix because it means they need to repaint their own sign. Even worse though was that the spray painted the garage door of the Cedar Crossing building and on the side of the building. There were cameras but that didn’t deter them. I think it all happened on the same night.

  • We need to print up an paste stickers that say “Has a teeny weenie” to place under the tag. That’ll stop it cold.

  • Thought maybe I hadn’t noticed it before but I now suspect there’s new graffiti in north Dupont/Kalorama/AdMo too. I saw some on 18th Street at Swann and on Columbia Road this Sunday.

  • A bunch of signs around Connecticut & 20th NW were tagged this morning: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nevermindtheend/14157330543/in/photostream

    And when I went to Dupont metro on April 28 it had also been tagged: https://www.flickr.com/photos/nevermindtheend/14049246995/in/photostream

    So, yes…I’ve noticed much more graffiti lately.

  • I have seen Voyer around a lot too. I agree that people need to learn to tag properly if they are going to vandalize. Its ugly seeing this crap on the large bases of bridges through Rock Creek Park

  • bustyredhead

    Logan 14 and The Pig were hit sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Large graffiti in the front windows.

    • I noticed last night that some utility boxes and signs have been tagged along P Street NW (heading into Logan and Shaw).

  • I’ve noticed a whole lot of new tags on the concrete wall alongside the MBT north of New York Ave. There are always a few on that stretch, but one prolific “artist” has gotten to pretty much every concrete panel. My personal favorite thing written in the tags? “F*ck Hipster!”

  • I hope the city takes the time to do something about this (unlikely) in terms of investigation and cleaning it up. Broken windows theory.

    • The city used to have a rapid response graffiti removal team during the Fenty administration, but for all I know, it went away under Mayor Gray.

  • Yes, definitely seeing more graffiti along Kennedy st. NW, unfortunately. As others have commented, it’s not particularly artistic either.

  • Just last night, I noticed some new grafitti in my alley in Adams Morgan.

  • In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve noticed more in the alleyways in trinidad…. specifically off of Montello. I’ve lived there for 2 years now and it’s been clean until recently. Definitely looks like amateur hour. whoever it is is tagging houses and peoples fences.

  • In the last 2-3 weeks I’ve noticed more in the alleyways in trinidad…. specifically off of Montello. I’ve lived there for 2 years now and it’s been clean until recently. Definitely looks like amateur hour. whoever it is, is tagging houses and peoples fences.

  • I think it is obvious that Voyer Norez is compensating for other shortcomings.

  • There has been an increase in graffiti everywhere I go in DC. Around Trinidad & the Atlas district the “acab” tag is everywhere.

  • Yep. Our house got very visibly tagged.

  • Warmer weather, people out & about more, including 2~5AM.

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