Sneak Peek Inside Smith Public Trust Coming to Brookland (possibly in 3 weeks)

3514 12th Street, NE

Thanks to a reader for sending a first look inside Smith Public Trust in the former Library Bar and Grill space. He writes:

“Saw that Smith Public Trust had its front door open and lights on. Pretty sweet mural in the back of the capitol, nice custom bar, small stage..overall looking great! Spoke with the contractors there and they said the bar should be opening within 3 weeks (take that for what its worth).”




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  • I had no idea it was this far along. I thought Brookland’s Finest would be the next place to open but maybe not.

  • Space looks great, but let’s get original with the names. Now we have Smith Public Trust, Smith Commons and Public (two Public bars actually). All of this on top of the Smoke and Barrel and Barrel BBQ combo.

  • justinbc

    Love that entryway with the pressed tin ceiling.

  • I’m excited about this opening, but the mural and the heads on the wall are just plain ugly

  • There are some more cool shots of the mural on the restaurant’s Twitter page.

  • excited for them to open, but i think it will always be grimy kitty o’sheas in my heart from my days at catholic u.

  • I took a small tour a few days ago. It’s BIG. They also have a small back room with a “speakeasy” type bar, small stadium seating and apple tv as well as wifi, I was told. Can’t wait for this to open. They said 2-3 weeks to me. 🙂

  • I only knew it when it was Kitty O’Shea’s….what a difference! Shitty Okay’s, as we called it, was a dump!

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