Renovated L’Enfant Plaza Restaurants Include – Phillips Seafood, Amsterdam Falafel, and Red Robin’s Burger Works

Rendering via L’Enfant Plaza

From a press release:

“L’Enfant Plaza, an office and retail mixed-use development owned and managed by The JBG Companies, is being readied for public reintroduction this summer after a series of transformative and extensive renovations invested over the past few years comes to fruition.

More than one dozen additional retail and dining tenants will open in coming months, bringing a new vibrancy to L’Enfant Plaza’s freshly repositioned and remarkably brighter shopping level. New destinations, such as Phillips Seafood, Amsterdam Falafel, and Red Robin’s Burger Works, will introduce even more options to customers who’ve embraced the enhanced L’Enfant Plaza food court, while a new and highly visible sculptural glass gateway will grant customers a plaza-level entrance to the shopping level. New soft seating, Wi-Fi access and more will foster a relaxed environment for office workers and tourists alike. Additional property transformations will deliver this fall, including lobby and other significant interior renovations in the office building located at 955 L’Enfant Plaza, which complements similar upgrades completed in 2012 to the office buildings at 470 and 490 L’Enfant Plaza.

Easily accessed from the bustling L’Enfant Plaza Metro station, the property’s growing list of office and retail tenants are also poised to benefit from a developing grand plan to enhance pedestrian appeal of the 10th Street corridor. Coupled with the recent launch on the plaza level of Bike and Roll, which offers bicycle and Segway tours and rentals, L’Enfant Plaza is enhancing one of the District’s primary crossroads.”

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  • That place is a nasty hellhole of misery. What they should’ve done is torn down every square inch of it and started over.

    • Yup. Everything within four blocks of that place is failure.

      • While you can certainly criticize the design, the “four blocks of failure” include several thousand federal and private sector employees that would probably enjoy better lunch options. Not to mention that between the VRE and the fact that L’Enfant hosts four metro lines, it is a gateway point for the city. Oh, and all the of the development walking distance away at SW Waterfront. The development is welcome, and there is plenty of demand for the existing office space.

  • Philllips? Really. Man, they just refused to die!

  • I agree! It is the most uninviting complex. They should tear it down and start over – more open spaces, green spaces, multi levels and textures.

    • I disagree, those building have more seventies-vibe than any place in DC. They should go with it and open a Spencer’s Gifts, an Up Against the Wall and a Waxie Maxie’s.

  • is a federal building, they are not going to tear it down and start from scratch – only way it gets re-devloped is a land swap. Which i wouldnt count on becuase thats just such a large number of employees. there. I use to get off at this stop once a week during school to go to the DHS/ICE Building. It was actually not bad they re-devloped the exit and put in a bunch of lunch places, too bad it finished once i graduated!

    • how is it that a land swap is the only way? don’t they own the spot? don’t they own others where they could build and/or shift employees to (e.g. constitution square)?

      or go for the land swap, get the reeves ctr. and bring some lunch crowd to mid city.

      • Yes, because relocating employees from no fewer than 4 government agencies plus the USPS is something that just “happens”.

        • Didn’t the Dept. of Interior temp. relocate to 1st St. in NoMa while their other building(s) were renovated?

        • Didn’t the Dept. of Interior (or was it GSA) temporarily house in NoMa while their other building was renovated?

      • it would take so long to teardown/rebuild that building – who wants to work in a temp location for multiple years while waiting for the awesome glass box updated building. Not I, id rather be at a good location metro accessible.

  • I don’t think that the buildings surrounding the plaza are actually federal buildings. One is a hotel. The others always seemed like they were leased by agencies for overflow. For example, the Energy Department has at least one floor in one of these buildings, but the main DOE office is a couple of blocks away.

    Unfortunately, this new design’s aim is to draw in tourists. While that’s fine on the weekends when the thousands of employees who regularly visit the food court are gone, it’s going to be pretty bad when both employees and tourists are vying for the same places to eat.

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