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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rave: Sun! Sun!

  • justinbc

    Rave: Awesome HH chats last night! Kind of surprised so many people braved the torrential rain.
    Rant: Had a bowl from the Cava Grille pre-HH … $1something upcharge for lamb meatballs that taste like regular meatballs and you only get 4.5 of them? It’s like a $10 bowl of rice.
    Rave: Got last bottle of Southern Tier Mokah from D’Vines on the way home.
    Rant: I’ve had that stupid ass “random red couch” jingle from the new McDonald’s commercial stuck in my head for like 4 days now. It’s effective in getting me to remember it, but it only makes me hate McDonald’s that much more.
    Rant: New coworker uses hairspray in the office, it’s so caustic every time.
    Random: Organizing another PoPville HH for May with the NRG management at the newly opened Partisan. It will likely be on the 20th or 21st…do folks have a preference for Tuesday or Wednesday? (I’m leaning towards the 21st unless convinced otherwise.)

  • rave: other popvillers hate the cutters on rock creek pway as much as i do
    rant: missed happy hour due to a flood in my home πŸ™

  • Rant: F’in Metro, man!

  • Revel: the sun is shiiiiining
    Revel: meeting a bunch of nice new people last night at the UPHH before stuff got weird.
    Rant: I don’t want to name names, but after last night, I really don’t understand the intersection of drinking and internet commenters. Having to hold people on this board back from fighting each other, having to tell cops that it wasn’t someone’s Edward Snowden-lookalike friend who smashed a bar stool, and being thrown out, en masse, from the bar was NOT COOL. I was shocked PoPville commenters would act that way since even the anonymous posters seem mostly civil.

    • LOL – cant wait for more details about this Happy Hour to come out, I have met someone from here one on one and it was a really enjoyable experience but I can see how getting too many PoP’ers together could be hectic, especially if Anons – come out from the darkness.

    • More details, please. Was the fight over bikes, dogs, or popups?

    • Is this a joke? Did PoPville really get ejected en masse from a bar?

    • For those who missed it …details please?

      • I’m a little hazy on the beginnings of this – hopefully those PoPville commenters who were present can help flesh things out. But, the activities I witnessed that were probably part of the reason to ban PoPville happy hours from the bar involved, in no particular order: baby raccoon running around (honestly, my bad), fire in the men’s room, someone turning the TV on and off, mic stolen from band mid-song, band stuck with feedback loop when someone (me) found their mixer (my bad), smashed bar stool (thank god it didn’t hit anyone, Larry), dancing on the bar despite being told not to (kyle-w), Emilie yelling about rhinos or something on the mic, all of this escalating to a bit of a brawl, followed with being forced to leave and deal with cops.

        • The cops were also not very pleased with multiple adult women showing them an endless supply of cat photos on their smartphones. I think that’s the *real* reason why we all got our community service marching orders (and lifetime bans from Acre 121).

          • Emmaleigh504

            Says the lady with the cat avatar….Also their were rhino pix.

          • Yep, thanks to Beau, Emilie, and various Anonymous commenters, Acre 121 now has a dress code: no athletic wear, gang colors, OR PoPville tshirts! Turns out we can’t have a civil discussion about bike lanes online or in person. This is why we can’t have nice things!

          • Emmaleigh504

            Hey! You can’t blame me for the Popvill Tshirt since Beau (or was it Reader?) was the 1 wearing it when things got ugly. I had nothing to do with any of that, I was just an innocent observer (with cat/rhino pix).

        • what? no forbidden romance? lame night.

          • Some of us danced the forbidden dance.
            Some of us saved the forbidden romance for the paddywagon.

    • I always thought the idea of a HH with people who post comments here was odd. I read the comments for entertainment, but don’t want to hang out with the people who comment all day, every day.

      • justinbc

        We left after being there for 2.5 hours. At that point it was extremely civil and quite a good time.

        • WHOA! I left at 8 and this is not what I was expecting to read today! Things were VERY civilized when I left…my only dissapointment was having to run out before saying hello to the people that arrived a bit later!

      • To each his own – I’ve enjoyed meeting at PoP gatherings.

    • Everyone else wants you to name names.

    • Emmaleigh504

      Don’t act like you weren’t part of if Mr!

    • whhhaaat?? now i’m glad i didn’t go. i am an anonymous poster but i basically just blabber on about things real life people don’t want to hear. i like to keep it civil and i would think people would in person even more so than online?

    • justinbc

      Oh man, looks like we left just a bit too early! Now the meta question of the day is, where is all the other news media coverage of this?

    • For real?? I can’t believe I missed this drama! When I left everyone seemed to be getting along!

    • kyle-w had a great view of the whole thing, since he was standing on the bar. Maybe he can add some details.

      • Sounds like we’re being punked by the folks who stayed late at HH. “Guys, you know what would be funny? Let’s all go on RRRoR and make vague references to crazy HH shenanigans…”
        (It IS funny, FTR.)

    • Beau, I thought your behavior was especially atrocious. Please refrain from hurling barbs at us when you were one of the main problems of the night.

      • GiantSquid

        I smell something fishy. I think we’re being played by the HH attendees.

        • That was my initial thought too…

        • Emmaleigh504

          No, seriously, Beaus starts sh!t. It seems he likes to stir the pot and see what awfulness can happen.

          • GiantSquid

            I call shenanigans. Besides, if there HAD been a bar brawl, PoP would have posted about it and you know I’m right.

          • Emmaleigh504

            Pop wasn’t there b/c the princess was sick. Beau is a sh!t stirrer! And Larry is NOT 6’3″! (I think Larry is an anon, but not sure).

          • Leave Larry’s height alone, he’s not lying. I’m tall enough to know this.

          • Emmaleigh504

            He’s totally 6’1 and 3/4! I kid. I’m sure he is 6’3″ but he wouldn’t stand up straight for me to judge accurately πŸ™‚

      • Look, all I did was insist that the band add some feedback loops to their set. When they didn’t listen to me, I figured they must not understand the technical side of a feedback loop, so I just helped them out. Also, no one seemed upset with the baby raccoon I brought to HH until it woke up and freaked out.

    • Seems you’re putting all PoPville commentators into the same category (or all the PoP folks who went to the happy hour). There was a disagreement? Fine. That happens. But certainly doesn’t represent the entire PoPulace

    • Holy cow, what?! It seemed like it was going well when I left. Wow.

    • Wait, wait, wait. Are you joking or did something actually go down after I left? (I am totally “the Blitz” cursed!) Anyway, I had a fantastic time and love you all. πŸ™‚

    • Jeez, there are some gullible folks around here. Hope everyone had fun at the happy hour.

    • Haaahaaa! I’m sorry I missed the fracas!

  • Rave: My UPS deliveryperson is awesome. S/he usually puts large packages in the recycling bin for safekeeping and moves the bin closer to the door so I know they’re there.
    Rant: The UPS deliveryperson didn’t put a couple of small boxes in the bin yesterday, and they got soaked, ruining the books inside.
    Rave: Amazon will replace them for free.

  • Rave: Popville happy hour! I was thrilled to meet so many people on here and put some screen names to some faces.
    Rant: I went grocery shopping in a really bad mood the other day and now I’m eating kettle corn because of it. Don’t get me wrong, kettle corn is delicious, but it’s also a huge weakness for me and I can’t stop!
    Rave: I can’t wait to sleep in an extra hour tomorrow because it’s work from home day.
    Rave: the rain has pretty much stopped and I think bocce will be on tonight!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Fact: Larry aka Snowden is NOT 6’3″, don’t listen to his lies.
    Rant: I look like a hot mess this morning, thanks a lot Beau.
    Rave: I don’t have to do THAT again.

  • Rave – I had a great time at the PoPville happy hour! I’m so happy I decided to go. You guys are all so nice and friendly and it was great meeting everyone. Thank you Andie for organizing (and sharing your pizza with me!)
    Rave – Sunshine this morning
    Rant – Feels like Friday but it’s not

  • Rant: I moved to Petworth 7 years ago. Did I move there because I wanted to buy low and see my investment appreciate in a short amount of time? Yep. Guilty! But I also moved there because many sources declared that the neighborhood was due for growth, expansion of amenities, expansion of retail and dining options, overall beautification, etc. I gotta say that I get pissed every time I see another interesting store, restaurant, etc. opening in Shaw, Navy Yard, NoMa…where the hell is Petworth’s stuff? Sure we got a handful of things over the past 7 years, but I guess I’m just bummed at the pace, and the nagging thought that I made the wrong choice. Sour grapes, sure, but this IS the Rant section…

    • All those neighborhoods are denser than Petworth and closer to central DC, so it makes sense that the pace of development there will be faster. Having said that, it seems like Upshur is starting to take off and the opening of the new Safeway apartments should help drive more traffic in the area.

    • Sour grapes, indeed. Go home and enjoy your equity.
      Put your money on the line by investing in your community if you want to see more “amenities.” Investors don’t risk capital for your personal benefit. Petworth still has a much lower per capita income and density than the other areas you mentioned. That’s why the amenities are not yet there. More white people and condos should fix that. But don’t bitch about those things when that happens.

      • I think you’re being a bit hard on Matt G. I bought in Park View a little over three years ago, and I gotta say that while I’ve been pleased about the new places that have opened within that time, somehow I thought the pace of change would be a little faster.
        Like JS, I’m hoping that once the new Safeway and the apartments above it are open, the pace will start to speed up.

        • i’ve been in park view for about a year, and i feel like recently its really started picking up. bravo bar, woodlands, the upcoming tipsy peacock, we are going places!

      • Rant: When commenters rant about others’ rants because they are rant-y. Here’s a proposal: I’ll get some perspective if you get a dictionary.
        Rave: JS, you make some good points. Thanks.

        • Rant: People like this guy make me glad I live in Shaw and not Petworth.

          • Rave: Well, I hope you are glad you are living in Shaw because of all the great things your neighborhood seems to continually get, and not just because I’m grump.

    • petworth is great and i’d take it over noma any day. noma is a term made up by real estate agents to make an imo still quite dangerous neighborhood seem trendy. do you want to live that close to sursum corda? i don’t. petworth is awesome, we have our things and its coming along.

      • seriously? I’ve lived in NOMA before it was NOMA (5+ years)…when this area was the Near Northwest or just H St. Sursum Corda is not the safest place, but it is tiny and there’s not a ton of reason to go there so NOMA is way safe.

        • i feel like every other week i hear of someone being sexually assaulted/assaulted/mugged whatever at noma metro.

  • Rant: Between not sleeping much this weekend, playing with a germy baby, and traveling for work, I have managed to catch a horrible cold
    Rave: I slept in yesterday and spent the entire day/night in bed binge-watching tv.
    Rave: Sunshine.

  • Any sense of what it costs to pop up a row house? I’d want better-than-average architecture (no siding covered box plopped onto my roof), and a bathroom. I know, the range would be huge. But I’d love to hear from folks who’ve done it/ investigated it.

    • From what I have heard, at least 250K. There are three on the corner of 13th and Otis (2 on 13th, one on Otis) that have been popped up with masonry finishes – you may want to look up the owner and see if you can find out who the contractor is.

    • There was a recent post about a pop-up that folks seemed to like. The architect commented with the name of his company. This was sometime this week (I believe) but should be easy to find.

      • The thread:
        Info on the architect, etc. (from that thread):
        Michael Vallen is the designer and Adela Construction is the contractor. They work together as DC Modern Design Build with their office in Anacostia at the Anacostia Art Center on Good Hope Road.
        For the sake of your neighbors, PLEASE go with someone like this guy.

    • justinbc

      We were quoted at 250-300K and that was to continue the exterior (corner unit) in brick so that it blended with the original structure.

      • Sweet fancy moses. I was thinking it would be less expensive to enlarge our current house than to move, but nope. For an extra $250k we could have a whole ‘nother lifestyle, housing-wise.

        • justinbc

          That was from 2 different top rated firms, but we ultimately decided it wasn’t worth it. We would just move back to Logan Circle for that total price lol…

        • Do you have room on your lot to go back? From chatting with contractors it seems like it’s a lot cheaper to extend back than to go up.

          • Yes, but what I want is *additional* rooms, not *larger* rooms. I like the way the house is laid out now. I don’t want to gut and re-design the interior.
            I was basically hoping for another living suite– office, bedroom, bathroom– on a 3rd floor, and probably a little roof deck to go with.

          • Basement dig out then? It’d be expensive, but not 250K expensive. Or is yours already finished?

          • Already finished, and in regular use as playroom, guest suite, etc. The idea is to complete the basement conversion (close off the stairs, turn the kitchenette into a kitchen) and make the basement rentable. Then the popped-up top floor could be the office/ playroom/ guest suite.
            If it was $80-100k, I feel like it would pay for itself with the basement rented out. (It’s a nice basement.) But at $250k… nope. Not worth it.

      • Any idea why it’s so expensive compared to a “pop back”? I guess you would need to do a ton of structural work to the current roof of the 2nd floor in order to add the 3rd floor. Which would mean entirely gutting your existing 2nd floor.
        Another expense to factor in is that you’ll need to find a new place to live for the months that they’re working on the pop-up. My neighbor is currently popping up in the U Street area and they moved out of their house, since all their bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and they have a small baby. So budget in another $12-15K to rent a place while you’re out of the house.

    • I’m not sure a out pop ups, but my neighbor just popped back 25ft from basement level up to 2nd floor. The cost for the dig out and construction of the build was 25k. This does not include any interior work ie:plumbing, electrical, drywall etc. This is with cinder block base and wood construction 1st and 2nd floors.
      Sounds pretty reasonable to me.

  • Knock on wood. House survived all of the rain. Praise the lord.

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Eddie Izzard last night.
    Rave: Mr. Squid, unfamiliar with Mr. Izzard, really enjoyed the show.
    Rant: Still with the allergies

  • Rant: My professor called me “baby” in class last night multiple times. I’m one of three women in class. Not cool. Even if I were a man. Still not cool.

    Rave: Sunshine.

    • GiantSquid

      Not cool, regardless of gender. If you can’t remember someone’s name, call them ‘sir’ or ‘ma’am’. Call them out on that crap.

      • Agreed. He does know my name and normally uses it. We were talking about how a hypothetical 2016 candidate in 2016 would take on Hillary in Iowa (it’s a political communications course at the MA level). I said something to the effect of “well, the candidate probably shouldn’t call her ‘baby'” but that didn’t seem to get through to the professor. I’m planning to follow up as well, but we’ll see if I can get through.

    • justinbc

      Unless you’re going to school at Police Academy in the ’80s this is unacceptable and should be addressed. Does he do it to the other women as well?

      • No, he usually just calls us by our names like a normal human being, which is nice and appreciated. He’s one of those highly-paid political consultants whose head is so far up his own arse that the only thing that comes out of his mouth is shit. (Can I say shit on PoPville? Shit.)

    • My podiatrist told me I’d “make a great wife because I’m compliant”. after bought the shoes he recommended. No one would everrrr tell a man that -_-

      • Hopefully your now-former podiatrist? What an ass.

        • haha I usually don’t realize I should take offense to things until way after. Kind of like if someone picks on me and I don’t think of a comeback for hours later. I was more shocked he said that.

          • Yeah. When someone makes a completely unexpected remark like that, usually one is so stunned — thinking, “Did this person actually just SAY that?” — that it’s hard to call the offender out at the right moment.

    • My Mom’s OBGYN once told me that I had nothing to worry about , I was all woman. Dirty old man.

      • I had a GYN in Nova tell me once that he was the top GYN in the DC area so he has probably seen all of my female friends, a wink was implied. Didn’t go back.

  • RAVE: Super stoked for Saturday’s Funk Parade. Love that it’s one block from my apartment. I’ll be throwin’ down! Loving the diversity of U Street, the crowd will be great πŸ™‚

  • Rant: Started feeling yesterday afternoon like I was coming down with something.
    Rant: As a result, missed the PoPville happy hour.
    Possible rave: Sounds as though the very end of the happy hour turned into some kind of sh*tstorm, so I guess it’s just as well I missed that portion of it. Seems very odd — I’ve been to three PoPville HHs before (one informally organized by readers, and two “official” ones), and they were very friendly affairs.
    Rant: Feeling even worse today.
    Rave: Working from home, within easy reach of hot tea, aspirin, decongestants, etc.

    • Hehe, I was there, they are joking about the shit storm. πŸ™‚ But if there was a baby raccoon guys… pics or it didn’t happen!

      • And on that note we missed you, and you should come next time. Hope you feel better soon!

      • I’ll bring Roscoe to the next happy hour. He’s totes adorable but was asleep in my backpack for most of the night until Emily happened on the microphone.

  • Rave: Enjoyed the happy hour last night! Everyone I talked to was really nice. Thanks for organizing, Andie!
    Question we were wondering about at happy hour: Is PoPville mostly female readers, or did just mostly women turn up to the happy hour?
    Rant: Not sure about the craziness that apparently happened sometime after I left…? Not sure if serious or people joking!
    Rave: Break from the rain!

  • Rant: fraking asshole co-worker.
    Rave: I managed not to raise my voice or cry. Or kick him in the shins.

  • Rave: Thanks for the words of support about depression yesterday, Pville. I didn’t call a prevention hotline nor was I up for coming out to the UHH, but I did randomly stop into a church after its Weds services last night. I’m not religious by any means (quite the opposite) and I’m not turning to God for answers. I just wandered in and ended up talking to one of the church elders for like an hour. It really felt good, albeit temporary.
    Rave: The sun is up and hopefully will stay up.
    Rave? It’s only money. I might have to come to grips that maybe I cannot afford to stay in DC any longer but yeah, it’s only money.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’m so glad you found something that helped you yesterday. Depression is horrible and I hope you get well soon.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Not sure if Rant or Rave: NO ONE looks like they look in my head. Now I have to retrain my brain to think of the actual person instead of my made up image of them.

    • No Irving_Street sightings at the HH? He lives fairly close to Acre 121!
      I guess you’ll just have to keep dreaming of him.

      • Emmaleigh504

        My clothes would have fallen right off if he were there, and that would have pissed off his lady friend, so really, it’s for the best. πŸ™‚

        • Irving_Street should change his screen name to Panty_Dropper.
          PS – I think we know have confirmation that Emilie has the hots for the Silver Foxes.

      • I was going to show up and take up a lingerie collection for kd, but when I explained to the girlfriend why I wouldn’e be able to pick her up at Dulles after a stressful three-day conference, she was less understanding than I’d hoped.Though, it might have been worth it.

  • Rave: Going to Yoga for lunch, my job has a fitness center with classes (Yay, no more sedentary lifestyle!)
    Rant/Rave: Deciding if I want to start looking/applying for other job opportunities. I like my office and coworkers but this isn’t in my field, I’m on the 2nd year of my 3-year contract, and other opportunities have been popping up. I would just feel bad leaving my coworkers without adequate backup if I apply for something else and they want me to start quickly…am I over thinking this?
    Rant: Having a really hard time getting past the initial meeting with guys. I think I come across a bit to buddy-buddy and/or I’m not confident enough with myself to think that the guy could be interested in me enough to get in contact with me…sigh, the single life.

    • Never, ever limit your own long-term opportunities because of short-term hassle it might (might!) cause co-workers if you leave.

    • The “buddy-buddy” thing is indeed an issue I have experienced when dating new women. From a guy’s perspective, if a woman is into me then she needs to show it a bit. If I’m being a bit flirtatious and you don’t reciprocate, then I’ll infer that as you not being interested. You need to at least meet me half way, I can’t do all the work in expressing interest. I don’t want to be an overbearing guy. A bit of heavy flirting and sexuality can go a long into showing a guy that you’re interested in being “more than friends.”
      While there are plenty of douchey guys who overstep boundaries, there’s also tons of totally normal nice guys who are extremely concerned about not wanting to come across as creepy and want to ensure they have the woman’s consent before making The Move. Especially in a place like DC where guys are better educated and have some exposure to feminist thought about independence & consent. Sometimes a guy just needs an obvious sign from you that he has permission to make that move.

  • Rave: Blue skies and green trees (when on earth did this happen?) Kickball is on! Will kickball girl be there?
    Rant: Will kickball girl be there?
    Rave: Have been exchanging messages with coffee meets bagle girl (i have to say its been fantastic back and fourth give and take, i think we would get a long very well)
    Rant: We still havent broached the subject of actually meeting in person! But she is in finals/graduating within a week from law school so i figure there is no time for that until she is done.
    Rave: cant wait to read more about popville happy hour, any hook ups?

  • Rant: People who feel the need to give unsolicited advice. Stop!
    Question: I’m having a desk built for me…does anyone know where I should look for wood (besides Home Depot and the like)? Thinking about reclaimed wood, but am open to most anything at this point.

  • Rant : Office assignments. I’m the most senior person in my company… meaning I’ve been here longest, not that I’m paid the most or have the most decision-making power. But the boss is trying to say that a new hire who will be paid a smidge more than me will get my office and I’ll have to move. Is that fair? Hell, shouldn’t I have MORE right to an office, since I get paid less? It’s a no-cost benefit to them, and I’ve been with the company for ages.

    • Hmm… would they be moving you from your current office to a cubicle? Or from your current office to a less desirable (smaller? fewer windows? no windows?) office?

      • We have offices, and open space with desks. No in-between. No cube walls, even. They would move me to an open desk (where I was in the past, when I WASN’T the longest-serving employee.)

    • Sorry to hear that. Being treated like you’re not as valued sucks. However, and I’ll try to be as diplomatic as possible, since I’m sure you don’t mean it this way, but is it possible that your feelings on seniority are part of the problem? Unless you’re a union workplace with seniority-based rules, being there the longest doesn’t get you anything — being more valuable to the organization does. Having been a boss before (I work for myself now), I’ve dealt with people who cite seniority like it means a lot and usually (note, I said USUALLY) they’re the least productive and most drama-causing employees. Not saying you are, but perception is everything. So if you show these feelings in the workplace, it’s possible that your boss is sending you a message.

    • It could be worse. You could be holding onto your Swingline stapler as they banish you to a cage in the basement…

    • Seniority and longevity are not the same thing. Rank always wins. Sorry, pal.

    • Hmmm… are you both the same level? If so, you are getting screwed. If you are higher level, you are getting screwed. If the new hire is higher level… them’s the breaks. I have been booted from an office when I was a Manager when they hired a new “Senior Manager” (they created the Senior position for this new hire and they did not want to make the position an Asst. Director, but wanted to make this position higher than any other manager). Nothing to do but move (and, as I did, move on from the company).

      But… how do you know how much money this other person is making?

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Had a great time last night at the PoP Happy Hour
    Rave: Good to see old friends, make new friends; looking forward to the next one! official or not!
    Rave: I’m a bad organizer, but maybe a popville potluck picnic would be nice.

  • Rave: Popville HH last night. It was wonderful to meet you guys and put faces to names!
    Rant: Having to leave early
    Rave: for a date with Nice Guy
    Rave: that turned out to be a blast (upstairs at Daikaya).
    Rave: Several close friends are coming into town today and tomorrow.
    Rave: Nice guy is going to be around to meet them πŸ™‚
    Rave: I walked to work this morning and it was glorious, except maybe for how my hair looked afterwards.
    Rave: Ponytail holders and tiny ponytails
    Rave: Color Run, Six Flags, karaoke, and who knows what else coming up this weekend.
    Rave: Today is my Friday. Life is good!!!

  • skj84

    Rave: Loved meeting everyone at the PoP Happy Hour last night! I had a great time, I wish I could’ve stayed longer.

    Rave: It looks like our rain punishment is over! What a beautiful morning.

    Rave: Went dancing for the first time in a while last night. I need to do that more often.

    Rant: Sore this morning.

    • As promised, the temp agencies I said I’d send you: Ranstad and The Choice (the name is weird, but they are really nice). It was nice meeting you, and good luck!

    • Ditto on the end of the torrential deluges!
      Anyone else a little scared about what kind of mosquito season we’re going to have this summer? (How much longer do we have before the mosquitoes come out? Or are they making their appearance already?

  • RAVE: Girlfriend just got word that she isn’t starting her PhD program until October 1st, so she really wants to go to Burning Man this year (this is her only chance to go for the next 5 years). Super excited to take her! πŸ™‚
    RAVE: Epic preparations are already under way. When I’m out in California at the end of June, myself and my best friend are building a geodesic dome in his workshop for use at Burning Man (similar in size to this: http://burnersxxx.files.wordpress.com/2012/07/waffle_home.jpg). The camp I’m staying in is building an amazing mutant vehicle, which ya’ll can check out here – feel free to donate in exchange for awesome swag!
    RANT: Paying for all of it. And leaving my girlfriend in LA after Burning Man so she can start her Phd πŸ™

  • Rave: Great time at the HH last night. I think I was the last person to arrive at the POP HH last night. I was also the last person to leave.

    Rave2: Getting to meet a decent amount of people, and put some faces to names.

    Rant: Select a seat was a HUGE bust. If I wanted to upgrade my seats to the top row of the upper deck, I would have been in great shape! Seeing as I didn’t want to do that, I was out of luck. Got a beer at Bar Louie before and Green Turtle after though with the parents.

    Rant2: Apparently there were a lot of people excited to meet me. Sorry I missed you all, and definitely next time haha!

  • Kyle — how did your ticket exchange go?

  • rave: started dating a new boy a few moths ago and he’s fantastic!!!! he was a friend before and i wasnt sure i wanted anything romantic with him, but decided to give it a shot. we get along so well, it’s unbelievable.
    rant: an old ex who dumped me booty called me last night. who does that??

  • Rave: After a month on the waiting list, I finally got an appointment with a therapist. Hoping that it’s better than the last disasterous relationship with one.
    Rant:Psychiatrist sent prescription to CVS who promptly informed me that they did not have the medication at the needed dosage. Never had this happen before. Any advice?
    Question: Is the neighborhood safe around the Eastern Market Metro? I’ve been in the are for 9 years and have never went there. I need to go there for the appointment for aforementioned therapist.

    • Emmaleigh504

      I’ve had the pharmacy not have the meds I need. I just call my Dr and they send it to another pharmacy. Once they had to send it to 3 different pharmacies before we found one that had the medicine. And it was a pretty common medicine for bronchitis. So weird.

    • If it’s a problem at that particular CVS, they can transfer the rx to another CVS, probably the one 2 blocks away. If it’s the whole chain that doesn’t carry that dosage, then Emilie’s advice is good.

    • Yes, Eastern Market is safe. It is next to or part of (depending on who you talk to) Capitol Hill and is home to the famous Eastern Market (farmers market) and Barracks Row (now home to tons of restaurants for yuppies and others alike. You’ll be fine. Don’t let the “SE” location scare you. πŸ™‚

      • OP here. The SE location is exactly why I thought the area was a little sketchy. I’m a bit of a hermit with a host of other issues. Thus the need for the therapist.

    • Wow you’ve never been to Eastern Market? I’m jealous- I’ve been there so much I’m bored of it, haha. You should definitely check out the market on a Saturday or Sunday- this weekend will be great for it.

    • re:CVS i’ve had that happen to me with plan B (before it was OTC). since you sorta need to take it within a short time window, they transferred it to another pharmacy. for other drugs that are less time sensitive (like painkillers…not going to die if i have to wait a day), they can order them from their warehouse and usually have them by the next day.

    • GiantSquid

      Yes, Eastern Market is safe. Just use common sense as you should walking anywhere in the city (no earbuds in, aware of your surroundings) and you’ll be fine. I’ve lived there for 5 years and nothing bad has happened. Get out an explore DC a bit!

    • CVS should be able to tell you if another CVS will have it. If the medicine is something difficult to get, you might want to try a hospital pharmacy — which should have pretty much everything.

  • Rave: Sunshine, you guys. Sunshine.
    Rant: I broke up with the fella I was planning on marrying. We’d been together quite a while, but it was the right thing to do for a variety of reasons. And it went down well, we were both kind to each other while we talked, but … I still just kind of want to curl up in a ball and avoid the world.

    • I do the same thing when I’m upset! The best advice I’ve been given when things aren’t going well is to be nice to yourself. Let yourself mope if you want, let yourself sleep way longer than you should, and take yourself out for a nice coffee or lunch. Sometimes in a relationship we get used to being babied by a partner and when that relationship ends you have to consciously remember to baby yourself!

  • Rant: Crazy week at work
    Rave/Rant?? : Been seeing an awesome girl for a bit. We both get along really well and I like her a lot. Just scared to jump into something yet… Been burned in the past, and what I’ve had since then, while good, has been very casual and non-committal. Am I right to be nervous to seriously date?

    • Just talk to her about it. As a woman, I appreciate an open line of communication and think that’s key to making decisions about how to move forward.

  • Rave: Starting a business. Very excited to have an exit strategy from my current job, and to finally have nailed down what I want to go after career-wise. I have a sense of purpose I haven’t had in years, and it feels great! Spring weather doesn’t hurt, either!

    Rant: Wish things could proceed more quickly! The licensure/filings are taking a while.

    Rant: A bit scary to leave my salaried, stable position in order to hustle for business, but my sister encouraged me yesterday, telling me she’s never known me to do anything halfway- I needed that!

  • saf

    Rant Rant RANT: Ice cream trucks are bad enough, but when they play Christmas music, it REALLY annoys me. Also, please drive. Do not just park down the block and stay there for 40 minutes.

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