From the Forum – Puppy Attacked at 14th and Florida Ave, NW – Thanks to Those Who Helped


Dog Attack:

“My dog was attacked yesterday and I am looking for the other dog’s owner and witnesses.

At 11:45am on Sat, May 3, my pomeranian puppy was attacked by an older dog at the corner of 14th/Florida. After the attack was over, someone told me to get the owner’s information but, in all the commotion and panic, I grabbed my dog, ran home, and didn’t get the owner’s information. My puppy will be okay but he has a large wound on his neck/chest, is in pain, and has about a two week recovery ahead of him.

I’d like to track down the dog/owner as well as witnesses, and report the incident to animal control.

I also want to thank everyone who helped free my dog. I wasn’t in the right state of mind to thank everyone at the time, so THANK YOU… you literally saved my puppy’s life.

Please email me at allisonthomson(at) if you have any information.”

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  • I am so sorry for your puppy! I hope he is at least resting comfortably, if not up to his normal puppy like behaviors. Would you be accepting donations? I don’t have any information or a lot of money, but I’d be happy to pitch in a few dollars towards his recovery. I’m actually pretty good friends with a bar owner in a close-ish neighborhood, if you’d like to look into a fundraiser, too. I know vet care isn’t cheap.

    He looks like such a sweet little guy, like he wouldn’t harm a fly.

    • justinbc

      Knowing how Pomeranians tend to act, I find your last sentence to be rather humorous. Little dogs like this are often the instigators of things, but they more easily become the victim because they are more easily injured. Certainly not saying that’s the case with this particular dog, and sorry to hear what happened to him, but don’t let looks deceive you.

      • never had one, and looks can be deceiving, but I stand by what I said.

      • Sure, blame the victim.
        Seriously, it is amazing how aggressively some little dogs act towards my 90 pound German Shepherd mix. Fortunately he doesn’t react to it, other than giving me a “what the f*ck is wrong with that dog?” look. But if he were aggressive back, I could see some ugly outcomes.

      • True. I’ve yet to meet a Pom without dog aggression issues, but it’s usually laughed off because they are small. Unfortunately, to another dog aggression is aggression.
        I don’t let my dog approach Poms both because of their reputation and their often-clueless owners. Whatever else happened here, the owner of the larger dog should have known better.

        • justinbc

          Yeah, that’s very true. I never let my husky play around small dogs. It’s built into the husky breed to hunt small prey, so that alone was a preventative measure, but if one would have ever come up to her and started attacking (which I see them do all the time at Dupont dog park) I fear for what might have happened to it. A friend of mine has one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever met, which just happens to be a pitbull, that’s been sent to the vet on 3 occasions by small dog (Pomeranian / terrier / etc) attacks. Good, responsible owners realize the traits inherent to their dog, and know if they’ve got a strong breed it requires extra attention. It sounds like the other owner failed in that regard here.

      • Ok so we’re blaming the victim already? You weren’t there so you have no idea how it started but that doesn’t stop you from trying to act like you know what you’re talking about when in reality you don’t know a damn thing. But heaven forbid something get posted on here without justinbc adding in his completely uninformed and useless two cents worth.

        Leave it up to justinbc to continue to prove why everyone thinks he is a complete tool.

        • this. god forbid someone on the internet be kind and concerned.

        • justinbc

          For all we know you comment on every single post on this site and nobody knows because you’re afraid to put your name behind it. Good on you, anonymous dog savior.

          • So he showed up at the last HH, told people what he was wearing (very distinctive stuff mind you) and then showed up, wearing said clothing (including a British Racing Cap)

          • justinbc

            Faux internet name? Clearly you do not know me as well as you think you do, and good job completely ignoring the point.

          • I don’t have a dog in this fight (pun intended) I just wanted to give my opinion on justinbc and I’m glad I did.

            My comment about him was just relevant as his comment about this post, considering the post was just asking for witnesses.

            concerned popviller

        • Yeah, let’s keep it civil and not attack one another. justinbc was just weighing in on his experience with the breed. Nothing wrong with that, especially considering some of the other, far, far, far more offensive things that make it onto these boards 😉 Let’s all just have a nice pint for cinco de mayo and get along.

        • I thought justinbc’s comment was more relevant than a proposed fundraiser for a purebred yippie dog that’s on the DL for two weeks.

      • Justinbc since it’s the victims fault for being so easily injured do you say the same thing to people when they get assaulted or raped?

        I can’t wait to blame you when you’re the victim

        • For every one of your kind who obsessively whine about every comment he makes there are ten of us who are appreciative of his regular contributions. It seriously only takes half a functioning brain to read what he wrote and realize he was not blaming the injured dog.

          • seriously….
            i ndont see what he does to get as much flack thrown at him as he does

          • Good for you!

          • has a picture on a site where you can post anonymously. in all my years of internet experience, that is the best way to get singled out and trolled.

          • People who are highly opinionated often open themselves up to criticism where purposely or unintentionally. The fact he generally knows what the hell he’s talking about isn’t going to stop others from arguing against him. In fact it probably makes them try even harder.

          • He wasn’t blaming the dog, he was saying it was a failure of the owner. Without knowing ANY of the facts, he has come to this conclusion.

          • +1 on the photo except that makes me last not languish lol

          • +1 on the photo except that makes me lust not languish

          • justinbc

            @AE, please go back and actually read what I typed. I actually said neither of those things. This really isn’t as complicated as you’re making it.

      • you seem like a lovely person

      • Next door nighbor of OP, here. I did not witness the attack, but the pomeranian in question is, based on frequent interaction with me and with other dogs in our building, not an aggressor. He’s still a puppy, so bouncy, but certainly neither aggressive nor threatening towards people or the other dogs I’ve seen him with. I find it very, very hard to believe that he would be at fault in this situation.

  • Please describe the dog. I live very close to there and have a 4 pound poodle and another 20 pound dog who would be unable to defend herself. Want to keep my babies away from this dog! Glad your baby will be okay.

    • The dog was older, hyper, short-haired, and mostly white. Maybe 30-40 lbs? It didn’t stand out as any particular breed to me.

      There were plenty of witnesses and good Samaritans and I’m hoping one of them will come forward and offer a better description. My memories are a little blurry.

      • Why do you assume it was older? Just curious, as that is an odd description for a dog, since unless it’s decrepit or super grey (which doesn’t seem to be the case here), how can you even tell its age? Especially since you can’t even pinpoint a breed.

  • So sorry to hear that. Glad your pup is ok.
    Please describe the dog that attacked. I live right there and have two small dogs.

  • So glad your puppy is OK! I could swear that I’ve seen a significant increase in off-leash dogs lately. A co-worker was even bitten last month in Alexandria in full sight of the dog’s owner. It’s giving responsible owners a bad name. I’m about done with talking to people and putting animal control on speed dial instead.

  • I don’t care if her Pom Pom “instigated” or not, the other dog owner is wreckless and needs to take responsibility for his dog’s actions.

    • I don’t think anyone’s disagreeing with this…

    • +1. This dog was injured. The other owner should be held responsible.

      • The owner should kill their dog, right? If you’re headed there, might as well be clear about it.

        • Whoa there! You just get a new “jump to conclusions” mat? Holding the owner responsible likely means covering the vet bills. Relax.

        • no they should control it though. or perhaps not take it to areas crowded with dogs.

      • So if I have someone assault me and I defend myself by biting him, I should pay for his injuries?

        If the pom instigated it by putting the other dog in fear and the other dog lashed out (and I’m not saying that happened here), then I’d say the pom owner is responsible. Again, I don’t see that as the case here, but the idea that even if the pom instigated it, the other dog owner is responsible is absurd. Dogs attack when threatened even if they aren’t aggressive dogs normally.

      • And what if the injured dog approached the “aggressor”? I have lost count of the times another dog owner has mindlessly let their dog approach mine without permission. Everyone who is walking their companion animal in public has a right to whether or not an interaction will take place. Some dogs are just more selective of other dogs. A good policy to have is to always give other dogs lots of space.

        Now I’m going to get a whole bunch of “blame the victim” comments but imagine you are this guy with a dog-selective dog who is just trying to go for a walk. Down the sidewalk comes this person, on their cell phone, with a 10-month old dog, bounding with energy. Before you can break contact they are upon you and your dog reacts. I’m not saying this was the situation but this is not a far fetched scenario. Who is at fault then?

        • +1000

          Hopefully that is not what happened in this case and if it did, I doubt the owner would let it happen again given what they’ and their dog had to go through.

          I see this all of the time and it drives me effing crazy. Dogs are animals. You cannot predict what another dog will do, nor can you predict how your dog will react to another dog’s actions. It doesn’t matter if your dog is the sweetest, most wonderful dog in DC.

          Ask the person with the other dog if it is friendly and if you can approach before you are too close to get into trouble, or cross the street. If you have a dog that is aggressive or unpredictable, put a yellow ribbon on the leash to signal to others that your dog is not friendly.

        • Totally agree. I have a dog who likes other dogs normally, but gets very defensive when approached on-leash. She would undoubtedly defend herself if she felt the need. I give other dogs a very wide berth when we’re out walking, but there are so many clueless owners on their cell phones, with off-leash dogs or with dogs on flexi-leashes that it makes my job of protecting my dog a lot harder.

          • Not to criticize, but it sounds like you’re sending signals to your dog that it needs to be defensive when she’s on a leash. I see this all the time. I approach someone with my dog, the other dog is fine, then the owner tenses up and their dog becomes defensive. Check out a book called “The Other End of the Leash.”

  • Very sorry to hear about this. We had a similar incident, so I understand both your mindset of leaving quickly without info, and your desire to report the animal. We live very close, so I’d like to help. Two questions: Was the offending dog off leash? Do you know the gender of the owner?

    • Young, white, male owner. And both dogs were on leash. I don’t know anything about the owner or the dog, so I have no idea if this was a freak incident or if the dog has a history of aggression.

  • My dog’s overweight, so lately he has to get the Pom Pom cup instead of the cone.

  • A pity for sure….but you know what? Sometimes dogs do dog things despite the intentions of the owners.

    Anthropomorphizing the creatures (or blaming them for being the animals they inevitably are) doesn’t do any good.

  • What a poor, sweet little face. I hope he recovers and gets back to his puppy-self soon. How scary that must have been for both of you! But luckily dogs are resilient little creatures, and hopefully their owners are as well!

  • May this be a lesson to everyone. Ditch your flexi leashes, keep positive control of your companion animal, and always ask before approaching some other dog with your own companion animal.

  • So sorry about this incident. Doesn’t seem like any of our commenters, myself included, actually witnessed it. So we don’t know how it went down, but I don’t think it’s crazy to assign some responsibility to the owner of the dog that inflicted the injuries. If your dog is on a leash, and you’re paying attention, you should be able to prevent this.

  • While I appreciate the debate, and have my own opinions, I will keep them to myself because my only goal with this post was to find the dog/owner and witnesses. I want to report the incident and see if the dog has a history of attacks. Watching my dog get attacked was terrible and I don’t wish it on anyone.

    Thanks to everyone who left kind words, I really do appreciate them. Please contact me if you have any information.

  • Oh no! I’m so sorry to hear this! I ran into this little guy earlier on Saturday morning with my puppy, who is overly energetic, and can say he was not aggressive at all. I hope he recovers quickly!!

    • Thanks… and say hi (again) next time you see us! He’ll be allowed to go on walks again in a couple weeks.

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