MOM’s Organic Market Coming to Former Hecht’s Warehouse in Ivy City

1401 New York Avenue, NE via @MOMsOrganicMrkt

“Dear PoPville,

I was in the Alexandria MOM’s Organic Market a couple of days ago. The pretty dated strip mall where they’re located is renovating, and eventually MOM’s will be relocated to a new adjacent building. Still not completely clear on the details, but we started talking about other future locations.

They said they’ll also have a store near Union Market in an old Sears building – I think they meant Hechts. MOMs has a FB entry on the January groundbreaking and tells a commenter they’ll be open in the fall.”

Last Thursday they tweeted the rendering pictured above:

“Can’t believe this is happening! Can’t wait! @douglasdevdc #DCMOMs #NYAve #IvyCity #Hechts”

Another reader sends some photos of how the site looks today:


Douglas Development’s website says:

“This property was originally built in 1937 and expanded in 1948 as the central warehouse for the Hecht’s Company Department Stores. The six story building was constructed in a Streamline Modern style featuring glass block extensively, culminating in a twelve-point star shaped cupola at the corner that is illuminated at night. Douglas Development purchased the building in 2011 and is currently redeveloping the property into mixed-use retail and office complex. Construction has began on a new seven story attached garage with 900+ parking spaces.

The new Hecht’s Warehouse District will be a dynamic mixed used development featuring shopping, dining and offices.”


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  • brookland_rez

    This was announced months ago. There’s also a Planet Fitness coming to this development. A parking garage is being built as well such that it can be converted into apartments when demand supports it.

  • For those not familiar with MOM’s, I shopped here for a few years so figured I would share some details

    Produce is fantastic, but they won’t always have what you are looking for. If a particular batch of something isn’t great, they won’t but it. So you always end up with organic produce in fantastic condition, but the selection can vary a lot from week to week.

    They have bulk grains and spices. You can also weigh your reusable containers before you fill, and then fill them so you don’t have to keep using plastic bags.

    The one in Alexandria sold Spring Mill bread, which I can’t stand, but for those who like it they also run a buy 10 get 1 free program for it.

    If you usually shop at Whole Foods, you will spend more money to shop at MOM’s. This may be partly due to everything at Whole Foods not being organic, but also MOM’s doesn’t have an equivalent to 365 brand.

    Staff is great, and they have a dedicated specialist for the supplement aisle if you are into that.

  • Sweet! The homeless dudes have been clamoring for an organic option for years!

    • brookland_rez

      Ha. I like to cut through this area sometimes at night on the way home from downtown or Capitol Hill. It’s always fun because it’s always dead at night. The homeless guys always cheer me on to do wheelies and whatnot.
      It will be interesting to see how this area develops. It really is long overdue. They could potentially transform this whole area into a nice dense cluster of apartments, shops, and street life. They need access to mass transit though, which will be hard since there is no metro line remotely close. Perhaps a street car along New York Avenue at some point in the future?

  • Development in this area is long overdue. I’ve heard that back when this warehouse was built, the intention was to eventually convert part of it into Hecht’s flagship store, but the expected development along New York Avenue never really arrived. I see that they’re removing glass block from the building. I hope they don’t destroy too much of its historic integrity, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    • brookland_rez

      That’s interesting. If you look at historic satellite imagery, before the 1960’s, New York Avenue ended at Bladensburg Rd. It was developed into the limited access freeway east of Bladensburg in anticipation for New York Avenue being converted into I-66 and joining up with the portion of I-66 that was supposed to run under K St and connect up with the Whitehurst freeway.

  • I wish them luck on this development. Who is going to want to live on an island alongside NY Avenue, where traffic has just gotten to be unbearable.

    • Lately traffic has gotten to be unbearable all over DC. It takes forever to get anywhere by car or bus these days. Even just five years ago it was nowhere near this congested.

  • I’ve occasionally gone to the one in the White Flint area and the one in College Park. They definitely have a following and the comparison with Whole Foods is a little misleading. Mon’s is the real thing whereas WF is a mainstreamed “health food” store with a lot of fancy groceries attached. WF sells a lot of stuff you can buy at Giant or Safeway for less, although the faster turnover of produce at WF tends to be an advantage for some things. The Moms at College Park has a nice bakery but what they stock is hit or miss. I’m guessing that they are hoping this will be a “destination” location although they seem to do well in relatively odd locations elsewhere.

  • I’ve shopped at the Mom’s in White Flint. Great selection (especially produce), friendly staff…I love that place.

  • I agree with kook4494 I don’t know how anyone could live on congested, noisy, exhaust fumed NY avenue. It’s just seems unhealthy.

  • Good store with a gym next door. After mapping the location it’s kind of great. 1/2 hr to Baltimore, 7 min bike ride to union station. 5 min walk to union market. And roughly 25 min walk to H st and ny ave metro….but it’s affordable. House in that area have real yards and driveways. The should put up a big sign that reads “if you lived here you would be home by now”.

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