Man Maced and Robbed in his Home near Eastern Market

From Fox 5 News:

“An elderly man tells police a group knocked on the door of his Capitol Hill home [on Independence Avenue near Eastern Market] Monday afternoon and claimed they were raising money for their school. But when he declined to donate, they maced him and stole the wallet out of his pocket.

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  • jesus christ.

  • Meanwhile, not a peep out of Bowser, Catania or Gray about crime in DC.

    • Yeah, I’m pretty sure they’re all pro-crime.

      • Seriously. Are the candidates supposed to respond to every act of crime in this city? People have insane expectations. Compared to 10, 5, and even 2 years ago, crime is down across the board in every category. Shit happens folks, especially in urban areas where we have a lot of people.

        • Yes. The candidates are supposed to respond as much as possible, so people can begin to develop a sense of the way they would respond if they were actually running things…. Why should we expect someone who is silent now to be active when they are actually in charge?

          • Well, they’re not going to say they support this. They’re going to decry it and condemn it, and then they’re going to wait for the police department to do something.

            Now, they could look at the rise of juvenile crime in the District and see what programs are out there like diversion or early intervention to try and avoid these things. But that’s hard.

            This won’t be solved with a press release.

          • Well, in my eyes, it would be just political grandstanding anyway to have some sort of reactionary councilmember-standing-on-the-corner news conference spouting tough “this aggression will not stand blah blah blah.” I second above sarcastic comment that “yeah, they’re obviously pro-crime.”

        • Numerous folks asked for details about the crime but not one person who was privy to the details was forthcoming with any information. For the last year these “kids” (and I use the term “kids” loosely because I suspect they are out of high school) have been making the rounds on Capitol Hill, twice at my house. Yes, residents do need to know about this so we can take measures not to have it happen to us.

          • I don’t think that anyone is asking them to issues a press release for each murder, assault, theft etc. However, I never hear them talk about crime and/or the myriad of complaints citizens have about the MPD. All we hear is affordable housing, corruption and schools. Well what is being done about known trouble spots or known gangs? The kids on Capitol Hill have been running amok for months. Nothing this bad, but property damage and verbal abuse is common. Same thing happens with different groups in Columbia Heights, Shaw and Petworth.

  • Scary. I live near Lincoln Park and we pretty regularly get “kids” coming to our house raising money to go on a band trip. It’s a common scam and we always say no but this kind of story makes you think twice about just opening the door.

  • Ugh – this was the first post I saw on PoP today. I just lost a little more of my faith in humanity.

  • I live at 8th and Independence and have never had anyone come to my house asking for money, but if it ever happens I don’t think I’ll be opening the door. I’ve always felt our block was somewhat less likely to have crime because there is so much traffic and so many pedestrians passing through at all hours of the day, so this is kind of surprising. I hope my neighbor is ok.

  • Proactively mace any children who knock on your door.

  • Awful. Are there cameras at nearby intersections or stores that might have captured images of these “canvassers”? So so terrifying.

    • If it’s anything like similar crimes in the neighborhood, they probably just drove in, robbed the guy, and made a quick getaway back to MD.

      • I think I saw on the mpd yahoo group that there was another burglary 2 or 3 blocks away within half an hour of this one. That would give me the idea that they were scoping the area out.

  • Sounds like Cap Hill is going back to its 80’s reputation . …difference : then it was drug addicts, now it’s just kids who, from what I seem to read, know they can’t be prosecuted.

    • Unlike in the 80’s the people who commit these crimes rarely live here.

    • Um, no. One random crime does not mean we’re headed back to the 80s. Stop with the hyperbole.

      • The same day there was a burglary a few blocks down Independence, and the previous week a man was beaten and killed at the 8th St. 7-11 and another was attacked and robbed at 9 pm just outside the Hill Center a block away. Hyperbolic enough for ya?

        • Sounds like the beginning of summer in Chocolate City to me. Just because you perceive to be more crime, doesn’t make it true. The stats don’t back you up. Shit like this was happening everyday multiple times per day back in the 80s.
          Once again, hyperbole.

    • I’m OK with no jail time so long as the parents get the bill for Juvie. Make it a choice. If these “kids” don’t feel they’re harming other residents, at least they’ll know they’re harming their own family.

  • It happened a couple of blocks to the east (600 blk) fwiw, not at Eastern Market but close

  • this sucks, what a bunch of assholes. when I first moved to DC 6 years ago, my aunt (a longtime DC resident) told me never to answer the door for an unexpected or unknown guest. when you think about it, in this day and time, why would you? most of us don’t even answer the phone from an unknown number.

    • Absolutely. It just sucks that we have to be so cautious that if anyone came knocking on our door who was in real trouble, we probably wouldn’t feel comfortable helping since there are so many scammers and robbers out there.

      • Although if someone in real trouble knocked on the door, you could offer to call the police — which anyone in real trouble would welcome. So I think that would be a key — then you could decide, based on their response, whether or not to open the door.

    • justinbc

      Unless you are wearing a UPS or USPS uniform, or I’ve ordered food delivery, there’s virtually zero chance what you’re knocking on my door for is something I want. I don’t feel bad about not answering, not one bit.

  • damn… this is a couple blocks from my home
    that is wild this happen at his doorstep
    sounds like they could have entered the home and had their way if they wanted

    • Yeah, I was thinking it’s fortunate that this didn’t turn out a lot worse. I live around the corner, and I’m a woman, and I think much scarier things would have happened if I’d been the victim.

  • houseintherear

    One of many reasons I love having a security screen door! You can open the door without opening the door. Hope the man is okay.

    • I was thinking the same thing! Although in the winter I replace the screens with storm panels which are harder to talk through.

      • houseintherear

        Me too, and agreed. And, anecdotal note here, I just replaced my screen with a pet screen and it’s pretty amazing how strong that thing is…

        • Oooh, what’s a pet screen? My dogs have scratched a hole in my screen so I should probably replace it someday.

          • houseintherear

            I found it at Home Depot after my pets made some holes in the original screen. It comes in rolls, and is with the regular rolls of screen in the door section (at the RI Ave location it’s in the back towards the middle of the store). It’s more expensive, and thicker so it’s harder to put into the door (you *really* need the rolling pokey tool thing they sell… and some patience…) but it is so wonderful now. The only thing is that it’s darker, because the screen strands are thicker, so it’s harder to see through… I haven’t found this to be a bad thing, personally.

    • justinbc

      Funny, we’re about to take the security doors off of all of our doors because we feel like our neighborhood (the same Capitol Hill) doesn’t really warrant them anymore.

      • houseintherear

        I am a big fan of natural air almost year-round, or as much as is tolerable, so I use my security doors as locking screen doors. I like the peace of mind when I’m home and have the doors open.

        • This, and I also feel safer the rest of the time with the extra layer of door. My parents, who live in the exurbs, had their steel front door kicked in, so I appreciate the extra protection.

          • justinbc

            I guess I figure that if someone REALLY wants to get in my house that badly some piece of wrought iron isn’t going to prevent that. Also we have a couple bow windows which open up and help a lot with the air flow, so the door isn’t really a necessity.

          • I think I saw you say that you live in a corner house. You probably don’t need the extra air flow then (although I’d be more concerned about break-ins since corner houses are more appealing to burglars). And yeah, I had iron window bars bent once, but I figure the more things they have to break through the less likely they are to try.

          • Agreed with Anonymous @1:02’s comment “the more things they have to break through, the less likely they are to try.”
            Although I haven’t seen any recently, I feel like PoPville used to have a fair number of stories about thieves breaking into homes equipped with alarm systems, knowing that they’d have 7-10 minutes to grab laptops, flat-screen TVs, etc. before the police showed up. Iron bars aren’t a guarantee against a break-in, but they slow potential thieves down and make a house a less attractive target.

  • Generally agree with not opening the door for strangers, but also can’t forget the Maslin tragedy.

  • What’s the deal with these kids? I recently saw them on U Street carrying those bins, but also bags from Five Below (cheap candy). Can we just assume that it’s a scam and to call the police? I remember reading a while back about this being part of a ring where adult men “recruit” kids to sell candy to “support their school” but it went straight into their pockets.

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