Good Deal or Not? “Jam Doung Style” edition

DC8337907 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1726 Capitol Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“Currently zoned R4 with a popular carryout business on the first level. This beautiful Victorian townhouse is a great opportunity for an investor. Convert to condos, penthouse with a green roof, have your own storefront and live on top, the possibilities are there!!! For this low price it won’t last! Carryout business would consider lease option or vacate. Home needs TLC. Cash preferred. Property Sold as-is.”

Sadly no photos of the interior but this a pretty unique option with Jam Doung in the mix.

It’s going for $550,000.

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  • Noooooo! Please don’t close Jam Doung.

  • Really good deal. This is going to an all-cash investor group. That area is only getting nicer. Though, that restaurant will have to go to do a full gut renovation. I’m sure everything needs to be replaced (boiler, electrical, plumbing, etc.)

  • Wow, cool opportunity. I don’t really know what I’m talking about but that seems like a good deal. Nice cashflow from leasing the commercial space.

  • Does “Carryout business would consider lease option or vacate” mean the buyer would own the jam doung style property as well as the other levels? And you can either lease it to jam doung or buy them out?

  • Great deal if you can afford a full gut/rehab.

  • Best Jamaican Food in the City…I hope they get to stay. SAVE JAM DOUNG!!

    • Is it really!?!? I haven’t tried it yet I always head over to Taste of Jamaica on H instead….I’ll give it a try. On the GDON it does seem like a fantastic opportunity for those all-cash investors..

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