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  • This will be nice for people in rowhouses, but all those older apartment/condo buildings in Mt.P will almost certainly never get FiOs.

      • For whatever reason, they are only offering it to SFHs. My guess is that it’s cheaper than rewiring entire existing apartment buildings. I’d love to get FiOS but we are only connected to Comcast in my building (which is a total rip-off and get shitty speeds for $70/month for internet-only). I hate these monopolies. I’d be utterly happy if we nationalized internet service.

        • you hate monopolies…so you want one monopoly….

        • You don’t have to nationalize them, just get the FCC to declare ISPs telecommunications services, thereby putting them under the regulations that govern common carriers which will allow other firms to sell service over their pipes.

        • Also a Mt. P older-condo-building-dweller and would give my right arm to ditch Comcast. Does anyone know of a precedent of residents successfully lobbying to switch a building’s whole setup FiOS? Or to at least add the FiOS option?

  • I hear atrocious things about Fios customer service…however, I’ve never had need to call them.

    I am in columbia heights and had Comcast because frankly there was no other option but made the switch (as did everyone else on my block) ~8 months ago when FIOS arrived.

    Funny story…before FIOS came to my street, 10 of the 12 houses that share my alley had Comcast (1 had RCN, the other nothing). Within 2 months, 9 of the 10 Comcast customers had switched to FIOS, and Comcast started sending me ridiculous offers in the mail to get me to come back and called me once a week or so for the first couple of months trying to do the same.

    The comcast on demand wouldn’t work for atleast a week a month and the TV signal would pixelate 3-5 times a month for a few hours. The internet would go off a few times a month and the bandwith you got was never more than half of what you paid for (I paid for the 50 mb service and never got above 24 MB.

    You would call them to get service, and it would take a week to get them out there, but they can show up the same day to install new service so they can start charging you.

    In the 8 months I’ve had FIOS, the tv signal is clear, never once had problems with the on demand and the internet speed (I pay for 50mb) is sually between 50-55 mb. Once it went down to 46mb, but I ain’t complaining.

    Pricing wise, FIOS is about ~10% cheaper, expecially considering you can get a two year contract if you like, but just having all my stuff work all the time is enough for me to rave about it.

    • FiOS customer service has definitely been the best part of my FiOS experience. Unfortunately I know this because I’ve needed quite a bit of customer service to get them to fix reliability and billing issues. Maybe I’m the only one but I cringe when I hear people gushing about how great FiOS is.

    • justinbc

      The FiOS interface I had 4+ years ago when I lived in McLean is still significantly better than what Comcast offers here in DC. It’s quite annoying.

      • +1 for good customer service through Fios. It’s actually one of the best of any company I’ve ever dealt with for any service. I’ve used the online chat thingy too and it’s pretty nice when you don’t feel like actually talking to someone. I pimp Fios whenever I can. The only downside so far is that our bill went WAY up after two years. But, back to the good customer service, I talked with a couple of folks and they worked out a deal with me to get it back down to where I wanted it to be.

  • vz

    I spoke to the Verizon employees that were in my alley this past weekend and they also confirmed that they were in the process of installing FIOS. Anybody have any idea how long it’ll take for the services to actually be offered? I am incredibly excited about this about the prospect of dropping Comcast.

    • In our case (the very southern part of Adams Morgan), it was really fast. I think we had everything installed within 30 days of seeing the guys in the alley pulling cables. I’ve had lots of problems dealing with Verizon for home phone, work phone, and DSL at both places. However, FIOS has been great so far and our installation guy did a great job. We couldn’t install it exactly the way I wanted (the power supply has to be inside, so he had to drill an additional hole for the power cable), but he minimized the damage and did an overall good job.

      • There was one interesting aspect to this: We were having serious problems with DSL around the time they deployed FIOS in the area — dropouts, slow data speeds, etc. We had already decided to get FIOS as soon as we could, but we also got some calls from Verizon saying things like “We understand that there are issues with DSL in your area. You may choose to upgrade to FIOS…”
        I swear, it was almost like one of those old gangster movies where the bad guys walk into a bar, start dropping glasses on the floor and say “Nice place you got here. Be a real shame if anything happened to it…”

        • Verizon added FiOS capability to my neighborhood last fall, and I keep getting FiOS sales guys at my door with the “We’ve been hearing complaints about DSL in your area” routine. They’re tenacious — when I tell them I’m not interested, they keep talking. I have to walk away.

  • WTF! I’ve had the Fiber ran to the utility pole behind my house in Eastern Market for the past year and haven’t seen anything happen.

    • And another reason to leave Comcast is they won’t authenticate Hbo Go for Ps3 or Roku Players. They won’t tell you why.

      • They probably have an exclusivity deal with Microsoft. You can get HBO GO on XBOX 360 (though still not on the XB1) and coincidentally, you can also get Xfinity on demand on the XBL platform…

        PoP, This is the first comment I have tried to post all day, and I got the error that I am posting comments too quickly. What is the deal with that error? I get it all the time (and barely ever post).

        • Sony and Hbo brought the hbo go app for the PS3 and they are working on one for the PS4. Most of the other ISPs allow you to authenticate your device so you can play hbo content on them . Comcast, however, does not and won’t say why. Not the biggest deal because I can still use HboGO on Chromecast.

          • I know Sony has the HBO GO App, but that comes from HBO. I meant to say that Microsoft probably has some sort of deal with Comcast where it only let’s XBL users access the app. When the HBO GO app first came out on XBL, Comcast blocked it, but a few months later, it became available along with the Xfinity on Demand app.

    • justinbc

      Oh really? That’s at least good news!

  • I’ve had Verizon Fios for 2 years and it’s much better than Comcast. However, I can’t watch On Demand late at night sometimes because Verizon Fios is always doing updates. My Internet has rarely went down. I’ve had problems with my telephone not working late at night. I reported Verizon Fios to the D.C. Corporation Counsel Office when my telephone service went down. Late last night, many of my preminum channels went out. I called Verizon Fios and they rebooted my service due to service work on the lines outside. Overall, the picture quality comes in very clear on my 1080 Samsung flat screen televisions and I prefer Verizon Fios over Comcast.

  • Anyone have any way to find out if FiOS plans to continue to roll out further in DC? I live in Dupont and still only have Comcast as an option. I had thought Verizon shut down further build-out in DC a year or two ago, but happy that they may continue.

  • Got it 3 months ago in Trinidad and love it. Buy bye Comcast. 59.99/mo for 50/15 internet…holler!

  • They are also in woodley!

  • Anyone know if and when I might get FiOS in Capitol Hill? I live on Independence near 13th. I was so wanting it and gave up after reading that Verizon stopped its expansion efforts. I really want to get off DSL and onto something faster and more reliable.

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