Dear PoPville – What’s Up with the Two Tony’s on H Street?

Tony’s Breakfast

“Dear PoPville,

I was just looking into going to Tony’s on H st and to my surprise they have a website. On the site it reads

“Tony’s Breakfast Has Moved Months Ago from 1401 H Street to 1387 H Street!
Vist the One & Only Authentic Tony’s • Not Affiliated with Tony’s Place @ 1401 H Street”.

I thought they moved across the street temporarily? I know they recently moved during some sort of remodel and that both were open. But separate entities? Huh?”

Tony’s Place 14th and H Street, NE

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  • How does the Tony’s on Kennedy factor into the “One & Only Authentic Tony’s” statement? Is this our own version of Ray’s Pizza?

    • I was just thinking the same thing. But in Northwest, H Street NE feels like a different city, so maybe that makes it a legitimate claim.

  • jim_ed

    This reminds me of when H St had both ‘Danny’s’ and ‘Good Danny’s’ carryouts. Danny’s was an awesome carryout, but it closed, which left us with Good Danny’s, which is/was terrible.

  • A number of nearby residents have talked to the guys at what is now Tony’s Breakfast. They are the original owners of Tony’s Place and moved across the street to the 1300 block of H. The former landlord is apparently using their name and opened a new restaurant in the old location. Sketchy on the part of the person that owns the building who is trying to bank on the reputation of someone else.

  • You just need to start calling one “Good Tony’s” and the other “Evil Tony’s.” It worked for Danny’s.

  • I always referred to ’em as Modest Danny’s. Definitely the better of the two; they are missed.

  • Thanks for posting. My son and I were trying to figure this one out last night.

  • Tony’s Breakfast is the original and is awesome (the business front is actually on 14th St. just south of H). Down with imposter Tony’s!

  • “Originally named “The Originals”, then “The New Originals” to distinguish themselves from an existing group of the same name.”

  • Tony’s Breakfast (top pic) is awesome. Good cheap food and nice people. Not interested in checking out the competition.

  • The Tony’s Breakfast is the real one and is amazing. Tony’s Place is not associated with Tony’s Breakfast and came in after.

    Tony’s Breakfast is the one of the best true neighborhood spots.

  • Hi I am one of the owners of Tony’s breakfast, we have moved from 1401 months ago bc our lease was up after being there for more than 8 years some new business owners have opened as Tony’s place trying to recycle our name. It’s causing lots of confusion for our original customers as well. But if you come into Tony’s breakfast you will see the original staff and I am in there everyday as well so please feel free to come in and ask!

  • Went to Tony’s Breakfast for the first time Saturday morning. After seeing how many people were in line to order, I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed!!

    Great spot and look forward to stopping in again.

  • Tonys Breakfast is awesome. I love a few blocks away. They are the nicest people. Screw the “original Tonys” people and that landlord for doing that to this family! They work really freakin hard. I for one will never step foot into original Tonys and I tell anyone I meet to do the same until they change their concept/ menu from being almost identical to the awesome folks 10 feet away.

  • Tony’s Breakfast is great. I was hoping that they had opened a sit down diner style place in their old spot.

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