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  • Finally!!!!! GRREAT news!

  • Awesome. That means it should be open by 2017!

    • A reader asked via facebook how long it would take to get the restaurant open after they receive their license, and they replied “8 weeks or less”. This was roughly two months ago, so many things could have changed during that time, but I’m hoping that they can open by early fall.

      • Early fall seems reasonable. Fall of 2017.
        Sorry, but as someone who has lived nearby for five years, my expectations are extremely low.

        • Starting a pool – how long, after opening, before the Firehouse goes on the market? I’m torn between taking 1 day or 1 year.

    • Stop being optimistic. There needs to at least be 3-4 more delays blamed on the neighborhood because the class act that owns the building has been nothing but spectacular for the past 6 years they’ve jerked everyone around.

  • Very exciting! It certainly looked like there was a ton of work still to be done when I passed by yesterday, though.

  • Yea, I’d be shocked if this opens this year.

  • i wonder if the fact that this project has been sooooo delayed has caused a bit of a financial issue

  • Given that their real motive was to set up as a nightclub a la Ibiza, complete with yelling, shooting, and drunk driving at 3 a.m. they’re going to have to reconfigure. If anyone’s paying attention, that is.

  • I’m hoping that they’ll hurry up and open up. It’s easy to squat on a vacant building but they have all the kitchen equipment installed and the bar. All that money is sitting in a building with a liquor license.

  • I’m hoping they’ll open up early. They already have all the kitchen equipment installed now and the bar & taps set up. All this with a proper liquor license. I can’t imagine a business sitting on all that cost & not hurrying to make a profit.

  • brookland_rez

    Those hours of operation seem in line with a neighborhood establishment. Glad to see this moving forward. Hopefully this will spur greater development in that area.

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