Taxicab on fire Friday Afternoon at 21st and Pennsylvania Ave, NW


Just caught this from the forum:

“Caught this just a few minutes ago- [Friday 4:15pm] this taxicab was literally in flames. Luckily there is a fire station close by and it appears the driver was able to get out of the car. Pennsylvania was/ might still be blocked off from Washington Circle to 20th Street.”

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  • Authorities say the fire was caused by the friction of a customer furiously swiping and re-swiping his card through the nonfunctioning reader.

  • Sources say the cabbie was unable to flag down another cab (due to being too brownish of hue for the taste of his fellow drivers), but luckily he had his trusty Uber app installed and was able to hail a ride the 21st Century way!

  • And he will STILL argue that his cab DOES NOT need to be replaced!

  • Did his dome light change from “Taxi for Hire” to “Taxi on Fire”?

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