What are the most Instagrammed/Photographed Sites (besides Monuments) in the District?

Photo by PoPville flickr user Joe in DC

A reader writes:

“A coworker and I were discussing Dacha and how it seems to be a rite of passage to Instagram the gorgeous mural. It got us to talking about how we thought the Liz Taylor is potentially one of the most instagrammed things in the city. We then thought that might be an idea for you to poll your readers!”

I love this question – let’s take the monuments, White House, Capitol etc. out of the equation and just look at neighborhood stuff – what do you think are the most photographed spots/things?

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  • Eastern Market on the weekends, and Ramen bowls at Toki – every time Im there ppl are snapping photos of their soup

  • I think it’s definitely up close pictures of cherry blossom blooms, but I don’t think that’s fitting in the spirit of the question 🙂

  • The cherry trees.

  • justinbc

    Dupont Circle fountain (classic) & Union Market sign (new), a couple years ago I would have said the line at GTCC.

  • Nationals Stadium. 81 home games, averaging well over 20k people per game…how many take a pic of their time/experience at the stadium…

    • with that logic you would have been better off saying the verizon center.. but something tells me people that is not the correct interpretation of the question

      • Verizon Center is #2!!
        I like having people list their guesses. For those looking for a cool bit of data about what’s being instagrammed, check out herefeed dot com for the live view. My guess is that last week the Tidal Basin would have been blowing up the map.

      • I don’t really go to Verizon Center, so I wouldn’t know. I am just posting from personal experience. Feel free to say Verizon Center for your entry though. And I am sure interpretations will be all over the place when are posting about “spots/things”.

        Stadiums, especially outdoors stadiums are pretty iconic for cities. In some cities, they are some of the most visited and photographed structures landmarks, etc… so I am sticking to Nationals Stadium.

        • I think Anonymous 2:57 was just pointing out that 2 teams play at the Verizon center, along with all of the concerts held there, so there are more opportunities for people to take selfies there than at the Nats park.

      • Thanks for the wisdom, but I am still sticking with my initial interpretation to a “Spot/thing”

  • Fountain at Meridian Hill Park would be my guess…

  • Ben’s Chili Bowl

  • thatnewplaceon14th

    -Logan Circle
    -The Whitman quote at the Dupont Metro
    -Rush hour crowds on WMATA

  • “The Exorcist” stairs in Georgetown would definitely be on the list…

  • the white lit-up satellite room sign.

  • The laser fighting animals mural at Right Proper Brewery. EVERYONE who walks past it snaps a picture

  • U.S. flags aflutter across Corinthian columns.

  • The Chinatown arch. There are always tourists stepping out into traffic to get a click of that silly arch. If only it were a gateway into a Chinatown with real Chinese shops/resto’s!

  • National arboretum columns

  • My guess is Union Station has to be perennially in the top 3, if not number 1. There’s a website called HereFeed (herefeed.com) that aggregates Instagram data to answer this very question. I can’t imagine the Liz Taylor mural would be anywhere close to the top. Where is it exactly? I’ve lived here for 6 years and have never even heard of it.

    • Thanks to mentioning herefeed. I had never heard of it. For the record, Verizon Center is currently #3 on the list with the White House and the Cherry Blossoms listed as #1 and 2. Nationals Park is #24.

    • justinbc

      I think that would only work if people use geolocation tagging for the photo though, right? I’m sure there are lots of photos posted to instagram with that option turned off.

      • Sure, but do you expect the geographic distro of untagged pictures to be much different from those that are tagged? Maybe people intentionally don’t geotag pics taken in their home, but those aren’t likely to be instagram hotspots.

    • It’s only a year (two years?) old, so, maybe that’s why you haven’t heard of it. It’s at 7th & Q St NW, a giant Liz Taylor mural overlooking Dacha Beer Garden. Pretty quickly became “iconic” for that rapidly growing neighborhood.

  • Ben’s Chili Bowl, Union Market, the Dupont fountain, the Meridian Hill fountains, and Adams Morgan from a rooftop.

  • I agree with Union Station; I see the front of the station all the time. “Jogging on the mall, can’t believe I live here!” photos pop up a lot as well.

  • Tweed bikers.

  • Brunch at Le Diplomate, the mural of the presidents at the top of Adams Morgan, the mural of obama next to Ben’s Chili Bowl

  • The buffalos on Dumbarton Bridge are too often photographed IMHO.

  • I don’t think this is the most instagrammed, but as a DC native, there is something to be said for the Marilyn Monroe mural over on Calvert… I love the random Hollywood smack in the middle of DC…. I too love Liz.. And have totally instagrammed both 🙂

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