Happy 3 Year Anniversary to DC Brau – Party at Meridian Pint Tonight


From DC Brau:

“April 15th, starting at 5pm – A big THANK YOU from DC Brau with $3 pints of Public, Citizen & Corruption all night!

Also on draft:
9th Gate, Bete Noire, Brainless Corruption, Exaltation, Heurich’s Lager, Natas, Natas Nitro, Pauncy English Stout, Penn Quarter Porter, The Tradition, Everyday Junglist, Catoctin Creek Barrel-Aged Citizen, Red Wine Barrel-Aged Yonder Cities, Maple Syrup Rye Whiskey Barrel-Aged Heurich’s Lager, Plus two special casks! $3 Public, Citizen and Corruption ALL NIGHT!”

Meridian Pint is located at 11th and Park Rd, NW

@mayorvincegray tweets:

“Happy 3-year anniversary to @dcbrau – were the first brewery to operate within the District since 1956.”


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  • Congrats to the guys! I’ll raise a pint in theory, since Passover means no brew for me!

  • Congrats. Though I must admit, since the initial hype of being DC’s first production brewery in decades has worn off, I’ve pretty much stopped drinking DC Brau’s products. The price for a six pack at the grocery store is just ludicrous when you look at what else you could buy at that price point. And at the bar, there are almost always better options. Cool t-shirts, though.

    • I completely agree with this statement. They make fine beers for the most part, but for the most part they are just that – merely fine. For the price they charge for a sixer, there are many better options.

    • +1

      I’d say that they make “acceptable” beers at best. And it always baffles me when someone buys a sixer for those prices, too. How much longer will localism keep a mediocre brewery in business, especially when there are more and more other local options?

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