Chez Billy Patio Reopening in Petworth Friday

Photo of patio courtesy of Chez Billy (3815 Georgia Avenue, NW)

From an email:

“Our patio will open this Friday April 4th, and will be open seven days a week thereafter. We will also be doing $3 PBRs and 1/2 price burgers ($7.50) Monday through Thursday 5:30-7:30 at the inside bar and on the patio.”

3815 Georgia Avenue, NW

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  • Does it get crowded on weekends? I’ve only been there during the week, and there were always plenty of tables available.

  • I’ve yet to see it crowded. It’s a pretty awesome patio – total hidden gem.

  • I hope that’s a really good f*in’ burger if it’s “half-price” price is $7.50. In Petworth.

    • If you think that’s bad, then you should see how much a tiny taco costs at the co-owned El Rey on U Street. Don’t get me wrong, I love all their bars, and they have great bartenders, but once happy hour’s over, I’m out the door.

    • If it’s the same burger they were serving at brunch last year it is very, very good.

    • My first thought too! $15.00 for a burger???? The Heights has one of the best burgers anywhere – $11.00 at dinner, $7.50 at HH.

    • Yeah, there’s no excuse whatsoever for a $15 burger. Don’t care how good it is or what’s on it. Even $7.50 feels a little bit like a stretch.

    • They have an amazing French menu and great food. Why would anyone bother to go there and order a burger anyway? The fact that they feel they need to have a cheeseburger on the menu is kind of a sad commentary on DC dining habits.

      • epric002

        meh, i’d never go there and order the burger, but it doesn’t bother me that it’s on the menu. it means that if i have to go out to dinner with an unadventurous palate, i can still bring them to chez billy where i can enjoy something french and they can have a burger.

      • It’s on their BAR menu, but I hardly see how a burger–anywhere on the menu–is a concession to or commentary on DC dining habits. Sitting at the bar, perhaps I’d prefer something smaller and less expensive than options on the regular menu. Lots and lots of restaurants–in DC and cities around the world–offer a modified bar menu with more casual and less expensive choices than the full dining room.
        PS–don’t order it, and weep about “DC dining habits” in your boeuf bourguignon.

      • Oui! Sad commentary! We are all now properly chastised and promise to eat nothing but snails from now on.

  • I wish that they had better HH specials on drinks! I feel like they used to have a hh wine and cocktail…

  • Chez Billy is one of the best french dining experiences in the city. The place is packed all the time. The beer garden is a huge addition. It’s really well done. One of the best in the city. I don’t mind their prices at all. It’s always crowded and doing well. If you can’t afford it or believe it’s too much, go somewhere else. There are plenty of greasy spoons around to get cheap food. I welcome Chez Billy and hope for more upscale options coming soon to Petworth – especially Turtle & Crane. Houses are selling for $750,000+ on a weekly basis and rents are higher than ever. The new, emerging Petworth would much rather see more places like Chez Billy than more take out, fried food places.

  • Had the burger Monday when it wasn’t half price and would do it again- that “special sauce” is worth the extra cash.

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