Winter Storm Watch for Sunday Night/Monday Morning – “possible 6-10 inches of snow”

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

From MPD:

“The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Watch for Washington DC in effect from Midnight Sunday through Monday afternoon. Freezing rain, sleet and snow are expected with possible snowfall totals of five inches. Temperatures overnight Sunday are expected to be in the lower 30’s then dropping to the mid to upper 20’s for Monday.”


“Weather forecast for the DC area indicates possible 6-10 inches of snow starting as rain Sunday and changing over to sleet and freezing rain and then all snow after around 3AM Monday. The snow will continue until around 7PM Monday evening.

The snow should end Monday evening with very cold temperatures overnight Monday and the high Tuesday of 31F.”

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  • Snow day! Take the day off, no teleworking! This goes for the private sector too (tell your boss OPM said so if they missed the memo granting me authority over all employers)! Just don’t forget to shovel your sidewalk if you’re able. OPM will also give brownie points in the form of future 2-hour delays if you shovel your neighbor’s sidewalk!

  • randomduck

    Even if it doesn’t snow to that depth, I plea for the people of DC to clear their walks early and often, to the full width of the sidewalk! Being limited to walking with crutches these days, it amazes me how many in DC (especially in Dupont, Georgetown, Foggy Bottom, West End, and Logan Circle) do a bare minimum of cleaning, if any. A one-foot-wide channel through the snow is impassible for folks on crutches, with walkers, in wheelchairs, etc.

    Please think of those of us for whom snow and ice are a dangerous challenge to everyday mobility. We are your neighbors, friends, and colleagues.

    And if you have neighbors who can’t shovel (e.g. elderly, infirm, or mobility impaired), please pay the karma forward and shovel/treat their walks for them. Trust me: it makes a difference!

    Thank you!

    • Amen. I had surgery last year and was set back about a month in PT because some dirt bags on my street refused to shovel their snow and it melted, then refroze into two inches of ice and I slipped. Sent out a plea on the block’s listserv to treat the ice, but nobody did. I ended up having to go out on my bad leg and clear the ice myself. One house of 20 somethings even sat in their nice, warm house watching TV while I did it (I did go and knock on their door to ask them to help me clear their sidewalk, and they finished it themselves). The ability of people to be so completely selfish still surprises me. It shouldn’t, but it does.

      But now I totally understand those folks who walk in the street after a snowstorm. I was really tempted to, but my street is too busy and I’d likely get hit. But there was no safe way for someone who isn’t steady on their feet to walk down the sidewalk until at least Monday or Tuesday after the last storm.

      • Renters down the street from me built a really nice snowman, three feet away from the sidewalk they never cleared. What a slap in the face to neighbors who shoveled as far as they could and therefore didn’t have time to play.

    • We certainly will in my household. We do our elderly neighbors as well, and put salt down. The problem we face is we both usually have to work regardless, so we do the shoveling before we leave the house but when it’s daytime snow, by the time we get home you cannot tell we did anything at all and it’s looked that way most of the daylight hours. We always feel bad because we see footprints from the mailmen/UPS and they must think we did not shovel at all when actually we did. We shovel again when we get home, but by then it is dark and no one is really out.

  • I love seeing large white snow flakes, however, I’m terrified to see freezing rain because trees can fall on power lines. Nice wintery photo…

  • What happens to street sweeping in a situation like this? I my part of Columbia Heights, street sweeping starts on Monday but the side of the street you must park on (it’s a rush hour zone) is also a Snow Emergency Route.

    • We live on Columbia RD. If the city declares it a Snow Emergency, you must park on the South side. If not, you still do…. there’s no street cleaning yet since it’s winter. Probably won’t risk it and just park on 11th myself.

      • Street cleaning season technically started yesterday. That said, if they declare a snow emergency I doubt they’ll be issuing street cleaning tickets.

        • Never mind. Just looked at the DPW website to see if they’ve announced anything and it appears that street cleaning starts on the 10th this year. The signs in my neighborhood say March 1, so maybe I’ll take a screen shot of the DPW site in case any tickets are given out.

          • THANK YOU! I had no idea there was a delay until March 10! I was wondering how to move my car if it snowed tomorrow.

          • That’s weird. The signs say March 1. I’m going to park on the south side of Columbia either way. I’d rather get (and fight) a $30 street sweeping ticket than a $250 + two snow emergency ticket.

          • @jcm, sounds like the safer bet.

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