Scuttlebutt: Results Gym Sold on Capitol Hill? UPDATE: Results not Going Anywhere!


If true this is going to devastate many fit folks. A reader with a very good scuttlebutt track record (pun intended) sends the sad word that they hear Results on Capitol Hill will soon be sold. It’s not clear if it will become another gym or what but in January we learned that the downtown Results Gym was becoming an LA Fitness. We’ll see if they or another gym take over the Capitol Hill space at 315 G Street, SE.

UPDATE from Results:

“We expected rumors to surface when we sold the Downtown location to LA Fitness. We have had little luck with that location over the years… Being that it was in the middle of Downtown, pretty inconvenient to residents, it was more of a “daily lunch-time crowd” environment. To keep things brief, our Capitol Hill location has always been a bit more successful, leaving us no choice but to fund the struggling locations just to keep them open… We certainly tried to make Downtown work, but the opportunity quickly presented itself to avoid 3 more years in a lease and take LA Fitness up on their offer.

Needless to say, we can start focusing all of our finances on one location. Being able to improve the facility and equipment has been one of the most difficult tasks with the financial burdens of other locations in the past, on-top of Results always offering convenient month-month plans with no annual contracts. Proud to say, new equipment and flooring are arriving little by little and bringing quality back to this immense facility

We are having some community events this summer, we will also be offering some community-based free fitcamps as well. We are extremely excited about our Olympic platforms, our redesign of our 3rd floor and our Life Fitness Synergy 360 coming soon!”

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  • If you can’t make money on a gym in this town, you’re doing it wrong.

  • I had heard that LA Fitness was taking the whole Results chain over. Supposedly they bought the business out and gave us until April to make other plans if we didn’t plan to stay on. Spoiler alert: you don’t want to stay on. LA Fitness is terrible, and they make it as hard as possible for you to quit your membership. Runarounds, fraudulent charges, etc.

    • Yep. I used to belong to an LA Fitness outside of DC. The price was right, the facilities were pretty good, but it was otherwise a pretty stressful environment. They hire salespeople rather than trainers… everything was a sales pitch. And, as you said, canceling a membership is a nightmare.

    • Harder to quit LA Fitness than WSC? I’m exaggerating a bit, but there’s something like a 2-hour window once per month during which WSC requires a notarized letter to be faxed to a processing center overseas for cancellation. And their international phone service is very unreliable, haha…

      • @annonny: I think you’re exaggerating just a bit. When I canceled my WSC membership all I had to do was have my notice engraved on a platinum plaque and delivered by Wells Fargo wagon to their headquarters on a Thursday evening with a waning gibbous moon. Couldn’t have been simpler.

      • Actually, yes. WSC gave me a bit of a hassle when I left, trying to tack on an extra month. I called corporate to complain, and after reviewing my track record (member in good standing for years) they reversed the charge and cancelled it that day.

        When I wanted to leave LA Fitness, they suddenly decided that I owed them a separate payment for my locker fees. According to them, the locker fees weren’t rolled into what I had been paying monthly, as multiple front desk people had told me they were. After I paid that, they sent me a notice thanking me for authorizing them to bill dues to my card (which I never did) and charged me for another month’s dues-two weeks before they were due. (I didn’t authorize that, either, having been told by multiple front desk people that cancelling only took a few days.) My calls requesting that the charge be reversed have gone unanswered.

    • Seems like it would be hard for them to compete with the new Vida opening down the street.

    • Maybe I’m the exception here, but I recently canceled my L.A. Fitness membership to defect over to Gold’s and the process went really smoothly.

      Snail mailed my cancellation letter, and to my somewhat great surprise, received an email within two weeks saying that my cancellation had been processed.

  • Hope it doesn’t become LA Fitness. If not a gym what could the space become?

  • My monthly Results gym charge has been showing up as “LA Fitness” on my credit card since they beginning of the year. So I wouldn’t be surprised if LA Fitness purchased it.

  • As General Manager of Results Gym Capitol Hill, I can assure you that we are not closing. Furthermore, we were not purchased by LA Fitness. We sold the Downtown location because after 7 years, we could not make it work. This was not from lack of trying. The cost to operate the types of service and amenities that our members expect was often times more than many people in that area were willing to pay. We are now 1 location and able to completely focus our time, energy, and resources to this location. Please feel free to drop me a note if you have any other questions.

    • So, keeping Capitol Movement?

      • This is kind of old news. I’ve been a CH Results member for some time. Definitely new owners and they are making a change, while subtle it’s noticeable. Lots of new staff faces and clientele, it looks like it is marketing more to the African American community. There are less kids there now which is good and the new rubber floors are nice. Place is still clean and staff really friendly.

        Since DeKerry might read this again..I ask one thing as a member: The spinning the instructors have to be so gung-ho and LOUD…the music is already at top level and all they do is scream incoherently over it…it’s not an exercise it’s annoying. Just MHO. Thanks,

        • It’s not incoherent in the room–the various instructions are key, as is the motivation at times. That said, they may have options to reduce noise to others. the smaller spin room at the downtown Y is somewhat soundproofed, for example.

    • As a member, I have a request too… can there be more mat/stretching space in the redesign? The little (and overheated) stretching/mat room on the top floor is cramped and awkward… especially as a woman, I hate having to bend over a foot in front of some guy pumping iron. It’s uncomfortable!

      And please keep the daycare program, I just had a baby and it’s the only reason I’m keeping my gym membership, I would have cancelled otherwise!

  • My monthly Results gym charge has been showing up as “LA Fitness” on my credit card since they beginning of the year. So I wouldn’t be surprised if LA Fitness purchased it and Results has hedged in announcing it.

    • My bill as of this month still says Results and that seems like a flat denial from the general manager – wonder what gives here?

    • Lisa,

      Feel free to e-mail me. I can look into your account.



  • Can we please get a new gym in Columbia Heights!?

  • Worried about what will happen to Capitol Movement, the hip hop troupe and classes they offer out of that gym. A nursery for talent that will need a new space?

  • I’m happy they aren’t changing ownership. This is a great gym. I’m there 5 or 6 days a week and the only complaints I have are so minor they aren’t worth mentioning. Way better than the WSC chain IMHO.

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