Reader Reports Michelle Obama at Kapnos Last Night

2201 14th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“Looks like Michelle Obama was at Kapnos again this [last] evening. There were secret service agents outside who wanded us down before we entered, but we had no idea who it was until we caught a glimpse of her dashing out with agents all around her later in the evening.”

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  • Can’t say I blame the (L)ady. That place is damned delicious.

  • Why is this news? The media need to leave celebrities alone and let them enjoy their personal space.

    • It’s news because there’s a restaurant in the hood that’s so awesome FLOTUS wants to eat there. I didn’t get the impression that the paparazzi were chasing her all over Columbia Heights last night. We should celebrate what’s cool about our neighborhood, that’s what the blog is about.

    • This is a local blog….. not TMZ….

    • Not sure I would place FLOTUS and Justin Bieber in the same category…

    • The first lady isn’t a celebrity. A president or his first lady shouldn’t have any expectation of privacy when they’re dining out.

    • It’s not “news”, and this isn’t a “news” site. It’s a neighborhood blog and someone wrote in to say that they saw someone famous in the neighborhood. That’s not an invasion of personal space.

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