Reader Almost Hit by Car being Pursued by Police on the 1300 block of Pennsylvania Ave, NW

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“Dear PoPville,

I was almost hit by the car in the picture tonight near the 1300 block of Pennsylvania NW. I heard a loud crashing sound, saw a car heading straight for me followed by police cars. Fortunately, the light pole (folded over) stopped the car before it hit me. I haven’t been able to gather any additional information about the accident. Does anyone else know what happened? Why were the cops chasing this car? Are the passengers okay?”

Ed. Note: I’ve put in a query with MPD and will update if they have any info they can share.

UPDATE: MPD says this was a suspected DUI and the vehicle was speeding. The driver was transported to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

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  • We saw the beginning of this driving down Pennsylvania Ave, the white car was driving in the leftmost lane without lights on, and a cop turned on its lights and began pursuing the car. Both sped away quickly in a chase, and we lost sight of them heading west. Other police cars and a firetruck came by shortly thereafter.

  • gotryit

    This is why the police shouldn’t try to stop drunk drivers. (/sarcasm)

  • Every time I read something like this (or walk down the street, for that matter) I’m reminded how much DC needs specialized traffic enforcement officers. i dont care if it is a “huge revenue generator”. As long as they enforce the rules and keep our pedestrians/cyclists safe from these monsters who think driving a car is god-given right.

  • That stretch of sidewalk is becoming very hazardous. That’s right by where that car jumped the sidewalk and crashed into Centrals.

    • It’s actually about two blocks west of there, but point taken. Also, the Central incident involved a driver who had a medical emergency and lost consciousness. I don’t know that that has very much to do with this incident involving a suspected drunk driver. What kind of idiot speeds down Pennsylvania Avenue right by the FBI building with their lights off? I mean, other than a drunk one?

      I can’t imagine anyone who works near this part of Pennsylvania Avenue would think of it as dangerous. There is a constant police presence in this area.

      What I would worry about more are the Metrobus drivers. It was only a few blocks down where two women were mowed down by a Metrobus several years ago and killed. I think the city has done a lot to work on light timing and such to try to prevent that in the future along Pennsylvania.

  • I thought DC MPD had a no-chase policy unless it was for some sort of violent felony? Was this chase authorized, or illegal?

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