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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • epric002

    rave: they finally picked up the mattress in the alley across the street! only took 2 months and multiple 311 requests.
    rant: had to drive to work today so i can go to a meeting in tyson’s this afternoon. ick. driving is the worst.
    rave: friday.
    rave: warmer weather, at least til sunday evening
    rant: sunday night’s weather forecast. double ick.

  • Rant: Went to Happy hour/trivia at tommy joes in bethesda with some friends who live there.
    Rant: Now i remember why i stopped going to trivia there….
    Rave: I wont be back to bethesda or out of DC for a while (im looking at you nothern va)! Friday, seeing need for speed tonight with friends and perhaps day drinking saturday for the holiday

    • What happened?

      • Bad food (chicken tenders were dry, breading was not pleasant on the eye, how do you mess up honey mustard? but the honey mustard was WATERY), there was an obnoxious group of really drunk europeans or tourists (generalization but the guy had an accent) and he was yelling and screaming half the game always a question behind asking to repeat, this didnt bother me much because i wasnt facing their table, but it clearly was obnoxious. The only thing i can say is they have reasonably priced PBR, compared to DC prices. Anyways, bethesda just sucks.

        • skj84

          Why are you basing your entire opinion of Bethesda off of one shitty bar? I agree that Tommy Joes is a crappy place, but it is not indicative of the entire neighborhood! I’ve lived in Bethesda for nine years and love my hood, lots of great restaurants an bars and shops. Yes parking can be a pain if you drive and occasionally you encounter stupid people, but you know what? You find that in every neighborhood in the city.

        • Perhaps they specialize in grown-up food?

  • RANT: Does anyone know a place in DC where to get an iPhone 4 unlocked? I’ve tried to get it unlocked via AT&T, but they won’t allow me to do it as I’m not the original owner (a friend gave me his old phone when he upgraded to the iPhone 5). My friend is now living overseas and to get it unlocked he would have to give me a bunch of personal information (Social Security number, password, etc.); I’m not comfortable asking him for that info and I don’t want to burden on him as he’s already done me a huge favor by giving me a free phone.

    • If your friend gave you the phone, he presumably wants you to be able to use it. If asking him to give you that info is the only way you can use it, then he may be ok with it.

      • He’s not a close friend and we haven’t spoken in probably 10 months, aside from a few interactions on Facebook. Honestly, I feel pretty weird asking for his info.

        • Ah, that does complicate things. Might be worth a shot though: “Hey, remember when you gave me that phone?” Otherwise I think you might have a hard time getting it unlocked. Going into a store and saying, “Hey could you unlock my phone? My friend gave it to me but I just can’t get his personal info,” sounds a little shady.

        • Maybe you can ask him to call AT&T and give them his personal info directly, rather than giving the info to you?

          • Yes, ask your friend to call with the info. I unlocked my phone from abroad after the contract ended. In fact, I think I did most everything via email– through my account. It took a couple of days, but was super easy.

  • Rave: Pi day! I made a quiche and a lemon tart last night and can’t wait to start eating!

  • Rant: Two conference calls back to back this morning. Why on a Friday? Why?
    Rave: I received flowers from my favorite 8 month old as a thank you for watching him on Tuesday night. I adore that kid and the parents who made him. My younger man is giving the husband some healthy competition. 🙂 It completely made my night.
    Rave: Busy but friend-filled weekend ahead

  • Anyone know why flags in DC are at half staff today?

  • Rave: now that I’ve realized it’s pi day, I’m adding a black bottom peanut butter mousse pie to the dinner menu for this evening.
    Rave: working from home.
    Rant: I need to plan a vacation.

  • Rave: It’s Friday! Working out, movies, good food, and wedding planning…

    Rant: Wedding planning…

  • rave: had a great first date last night after a series of duds.
    rant: he was really drunk by the end of the date, not sure if it’s a one off or something to be concerned about. i have gotten drunk on dates before so i’m trying not to judge.

    • Meh, it’s possible he was sucking down the drinks because he was a little nervous (I get really thirsty when I’m stressed) and didn’t notice that he was getting tanked. If it happens again on the second date, then I’d be concerned.

    • Next time, make sure he gets some food in him. He was probably nervous and was drinking on an empty stomach.

    • Why would you be “trying not to judge”? You were there, you witnessed it, and only you can “judge” what occurred. You’re the judge and jury in your love life, not an anonymous blog and not your friends.

      You can dismiss the charges with a warning, but I’d make a note in his record.

  • Rave: New job opp… Hope it’s a good one, I’m tired of switching jobs every year. I can’t imagine the years of drama my parents had to deal with working the same job for as long as they did. I haven’t managed to be content with a long term job for over 2 years since 2001…

    Rant: Tired of jobs being completely different than their description. I’m beginning to think that I need to kill my personality and become more of a “yes man” to survive. If I have to kiss butt to make a living I refuse though, I’ll sell everything and move to Hawaii instead. Kissing butt only leaves a bad taste in your mouth, it never gets anyone anywhere in life. It would be nice to survive while being allowed to be yourself, but that doesn’t seem to work unless you’re an executive’s friend here.

    Rant: Where are my frickin’ supercans?

    Rave: The only time I get free time is when I’m unemployed, It’s a shame.

    • Second your rant on jobs that are completely different than their description. Let’s see, I’ve been “[insert important person’s name here] environmental scholar,” which magically morphed into “data entry operator.” Oh and I love the “public policy intern” job that became “office cleaning lady.”

  • Rave: Cleaned out my closet. Now I have a ton of room in there, I only have clothes I actually wear on a regular basis, and I feel so much “lighter”!
    Rant: Holy crap, I am afraid to even calculate how much I spent on all of the clothes that I only wore once or twice. I need to be better about really thinking about how much I’ll wear something before I buy it.

    Related question: I literally wore so many of these clothes one or two times, and they are in great condition. I want to sell them to make a little extra cash, but am having trouble deciding whether to consign them (what I generally do), or possibly post everything on eBay. Does anyone have “eBay seller” experience they’d be willing to share? I feel like I could get more $ by selling on eBay, but I’ve never done it before and wonder if people would be willing to buy from a seller with no history (I personally would probably be a bit hesitant). I would be incredibly grateful for any help in making this decision!

    • I think ebay is too much work, honestly. I’ve had luck with current boutique. the $ isn’t great, but it’s worth not spending the time to sell items piece by piece. i’ve had friends that have had success with poshmark, so you might want to check that out.

    • anonymouse_dianne

      If they are in really great shape and from a good source like LL Bean or J Crew you might try Twice. You ship your stuff off to them and they give you $$ for it.

    • I’ve sold quite a bit on eBay (mostly antiques and collectibles) and it IS quite labor intensive. I have had very little luck when I’ve tried to sell my used clothing on eBay. I would say it’s not worth the effort unless you have very special, high end kinds of clothes.

    • I have had really good luck with taking stuff to Current on 14th street. They price everything and do the hard work of selling it. You then get about half their price, so it’s not a lot of money, but for me it’s worth avoiding the hassle. Buffalo Exchange (Logan or Georgetown) will also pay you cash up front (though not that much).

      • In my experience Buffalo Exchange won’t give you much of anything. I took some high-end designer stuff there (ie Zac Posen, Theory, Marc Jacobs, etc) and they only offered me like $40 in store credit and it was even less if I wanted cash.
        If you have more high-end stuff you can try to consign with Secondi in Dupont- def a better option than Buffalo, though they’re more strict about what they’ll take and when.

        • skj84

          Yeah I wouldn’t sell to Buffalo Exchange. They tried to offer me $10.00 on a pair of $100.00 one season off jeans. I do like to buy from them. I second trying Current or Secondi.

    • i have used both ebay and current boutique. ebay is more time consuming but you will probably get more money that way, just be careful how many fees you incur because they can add up (for pictures or buy it now features, etc.) current was a great way to offload a bunch of clothes without doing much work but they were picky and didn’t take everything and they have a 90 day (i think) sales term where at the end, if your clothes don’t sell, they donate them. so not only do you not have money from the sale but you don’t get the tax write off of donating them yourself. otherwise it’s a great way to make a few dollars.

    • I take the course of least resistance and donate them & take the charitable donation deduction on my taxes

    • Yeah, I generally bring my stuff to Current on 14th and do decently well there….maybe I’ll continue that route, since I’m hesitant to invest a ton of work into eBay (I was afraid it could become time consuming, as many of you pointed out….). I’ll look into Twice and postmark, too. Thanks!!

    • Selling on eBay got a lot quicker with the iphone ebay app (I think). When you click Sell from the app, it lets you go ahead and take images with your phone right then. So, that at least takes out the step of having to pull out the camera and transfer photos. Still time consuming, but might be worth it. Good luck! As for whether I’d buy from someone with no feedback/experience, have you before on ebay? If so, you should at least have some positive feedback from that. Probably not a deal breaker, though..

    • I have had good luck at Mustard Seed up in Bethesda as well.

  • Rave: got a job offer!
    Rant: it is 10K less than what I asked for
    Rant: I have a job so I’m not desperate but this is a good opportunity. What to do?

    • Try to meet them halfway at $5K more and see if they’ll bite?

      • I did! They came back with 4K more but I still think I should get more.

        • If it’s still 10K less after their 4K increase tell them no. If you show that you know the value of your time they will respect you for it. All over town management types wring hands over salary amounts and then go on to waste money left and right on completely trivial things.

    • Is what they’re offering more or less than your salary at your current job?

      • More, but my current job is underpaid.. and there is a general agreement on this. Also, going from public to private and giving up serious fringe benefits

    • Is your comutte going to be less, any transportation costs paid for? I guess is there anything that you will be gaining with new company that offsets the 6k less offer?

    • You said private, but is it a non-profit? What area – advocacy, communications, law firm, etc?

      If its a great job for you, I wouldn’t focus too much on 6 grand, depending on how big a percent it is of your new proposed salary.

      • Since you’d get paid more at this job (assuming, as dcreal brought up, it’s not going to be a hellish commute/anything else weird) I’d take it and then just ask for a raise later if you really think it’s not enough and you’re still willing to walk away for something better after working there for a while.

  • Rave: Celebrating my 4th anniversary with my bf tonight!
    Rave: It’s Pi Day Friday, so I made a peanut butter pie to celebrate the anniversary!
    Rave: Tomorrow is the Ides of March! Et tu, Brute?
    Rave: I am running my 5th half marathon tomorrow! Good luck to all the RnR runners!

  • Rave: About to meet a friend for lunch. I’m fairly certain that she’s going to tell me she’s prego. I’m so excited to have friends who are having babies too… it’s kinda lonely being the first one with kids. I’m excited to share some hand-me-downs!!!

    • Aww. that’s sweet. I’ve starting telling friends and they’re so excited:) And I’m happy to be joining the club.

      • So exciting! I’m still keeping quiet about my news and it’s so hard to keep the secret.

        • Congrats to you!!! It’s one of the most fun pieces of news that you’ll ever share. I ended up telling my work team a little earlier than I had wanted, because I was so sick I was sure they all thought I had a drinking problem 🙂

      • It’s a fun club…welcome 🙂

  • Rant: I found out that a good friend of mine, that I trusted, was talking badly about me behind my back to some other friends of mine. He’s a friend that can dish it, but not take it, and was “hurt” by something I said in joking retaliation to his comment. This feels like middle school all over again and I’m seeing him tonight so it’ll be brought up.
    Rave: It’s Friday!

  • Rave: Birthday is on Monday, so I get the day off. Three day weekend!
    Rant: Possible snow on my birthday. Come one weather gods. Do me a solid.
    Rave: It’s Friday and I’m genuinely excited to go get all the fixins for the corned beef and colcannon I’ll be making this weekend. it’s going to be delicious.
    Rant: The next few hours at work are going to drag on and on, I can feel it.
    Rave: Treating myself to some seriously needed kitchen gear. Getting a Shun knife soon!

  • Rave: 60+ year sentence for 1st degree murder for two gents that shot up my block. I hope they rot.

  • Rave: Summer coming up and being single
    Rant: Trying to buy property and being single

    • Totally hear you on trying to buy property while being single. I’m excited and intimidated at the same time.

  • Rave: All this talk about peanut butter pies is causing me to make one today!

  • Anyone have any thoughts on the East Harlem gas explosion that killed at least 8 people? Some people are saying there were consistent smells of gas for weeks. The residents claim they complained, but the city has no record (other than a totally separate building’s resident calling the morning of the explosion). What’s the deal? I seriously doubt Con Ed (their gas company) wouldn’t respond if a complaint was made. They take this stuff seriously. When I made a complaint here in DC, the gas company was all business. They showed up pretty quickly. Even though it turned out to not be gas, when I apologized for wasting their time, the gas company guys were like, “Don’t apologize. This is serious stuff. If you think there is gas, you should call us regardless.” So, what happened in NYC?

    • It sounds like the building was almost exclusively low income Hispanics, so you probably had quite a lot of people who didn’t speak English and didn’t know where to go for help. From what I understand they complained to the landlord (who didn’t do anything) and discussed the issue amongst themselves, but no one went directly to Con-Ed. Sad.

    • Every day when I walk to work I smell gas in different spots. I have called washington gaz a couple of times. The smell goes away and come back in the same of different spot. It is amazing how many places in DC I have smelled gas while walking by. It is scary. I hope this makes gas companies like washington gas take this seriously. There are so many gas leaks in this city that i get tired of calling. usually it is just on the street after some utility or construction work has been done. Check this article about gas leaks in DC, it is scary!

  • Rant: There seems to be no free option to part-year resident returns for DC. I want to pull my hair out.

    • gotryit

      My unasked-for-2-cents: pay for it this year. I apparently messed up a part-year resident return in 2009 (did it on paper, so free), and recently found out that DC thinks I owe them $5K.

      • That’s awful, I hope it doesn’t end up being a nightmare to fix. 🙁 Thanks for the warning. I found a way, thru the DC tax site, to file federal and DC for free-only have to pay for MD ($18). Oh the joys of being low-middle income.

    • Correct, H&R block did the same thing for my friends last year.

    • Yeah this caused me to not even file last year until late…it’s the worst!

  • Rave: Love, love, love this photo!! SO cute and so true 🙂
    Rave: Fridaaaaay! St. Patrick’s Day Weekend!

  • Rant: so busy being micromanaged by my boss i haven’t had time to visit Popville in almost 2 weeks!
    Rave: payday. every two weeks i’m reminded why i took this soul crushing job.
    Rave: seeing old friends next weekend who i haven’t seen in ages!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Veronica Mars movie tomorrow! So excited!!

  • Rave: Home made Irish soda bread with Irish butter!

    Rant: None. See above.

  • Rave: That new James Brown biopic trailer looks pretty awesome

    Rant: Not enough shots in the trailer of early 70s JB when he had the super cool Afro and superhero costume-style outfits. Ha-ha.

  • Looks like Touchdown is no more. Signage is all gone. Sorry if this is old news.

    • That’s too bad. I liked that spot for Thursday night football and blackout games. They were pretty cheap.
      Is the place still open under another name? Or are they ripping everything out?

  • Rant: can’t for the life of me find my 1099-G from DC income tax refund from last year. Does anyone know if it’s available through the Office of Tax and Revenue online? I can’t find it and the phone lines have been busy all afternoon. Is it time to start drinking instead?

    • You should know the amount since it was the amount of refund you received. Can’t you just use that number?

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