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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: Disappointed in the PoPville commentariat’s gleeful and laughing approval of a macabre display of a dead squirrel. It was revealing, and I haven’t determined if it says something about the commentariat in particular or human nature in general.

    Rave: It’s almost the weekend. Looking forward to dinner with friends.

    And for the 359th time: Rave- not having to depend on Metro for my commute. Hooray!

    • The kids are alright. Don’t go to a modern art show.

    • I agree – it was a surprising reaction. But it goes to what I perceive is our rejection and contempt for the propriety of yesteryear. I see it everywhere – the jarring, the gross and the unethical rule the day. If it’s bad, we must express it and defend it, because we occasionally do it. It’s a very different take from past generations that did many of the same things we do, but ended up concealing (still happens today) or repenting for (never happens today) their actions.

      I get that expressed piety is often, actual probably always is, somewhat hypocritical, but that fact does not negate the objective positive force of promoting decent manners, thoughtful citizenship and general propriety. For all of our so called individual honesty, we are much worse off collectively.

    • I will not take a human seriously if macabre is used in rant, said the commentariat.

    • Human nature is often shocking and surprising (and contradictory, even) when it reveals itself fully. I’m sorry you had to find that out here, but at least you’ll find life easier to handle now that you know.

    • It was a dead squirrel. What is so bad about dressing it up a bit? Yes, it is gross and I would never do such a thing, but just for health reasons. Your response is also revealing: you clearly get worked up easily.

    • Is this really any different from the way we humans dress up and pose our deceased?

    • Disappointed in some of the PoPville commentariat’s complete lack of a sense of humor and total overreaction to the gleeful and laughing approval of a humorous display of a dead rodent. It was revealing, and I haven’t determined if it says something about the commentariat’s lack of a sense of humor in particular or human nature in general.

  • binpetworth

    Rave: They installed stop signs at 13th and Quincy! The people’s petition worked!
    Rant: Now if only they could get drivers to obey the signs.

    • epric002

      that was quick! now if only we can get them at kansas and quincy!!!

      • binpetworth

        I believe they’ve also put in stop signs on Quincy facing Kansas in both directions, but the only signs they put on Kansas itself are those pedestrian warning signs about a fine for not stopping for pedestrians (which I saw a driver completely blow through when the DDOT worker himself was crossing the street!)

        • epric002

          right, it’s the stop signs for kansas traffic that we need. drivers totally ignore the “stop for pedestrian signs”. i’ve taken to waving maniacally and yelling “thanks” as the drivers almost plow me over in the middle of the crosswalk.

        • That’s one of the most dangerous intersections in the city. I run by there a couple times a week. They should put a right turn arrow for cars at 13th and stop the cars while pedestrians cross Kansas.

    • Ah, so you were behind that 🙂 I have no problem with the stop sign except that in rush hour traffic now backs up into the intersection of 13th & Kansas. It would have been better to put a light in at 13th & Quincy and time it with 13th & Kansas, which is a really close to Quincy.

    • I kind of wish DDOT would switch the lights at Spring, Otis, and Monroe to 4-way stops. Those blocks are all residential with the exception of one corner store and drivers FLY down 13th to hit the lights. That or a speed camera at 13th & Spring would be nice.

  • Rant: got a fight with a (VA) driver last night on my way home from work. I was biking (in a bike lane) and she kept swerving in and out of the lane. I had to brake three times to avoid running into her car. I finally catch up bc of traffic, and she is driving with her KNEES while BRUSHING HER TEETH! At the next red light i pull up to her and tell her its dangerous (and gross, which i didnt point out) to brush your teeth while driving. She naturally got defensive, denied doing it (while toothbrush was on her lap) and called me a b-word! Ugh. Then she proceeded to honk at me while we both just waited at the red light. A pedestrian walking stopped to tell her to stop honking. I know bikers can be an annoyance in the city, I really try not to be, but when I make an extra effort to ride home on streets that have designated bike lanes, I expect more.

    Rave: It’s my bf’s birthday this weekend, and i just adore him. Gonna try and snap out of this (weather related?) funk Ive been in and be a fun and supportive girlfriend, not just this weekend, but hopefully always.

    • gotryit

      I’ve found the “excuse me, but when you were swerving into the bike lane you could have killed me” to be effective. Sometimes people don’t think about the (potential) consequences of their actions and react less defensively to that. Then, some people are just jerks.

    • Wow, that is quite egregious. Maybe her behavior will catch up with her someday.

    • i love how closing yourself behind a car door give people so much courage

    • How do you even brush your teeth in the car?? People are so weird.

      • That’s what I’m wondering! Did she spit it out the window? Gross! I would expect to see someone on a cell phone, but brushing their teeth is a new one…

        • You shoulda seen the woman — not here, back in Texas — who had her foot up on the dash and was painting her toenails while driving.

  • epric002

    rave: my husband’s WHS PACK running buddy was adopted!
    rave: my brother and his GF will be back from their round the world trip in a month!
    rantish: when they get back, we have to give their beagle back to them.
    raveish: we’ll borrow him long enough to get our dog comfortable with a foster dog. he is the perfect gateway dog 🙂

    • Rave: Thanks for sharing about WHS PACK. I have seen the dogs out running on Saturday mornings, but I didn’t realize it was a formal volunteer program. I am definitely going to look into being a volunteer – might as well get my Sat. morning run on while helping a shelter pet! 😀

    • anonymouse_dianne

      Bravo for your husband. WHS has come a looong way since Lisa La Fontaine came on board. I know they had training from the top expert in play groups, maybe others would like to help with that. I’ve been doing some adoptions events for them but waiting for spring weather.

      • epric002

        thanks anonymouse_dianne! i’m a relative DC newbie so i’ve only heard how WHS was run before, but it sounds to be an incredible success story. i love volunteering in the shelter, and as i become a stronger runner (and the weather gets nicer!) hope to join him at PACK too. there are so many volunteer opportunities available with them. how do you like working the adoption events?

  • Rant: The ads on this site play havoc with my browsers, both at home and work and it has gotten worse. It constantly jams up and freezes to the point where reading here is a chore. I used to visit multiple times a day but I go 5 or 6 days now because it is too frustrating.

    • Agreed. It overloads my CPU processor all the time. I have no issue with ads (PoP’s gotta pay the bills), but the ads on here are really sucking in more ways than one.

  • Rant: The permanent dark circles under my eyes. There’s no dignity in getting older.
    Rave: Sunny with clear skies today
    Rave: We are so close to Friday.

  • Rave: Got on a 32 bus this morning that was outfitted with new coach bus quality seats. Most comfortable bus ride ever!
    Rant: I keep thinking it’s Friday and it’s not.
    Rant: Yesterday’s post about home prices was discouraging. I’ll probably be a renter for life.

  • Rant: Walk into work was BRUTAL. A cruel and dying winter’s last breath. Tomorrow cannot be here fast enough.
    Rave: Work is going really, really well. I feel…successful.

  • Rant: I man in Panda Express said ‘hi’ to me after i paid for my order, I said ‘hi’ back and kept walking, he got up out of his seat began asking me for a dollar, i found the exit, said ‘stop bothering me’ and kept walking, i then kept walking past the Columbia Heights metro near potbelly, the man is STILL following me. At what point is it ok for me to get into an altercation with this man?
    Rave: Meeting friends for happy hour today in bethesda! Almost friday

    • Saying “stop following me or I’m calling 911,” with phone in hand will probably do the trick. No need for an altercation. And of course if you think you are being followed, stay in a crowded place, go into a store or the metro, and call 911.

    • It is always ok to stand up for yourself when someone refuses to respect your boundaries. Don’t worry about being “nice” in that situation. He’s the one who’s being rude (and threatening) by ignoring your “stop bothering me” and continuing to follow you. That is seriously creepy and predatory behavior, and you would have been totally within your rights to call 911.

      • And if you feel pressured to be “nice” — as many women are acculturated into feeling — read Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear.” The gist of the book is: Trust your instinct and don’t worry about being “nice” or “polite.”

  • Rant: Winter isn’t over yet.
    Neither rant nor rave: Has anyone ever rented out a parking spot? I have a gated spot in Truxton Circle that just became available (downstairs tenant got rid of his car), and I’m wondering how to go renting it out – pricing, posting, etc. I tried Craigslist but there doesn’t seem to be many options in my ‘hood. Does $150 seem too steep for a compact-sized spot? The only thing is you have to get out and open the gate every time you get in and out of the spot, but it’s not a big deal if you’re a weekend driver.

    • Have you already posted on Craigslist?
      $150 for a compact-sized spot in Truxton Circle with a manual gate sounds a bit steep to me, but I don’t really know what the going rate is. You could try advertising it at $150/month and seeing if you get any interest, then lowering it if you’re not getting any “bites.”
      Maybe also look on Craigslist for the pricing of parking spots in neighboring areas, like Bloomingdale?

    • Yeah that sounds about right. We’re far north in Bloomingdale and have a covered garage and have been able to get $150.

    • Haven’t posted on Craigslist yet, just poked around and didn’t find very much to go on. Thanks! I will try it at $150 and see if I get any bites.

  • Rant: some district office AO calling me this morning to complain about a $7,000 budget reduction due to some IT thing. His budget is nearly $50 million!! Last FY his office had over a million bucks left! Give me a break…

  • Rave: A driver that didn’t yield to me in the crosswalk at New Hampshire and Quincy was pulled over this morning! I have never seen that in my almost 8 years of living in DC!

  • Rave: Gil Scott-Heron type of morning. Jammin’.

  • skj84

    Rave: Start a new job on Monday! I’ve been working in the same place for a while and was not happy. Glad to be finally out and ready for a new opportunity.

    Rant: Nervous about change. It’s stupid because I know i’m going to do well, but a small part of me is completely insecure and I’m afraid I’ll be in over my head. Just gotta chill and roll with the punches.

    • Congrats on the new job! The unknown is always a little nerve wracking but trust in your abilities. Remember, they hired you!

  • Rave: Scrapple baguette from Red Apron

    Rant: Having to work during ACC Tourney

  • My usual Rave/Rant about the weather: Stupid cold today booo, will be gone by this weekend yay
    Rant: LSAT class. Somehow between a 40 hour work week and 25+ hours of LSAT class/homework, I’m supposed to fit in usual life things. Like, I don’t know, seeing humans that aren’t my colleagues or roommates? Or, you know, making food for me to eat since paying for this dumb class made me poorer than usual.
    Rant: This also means I haven’t gotten to exercise in multiple weeks which is probably making me grumpier. Bought Jillian Michaels DVDs so that I can maybe fit in 20 min workouts every once in a while. A huge departure from my usual hour long workouts four times a week, but I’m praying to the exercise gods that this will actually work? Especially since I’m also supposed to be getting in shape for the summer sports season and toning up for my sisters wedding. Tips are appreciated if you have any. On any of this really.
    Rave: SOs who bring over pizza at 8:30pm so you don’t have to make dinner. And who offer to have our hangout sessions be me working on the lsat and him doing other things until I need a break .
    Rave: I have wonderful family and friends who want to see me as often as they can and have offered many words of encouragement. I’m hoping I can find some balance in my life soon so I don’t disappoint them, I’d hate for them to think I don’t value seeing them
    Sorry this was a horribly long post. I guess there was a lot more on my mind than I thought.

    • Wait until you start law school and then eventually working as a lawyer.
      And you think you’re busy now? Hahahahaahahaha. Hahahahahahaha.
      Adult life is all about staying busy and paying bills. My friends easily work 65 hours per week and have kids.

      • Anonymous @ 11:38 is kind of a jerk, but he/she is right. If 65 hours a week is difficult for you, you should make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. There’s a very good chance that 65 hours a week will be a slow week for you after law school. That holds true whether or not you go to a big firm.

        • I’m a lawyer on the Hill and work 40 hours a week. I don’t make big firm money, but I make enough, get a month of leave a year, and do interesting work. And also realize that many lawyers are the types of people that have to brag about their 70 hour work weeks to feel important, whether it’s true or not.

          • I did not say that ALL lawyers work crazy hours, only that many do. FWIW, I’ve found that the trend in this town is to understate hours because many (but not all) government jobs only require 40 hours a week. However, there are only so many of those jobs.

          • I’m a lawyer and I totally disagree with this. I’ve worked for government, for nonprofits (both litigation and in-house), and for private practice, and 60-hour weeks are the minimum.

            That, and you have to work long hours to build the skills/reputation to lAND a job with shorter hours. In my experience, jobs with shorter hours also come with less responsibility/work, so they’re much less interesting–but that’s just me, and I’ve never worked on the Hill.

            I agree that a lot of lawyers spend a lot of energy posturing (you’re likely seeing that in your LSAT class now, and you will CERTAINLY see that in law school). But a lot of the posturing is also just that a lot of law is thankless work–whether you’re opposing counsel, in-house (so folks have to wait on you all the time, and if something goes wrong it’s 100% your fault)–I work long hours, and there was a time when I’d complain about long hours, and then I started having a professional friend group, and now everyone else I know gets out at 8pm too.

            All that said, I LOVE being a lawyer. I’m just pointing all of this out because every unhappy lawyer I know (and there are a LOT of unhappy lawyers) acknowledges that there were TONS of red flags–like being annoyed at the long LSAT hours, or at having to associate with the kinds of colleagues who make a business of posturing–that should’ve tipped them off that they might not prefer this life.

      • I also worked full-time while I was in law school, and did it in 3.5 years (and I graduated in the middle of the bad recession years, and have always had a good, legal job, based on contacts and jobs I had while in law school–so I endorse the practice, exhausting as it can be).

        But maybe I’m just a nut about what constitutes “busy.” 😛

    • I like this! All you need is seven minutes, a chair and a wall. You might be able to squeeze this in a few times a day. http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/05/09/the-scientific-7-minute-workout/?_php=true&_type=blogs&_r=0

      Best wishes on the LSAT…You’ll do great!

    • Only tip is that law school will be three years of what you’re going through right now. If it’s driving you crazy now, think carefully about your ability to handle it for three years straight, plus three months of bar studying after that, which will be way worse. (I think I had permanent “crazy eyes” by middle of year two.) Not trying to terrify you, but you should have a really really good grasp of just how much law school changes your life before you plunk down the chunk o’ change.

      • Really? I treated law school like a job. I went to class at around 8 or 9 every day and stayed to study/work at the journal until around 6 every night, then left and had a life at night. I kicked it up around finals and it was more hours when I was an editor of the journal, but it wasn’t nut inducing or anything. I did just as well at a well respected law school as the folks who were making themselves crazy. I found that a lot of them spent their time from 8-6 socializing or goofing off between classes. I just decided when I was at school, for the most part, I was at work and I studied. That made it so that I actually had free time at night. Sure, it wasn’t the best three years of my life, and if I could go back in time I would not do it again, but it wasn’t a 24/7 drain on my time either.

        • agree – I didn’t think law school was all that time consuming. It’s really what you make of it. I went after being out of undergrad for several years and had served in the Army, so my perception was different than the 22 year old who had never worked and came straight from undergrad. I also didn’t care if I graduated at the top of my class, so I didn’t get stressed out about classes and exams. I saw lots of very stressed people who were always on the verge of a breakdown, but it was all because they put that pressure on themselves. I got mostly Bs, worked a full-time clerkship on the Hill that led to a job after graduation, and was rarely stressed. But the bar exam did really suck.

          • I think maybe it was super crazy for me because I did 20 hr/week internships while being a full time student every semester. Having the extra work experience has been invaluable, though. I figure if you’re going to drop the money on law school, you ought to squeeze every dollar’s worth out of it.

    • It’s a lot to juggle. Good luck, and glad you have such an understanding SO!
      Re: getting in exercise. I find it helpful to put the time in my calendar and to treat it like a doctor’s appt. In other words, I don’t cancel or schedule something else (within reason, obviously) and I’ll even cut out of other things (esp things like hallway conversations) to get to it.
      Re: fitting everything in. Don’t underestimate the value of your lunch break, whether it’s grabbing lunch with the friends you’re seeing less often now, squeezing in a workout, spending a few minutes on LSAT prep so you free up some time in the evening, or doing some errands you might otherwise do after work.

    • The LSAT prep course really does suck, but it is worth the effort. It significantly improved my score when I took the LSAT.

      Re: working out and managing your life, can you set aside a few hours during the weekend to do a major cook up? Maybe have a chicken roasting while you study or a pot of soup burbling away on the stove. The crock pot is also your friend; I liken it to having a personal chef. In terms of working out, can you squeeze something in during your lunch hour. Maybe a short run when the weather improves?

      Also, it helps to remember that the LSAT study is temporary. You get your life back as soon as you walk out of the exam room.

      • Advice re: exercise. Don’t drop it because of the LSAT. It’s so important for your mental health which will help you study better. Trust me. The 30 minutes on a treadmill or out running will help you WAY more than an extra 30 minutes studying by relieving stress and refreshing your head.

  • ~The Dali Lama of Bloomingdale

    Rave: Went to Bloomingdale’s Bacio Pizzeria last night since their upstairs seating area is open (very nice actually) and was surprised to find out they now serve Beer and Wine with their pizzas and salads!!!!

    Rant: Election signs taped to everything, stuck everywhere, blowing around town, that will never be removed. This should be illegal.

    • +1 to your rant. I was just commenting how I think campaign signs should only be allowed on private property, with the permission of the owner/resident.

    • And all the mailings! My formula is to multiply the square inches by the weight of the paper and divide by the (paucity of) information provided to rank the candidate. So far Bowser is loosing by far with Jack Evans right behind. Brianne, you’re not doing so good either.

  • Rant: Still haven’t found a replacement for our roommate that just moved out. I thought it would be easier since we’re very close to metro. Anyone interested please reply to the link!
    Rant: This cold weather.
    Rave: It won’t last long!
    Rave: Fun dinner plans for tomorrow.
    Rave: Impromptu cooking to use up ingredients that would otherwise get wasted.

    • skj84

      When are you doing showings?

      • I’m showing it via individual appointments from responses. I did cross post as well. I will take this advice and add more pictures when I get home. The place is much nicer than a typical group house!

    • I see you’ve got your ad posted in the “sublets & temporary” category. The “rooms and shares” category (http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/roo/) might be a better fit.
      No need to remove the existing ad, but definitely cross-post in “rooms & shares.” I think in “sublets & temporary” you’ll probably get responses _only_ from people looking for something short-term, not from people seeking a longer-term arrangement.
      The house looks nice in the exterior shot that you’ve posted, but you might get more interest with additional photos — of the bedroom space that you’re looking to rent out, as well as photos of the common area.

    • (Adding to my earlier comment, which is awaiting moderation because it has a link in it…)
      Also, I see the subject line for the ad has the wording “steps to Metro.” Since “steps” is so frequently abused by real estate agents, I’d recommend replacing it with “1/2 block to Metro.”

    • I was apartment searching recently, including some places in that general area. The price looks competitive enough that it could either be a good deal, or on the higher end for a really worn out place. Assuming it is the former, it is definitely in your best interest to post pictures of the inside.
      I also agree with the other Anonymous who suggested posting in Rooms and Shares as well, that seems to be the best way to reach the type of tenant you are looking for.

  • Rant: Fedex. The delivery person with my bike is leaving door tags requesting signature, yet is not scanning in the door tag into the system so I can request a redirect delivery to the local FedEx. After much time on the phone with a FedEx rep, we discovered he had flagged the bike as delivered and left under my stairs on his first attempt which made the redirect much more complicated.

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: Storm knocked out cable/internet and gave me a migraine.
    Rave: Went out to get more migraine meds (need a double does for this doozy) and found another cute cat toy (with feathers!) for my new kitty.
    Fact: My new cat is spoiled rotten and I don’t care 🙂

    • Emmaleigh504

      Even my mailman spoils my new kitty. On Saturdays he delivers my mail to my door so he can give her treats 🙂 I have a pretty awesome mailman.

    • Emilie504, didn’t you have a cranky but beautiful Siamese? Is she still in the picture, or did she pass away?

      • Emmaleigh504

        Ashlee had to be put to sleep in January. She was 14, so had a nice long life, especially considering how her mother and brother died (dementia! and other horrors) and that she was attacked by a pack of dogs when she was about 4 and had eye problems from that. She got sick quickly, so she didn’t suffer long. She wasn’t cranky so much as VERY talkative at all hours, especially when I wanted to sleep. She had a great vocabulary, so it was fund talking to her. I still miss her, but Donna, the new kitty is pretty great. I have a really great portrait of Ashlee from PabloRaw, so I still get to see her 🙂
        Boy howdy, I have the babbles today 🙂

        • My condolences on Ashlee. I was thinking you’d described her as cranky, but now that I think about it, I think you’d said there was no way she’d tolerate another cat. (I got the impression she was a bit diva-like.)
          Glad to hear you’re enjoying your new kitty so much!

  • Rant: Girlfriend out of town for two nights.
    Rave: Excellent opportunity for a gin- and chicken wing-fueled Archer (Girls?) midweek marathon.
    Rant: Due to renovations, cables, remotes, boxes etc. scattered randomly around the house and I’m not certain I have the technical chops or physical access to the actual lines to get the whole thing working again.
    Rave: Good chance to make The Boy make the long journey from Petworth to Mt. Pleasant and say “hi” to his dad.

    • Supplemental rant: Hard to find really good Buffalo wings in this town. Nothing against the wood-smoked, honey-soy glazed, free-range organic variety, but I like my wings, like my R&B, old school.

      • +1 to everything in this supplemental rant. Also +1 to Archer.

      • J Bells Wing Shop at Euclid/Georgia Ave is the bomb. Definitely pick some up – tons of good flavors and they often sell out. I still need to try their waffle & wings combo.
        They keep odd hours, so call before you head over. You might need to call a few times before they pick up (they get slammed).

    • For the love of god be careful! Do you know how much gin is wasted every year when the glass slips out of chicken wing-greasy fingers??? Me neither. (Sounds like fun. )

  • Rant: the couple on ingleside terrace who own the two huskies. Really bad owners. Constant issues from heaping piles of shit in the yard, to two situations where the dogs have escaped their enclosure. Yesterday the two huskies broke free and ran all over town. These owners are totally irresponsible and it’s become a neighborhood nuisance. Why even bother becoming an dog owner when you have such disregard for responsibility?

    • epric002

      please call WHS/animal control and report it whenever they escape, and also if there are signs of neglect.

    • Lots of people like that in DC – here’s how they rationalize it:
      “But but but we work so many hours, and have a new baby, and don’t have time to properly care for them! And we paid a lot of money for this house, so we should get to do whatever we want despite negative externalities we inflict on our neighbors! Mind your own business! And we could pay a dog walker or pet professional, but why bother?”

  • Rant: food poisoning 🙁
    Rant: Little black speck floating around my vision for the past few days, not sure what this is or how to make it go away.
    Rave: fresh flowers on the kitchen table and wonderful sunlight in the living room.

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