Washington, DC

3607 Georgia Avenue, NW

Good news from the owner of Baba’s Cooking School/EatsPlace coming to 3607 Georgia Ave across the street from DC Reynolds, Milk Cult Sanctuary and Looking Glass Lounge:

“Just wanted to update you that our license was approved!”

Their website says:

“I fully believe you can’t have food without drink*. In fact some of my favorite foods are drinkable (porridge, congee and grits). I have deep respect for the craft and artistry of bartenders, but it’s still hard for me to get behind the term mixologist. Maybe drinkographer will work instead? Foodies get on that!

Restaurant construction not only depends on the physical infrastructure but also business and regulatory frameworks. Definitely work with your community and ANC, hire a lawyer and remember it’s a labor of stupid, crazy love.

* Drinks do not need to contain alcohol — I make a mean mocktail too!”

For those not familiar:

“EatsPlace is a food and restaurant incubator: a community commercial kitchen and marketplace with dining space to host pop-up restaurants and guest chef residencies. We’re opening in Washington DC in 2014. Please join us in making and eating joyful, authentic foods. EatsPlace’s mission is to be an evolving creative enterprise that lives, breathes, and changes according to what’s in season, what chefs are dreaming up and what neighbors crave.”

Stay tuned for an opening this July!


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