Meridian Pint Showing Star Wars Trilogy Monday if OPM Calls a Snow Day

11th and Park Rd, NW

Meridian Pints tweets us good news for Star Wars fans or fans of day drinking with background noise:

“If @USOPM does close we will also open the basement at noon. We will play the original Star Wars trilogy on all TV’s, with sound.”

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  • I’m going to need to know: Which trilogy are we talking here?

  • Original stories but remastered version. [email protected]:36 is right. I don’t know of a Blue Ray or DVD theatrical version.

  • You could always track down and show the DeSpecialized editions… (the legality of such things may be questionable though).

  • Great idea!

  • I have the remastered trilogy VHS box set that was issued prior to the 1997 rerelease (I.e. Han shot first in my version).

    As far as I know, this is the best quality you will get for the original theater releases.

  • led zeppelin and the doors too….

  • Do they have wifi? I need to be “working from home”.

  • FAIL. It’s 21 and over, to the loud distress of a bunch of children we took over there. Don’t you think, when showing a classic family movie on a no-school day, that you should have mentioned that kids wouldn’t be allowed in?
    Last straw with this place.

  • Me: “I Love You.”

    Meridian Pint: “I Know”

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