Lighthouse Yoga moving to 4203 9th Street, NW in mid-April

4203 9th Street, NW

From an email:

Lighthouse Yoga Center is moving to 4203 9th Street NW in mid-April. This is the little yellow building next to the Petworth post office, just north of Upshur. The building is in great shape and it’s going to make a beautiful yoga studio! We’re just waiting for the current tenant to move out, and we plan to open at the new location on April 22. We’ll keep running classes at the current site until then, and we expect minimal disruption to our business from the move.”

9th street looking south towards Upshur

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  • This makes me very happy. Love this neighborhood yoga studio, and glad they’ll be moving closer to my home and to Metro. I hope they thrive in the new location. Between this, the farmer’s market moving to Saturdays, and the new French and Ethiopian restaurants, I’m excited for spring on Upshur St!

    • Agreed – although I’ve never tried yoga and don’t necessarily plan to, I am still very excited to see another business moving to the Upshur St area! They’re a welcome addition to the neighborhood and I hope they do really well here.

    • saf

      Wait, wait, the farmers’ market is changing times?

  • Very happy to have Lighthouse Yogo closer to Petworth proper… I think they will see an uptick in business. Certainly should be lesss break-ins. That beings me to my main point. How many businesses has the commercial strip where Yoga Lifhthouse used to be lost due to breakins and other crime. Their businesses were getting broken into a couple times a week! Yet the police and Muriel Biwser were powerless to stop it. Until the mayor and council member Bowsert wake crime seriously, the neighborhood will continue to suffer. Shootings at 4th and Upshur. Home being broken into. Assaults on women. And intimidation at the metro. What needs to happen before something is done.

    • What is happening at the metro? I’ve been riding it pretty much every day for the last few months (thanks, winter!) and haven’t noticed any issues. Well other than the stupid escalator that refuses to work.

    • Moroni Bros is closed under….mysterious…circumstances. AUP left to U Street (I believe), and Fusion is on the way out (looking for a buyer, I believe).

      Now with Lighthouse going, that block is/will shortly be down to a corner store, a take out joint, a sandwich shop/lounge, and a barbershop. Sad, for those of us that used to have a lot of options within a short walk of our homes.

    • Easy. We get a new Council member.She really hasn’t done anything for the ward, she has spent her time trying to prep for the Mayor’s job. . .

  • I may have to pick up yoga! This is great news, and a perfect addition to the Upshur corridor. Now Willow – can you start selling yoga gear? 🙂

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Hooray! The new location is much more convenient for me to reach by foot and I’ll have post-yoga options nearby, like the library, sitting on the park benches by the farmer’s market in quiet reflection watching the traffic pass, or a grabbing a cup of coffee/tea. I’ll definitely frequent it and re-engage my long dormant yoga practice!

  • Yeah! this is closer to me, making it more likely i will go. Also, agree its good to see this part of Upshur fill in and with a variety of businesses.

  • Does anyone know what is happening with the hideous, vacant Murrell Building? That seems like prime real estate. It’d make for a great restaurant with all of the large windows.

    • Actually, a restaurant is coming to the Murrell building. I checked the address last year to see if they had applied for any permits and I found out that someone applied for a restaurant with capacity for 40 people. I’ve been checking the DCRA website since then and they have not gotten a permit yet. I heard a rumor that Paul Ruppert is the one behind it but I don’t know if that is true. Whoever got the place I hope they get their permit and start construction soon.

    • You can check the permit status here: The address is 4201 Georgia Ave NW.

      • Thanks FZ. That is such a great location. Whatever goes in there has the potential to anchor that entire strip – perhaps even Petworth as a whole. Folks may be waiting for the Safeway to open.

  • As I am on the northern side of Petworth and do go to LIghthouse, so I am bummed to see it moving further south. But not really surprised. That entire strip of Georgia is failing. There are so many homes (ie people/potential customers) there and the new condos too…I feel like there is great potential for restaurants bars and businesses to succeed in that strip…but they seem to be (understandably) driven off by the repeated break ins. And losing Moroni’s sucked, though that appears to be an internal issue vice crime related. We used to walk to Moroni at least once a week, and really miss it. Sandovan is good though – folks should try it if they haven’t!!!
    I heard that a funeral home will be taking over the soon-to-be former Lighthouse Yoga place on Georgia.

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