Huge Slaviya Awning Finally Taken Down

2424 18th Street, NW

The space formerly home to Slaviya which has been closed for years has finally lost the huge awning. Hoping that means a new (good) tenant soon for the huge space.


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  • Has anybody been to Slaviya before they closed? As a fellow Russian it somewhat saddens me that they couldn’t make it, but then I also got the super douchey Euro-trash vibe whenever I’ve been around, so I never felt too compelled to check it out.

    • That’s because the people who hang out in these places are diplomatic staff and their spawn, who are typically extremely douchey.

    • I never went to the late-night club incarnation of Slaviya, but in the early evenings when it was a simple restaurant, the place was wonderful. Super friendly staff, excellent food, nice mix of wine and liquors from the Balkans. Ambar on Capitol Hill is a decent substitute, but definitely not as good as Slaviya was. Ambar is also more expensive than Slaviya


      I’m sad Slaviya is gone, but it seems any business paying rent for a space this huge better have a near-constant flow of customers. Slaviya was generally empty except for the late-night party crowd.

    • lovefifteen

      I went once with a friend for dinner. We did not like our appetizers at all, and for the entrees, we got the Bulgarian grilled meat platter (sample of 3-4 different things) and the Serbian — can’t remember the nationality exactly, but I think it was Serbian — grilled meat platter (sample of 3-4 different things). All of the meat was disgustingly greasy and tough. Honestly, the worst expensive meal I ever had in DC.

  • I never went there when it was Slaviya, but worked there before when it was Leftbank. I think the Bulgarian market is a little niche in this area that’s not super sustainable. The food was always just ok, but they never did enough business to pay the rent.

  • I’ve always wondered about this place and why it’s been empty for so long. Maybe it’s just too big for someone to take a chance on?

  • Leftbank was definitely ahead of its time. Used to be one of the hottest/trendiest spots. Today, it would be in perfectly good company on the 14th street strip.

  • Maybe they laundered all the money they needed to and then shut down? In all honesty, I don’t know – the vibe was definitely Euro trashy. It was never packed.

  • I actually liked Slaviya – went there a few times when it was open. The seating near the huge windows overlooking 18th street is really cool, and their food was pretty good too. But it never really took off – place was always half empty or worse on weekend nights. Some how it did not really deveop a broader appeal, inspite of the key location.

  • The commercial condo was purchased by Douglas Development (Douglas Jemal) in December 2013. Should be a new restaurant there soon.

    • Word. Jemal does retail/restaurant very well (Graffiato, Matchbox – Chinatown, Rouge 24, etc).

      Looking forward to seeing the future use of the old Muse/Coyote Ugly space in Chinatown as well.

  • I agree with the Leftbank comments – Leftbank was actually the first bar in Adams Morgan I ever went to back in 2003 (I was 23 at the time). Not only was it a very chill and relaxing vibe, the bartenders were friendly and everyone who worked here was cool. We would always have sushi here and the young gentleman who prepared it would always hook me and my friends up. I was so sad to see Leftbank close – definitely ahead of it’s time and would do fairly well in the DC lounge/restaurant scene. Was very similar to how Masa 14 is, minus the deafening music.

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