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  • Maybe they are new to Bike Share and don’t realize they are being charged. A guy at worked once took a bike for a whole day not realizing how it worked and got a nice bill.

  • maybe it’s stolen.

  • Short answer: No.

  • Actually, I bought a bike lock to use for Bikeshare for those situations where I need to quickly run to pick up food or supplies not served by a very close Bikeshare dock. I’ve actually trekked for pick-up lunch at Sundevich many times and taken back to my place in Dupont to eat. I don’t own a bike.

  • binpetworth

    The more sad/amusing thing is that there is a Bikeshare station right across the street from Mad Momo’s, at 14th and Spring.

    • Perhaps the station was full at the time? The next closest ones are easily a 10 minute walk. When you want momos you gotta have ’em. Now!

  • I’ve met some of the people who work for CaBi in some way. Either thru the marketing or the implementation side; I forget. But they had these bikes at home. I think they don’t get the time based fee

    • There are probably a hundred-plus people that work for bikeshare, the local transportation departments/planning offices and contractors that have admin or supervisor keys that allow them to take a bike out without fees. Pretty nice job perk.

  • On a side note, how is everyone liking Bike Share these days? I was an early adopter but let my membership lapse after a year. The stations around my house were either completely full or completely empty at the time you didn’t want one or the other, taking those suckers up the hills around my place wasn’t fun either, and the bikes were often broken if one was available. They’ve definitely added tons of new stations that would hopefully fix everything not related to my laziness, so is it worth checking out again? Good experiences? Bad experiences?

    • I love bikeshare. It is sooo cheap and an easy way to get around. I inevitably end up using it when I’m late. I’m also one who bikes year round so I do feel I am getting a good deal.

      I also own two other bikes, but bikeshare is mostly preferred except when I have to go longer distances when one of my lighter bikes is a better option.

      I’ve only occasionally had the problem of being unable to park or pick up. Bikeshare also installed two stations next to my house so that made it an even better option. Now I’m spoiled.

      • why do you use bikeshare when you have two personal bikes?
        i ride all year as well on a personal and never once thought about using bikeshare

        just curious…

        • I can think of many scenarios when bikeshare is used over your own personal bike

          • ok… lol

            such as?

          • that man a,
            1. late to a meeting, all dressed up- cab to meeting, bikeshare home.
            2. bikeshare to grocery store, cab or bus home
            3. metro to work, go out with friends after work, bikeshare home.

            there are so many reasons to only need a bike for a one way trip……
            be creative!

        • In rain, snow, or general slop, to keep road crud out of your precious machinery, for one.

          Alternatively, you took the bus in the morning because it was ugly out; it’s now time to go home, and it’s nice out. Bikeshare!

          (These, at least, are the reasons I’ll likely use it when it finally comes to Pittsburgh later this year…)

          • i guess that maked sense
            the second dosent really apply so i wouldnt have thought of that one
            & typically if its that nasty out i just wont ride

        • I have a bike but sometimes I borrow my husband’s bikeshare because I don’t want to bike both ways. Maybe because it’s going to rain, maybe because it’s a big hill, maybe because it will be late. But it’s nice to get somewhere, and then still have every option available for getting home.

        • How about when you’re going someplace that doesn’t have a safe place to leave your own bike? It might be easier and less stressful to use bikeshare than to worry that your own bike is going to get stolen.

        • I use bikeshare all the time when I’m going a distance that is a little too far to walk in the time I want to devote to getting there (or in the shoes I’m wearing 🙂 ) but is too short for a bus, not along a bus route, or there is no bus in sight. But I don’t necessarily want to deal with my own bike — errands at lunch or after work, I’m meeting a friend across town and took metro over there, etc. etc. I have my own bike and ride it a lot, but too often it’s a hassle to have to keep track of it, worry about it getting stolen, have to return to where I locked it up, etc.

    • I’m still a huge proponent. I rarely see broken one (i know of one broken dock that you couldn’t “see” on the app-so it seems available) but I also know and accept the limitations of the system, such as during morning commutes I won’t get a bike at the time i leave. But it’s great for running errands during the workday and one way trips on weekends.

    • It can be really great, a lot of the time, but it’s not quite reliable yet. I ended up caving and buying a bike. I need to commute to work via bike, and there were too many mornings with no bikes anywhere near me; and too many evenings of going a mile out of my way to find an empty dock.

      That said, it’s great for more casual use… weekend days, lunch trips during work, evenings out. I just couldn’t count on it to get me to and from work every day.

    • I too was an early adopter, but although I still have my membership active I don’t use it nearly as much as I once did. That’s almost entirely due to me getting my own bike and using that the majority of the time, rather than having any huge complaints with the system. For me (and I suspect many others), CaBi was the gateway drug.

    • Bikeshare is great and keeps getting better. Recent expansions have taken some of the stress out of the system, and expanded the places you can go. It’s my go-to mode of transport – totally worth the nominal fee.

    • justinbc

      I’ve been using it pretty much since they launched and still recommend it to anyone who asks. I wish they would do a better job with maintenance, but I rarely encounter the empty/full dock scenario. I do miss living on 15th and coasting downhill to work every morning though…

      • I live near Dupont and work near Metro Center and notice that in the mornings, the racks near the Dupont metro are empty and the ones downtown are full. And when I go to get on the Metro in the evenings, the bike racks near Metro Center appear to be (mostly) empty. I don’t really know why someone who plans to bike to/from work every day or often wouldn’t just buy their own bike, but it seems to happen quite a bit.

        My only issue with bikeshare is so many who use it never seem to wear helmets. Combined with the terrible cab drivers in this city, I’m surprised there aren’t more incidents.

        • justinbc

          Well yeah, that’s always going to be the case regarding the flow in/out of town. My hours aren’t exactly normal though, so it’s generally never an issue for me.
          Re: helmets, I can’t see CaBi (or the city) ever implementing a helmet policy. Too many tourists use it, and they’re never going to just be carrying around helmets with them. They would have to rent them out at the docks too, and who wants to wear someone else’s helmet?

  • I don’t do bike share (have my own) but why is this weird? The person rented the bike and ran in for something?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I suppose they could’ve run into Mad Momos for a shot of vermouth on Saturday night, however I don’t think that’s very likely.

      • Well, I guess that assumes they went into the establishment nearest where it is parked, which may not necessarily be the case. Obviously they left it there for some reason rather than returning it, right? I can’t imagine if the person rented the bike to get to that area to only check it back into a bikeshare location they would have bothered taking their own bike lock with them.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          Yes that is the assumption… You’re thinking too deeply on this. Sometimes it’s ok to just take a bite and if you don’t like the flavor just move on.

          • It’s clear that this person is a bad decision maker because A) they locked up their bikeshare and B) they went to Mad Momos.

  • One morning a few months ago I saw a guy bringing a bikeshare bike one OUT OF HIS HOUSE. Couldn’t quite wrap my brain around it.

    • I once took one into my apartment – I needed to quickly run home because I forgot my wallet and bikeshare to and from was the fastest way. But I live in a bikeshare “desert” so couldn’t put it in a dock and had no other way to lock it up. But I was back at the dock I took it from within about 15 minutes, even taking the time to snap a pic of it in front of my couch. 🙂

  • People have been doing this since the system first opened, so it’s definitely nothing new. I personally think it’s sketchy but I can’t quite put my finger on why.

  • Let’s just hope they didn’t run into Mad Momo’s for the food. Blech! If I want frozen potstickers, I get ’em from Trader Joe’s.

  • It’s hard to tell right now while the weather’s been cold, but while it was still clement the two bike docks by my house were always empty by 7:30 to 8 a.m. and the same bike docks were full by 6 p.m.

    The benefit of CaBi is you can choose to ride a bike in the morning to work and get home some other way, or vice versa.

    I confess I relied, sans helmet, on CaBi during the cold weather to get home. It’s usually a 15-20 minute walk from the Metro, and a five minute ride. So if bikes were available, I’d take a bike home. I wasn’t going to carry a helmet just in case.

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