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  • the burger bubble burst begins

  • Dupont, meet Dodo. Dodo, Dupont. 😉

  • brookland_rez

    Maybe 5 Guys can’t compete with all the newer, better options? I’ve always liked 5 Guys, but they’re no competition to Black and Orange, Good Stuff, etc.

  • May Dupont move toward higher-end fare and away from lunchtime fast casual (although let’s be honest, 5 guys is just fast food). Spots like these seem like they could make nice small restaurants. [insert small plates rant here]

    • Can’t we have both? As someone who lives near there, sometimes even for dinner I want something quick and not expensive that I can grab and take home, not a sit-down place.

    • The problem is that Dupont is really downtown (though obviously not as much as other areas) and has a lot of working stiffs who may not have the luxury of time that is required for a sit down environment. The 5 Guys type places may also be a bit cheaper and there are a lot of people living and working in that area who may not want to spend $25+ for lunch. That is an area for both types of eateries are needed and should be able to thrive.

  • Did we ever find out WHY the Potbelly closed at this location? They closed very suddenly, then announced they were undergoing renovations, then vanished completely. The site has been completely vacant and seemingly inactive for the past few months.

    • Not inactive. Just last night they were hauling stuff out and people were milling around inside. For a while the glass door was bashed in and they had to board it shut. Looks like that has been replaced. I was very tempted to stop in and ask what was happening there, but kept moving.

      Five Guys seemed to have a decent dinner crowd. I’m sort of surprised. Seemed to always be busier than the SmashBurger a block north on Connecticut.

      Maybe they are making room for another Comfort One Shoes.

  • Doesn’t “closed until further notice” imply that the closure is only temporary?

  • They did close in the past for a rat problem so maybe they are back.

  • Heard there was a rat running through the restaurant on monday where customers where eating.

  • Heard there was a rat running through the restaurant on monday where customers were eating.

    • Stuff like this makes you wonder what else goes on in these fast food joints when the lights are out and everyone’s home.

  • The building is rumored to be rat-infested. That’s the only explanation for Potbelly’s. Both restaurants have been super busy in those locations.

    I hope they nuke the building to finish the rats once and for all, then open a Jetties in the former Potbelly’s space.

    Jetties would do killer business in any north Dupont spot. This area needs a good sandwich shop.

  • I’m thinking vermin as well, mice were all over Cosi.

  • The location is re-opened.

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