Club XII Reopening on H Street after Stabbing in early March

On March 8th we learned about a stabbing inside Club XII:

“An altercation occurred inside the establishment that resulted in an individual being stabbed. He was transported to an area hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries. A suspect was arrested on the scene.”

ANC Commissioner @jaybeas updates:

“For anyone interested, XII has been allowed to open again, per ABC Board order. There is supposedly a revised security plan in place.”

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  • brookland_rez

    Revised security plan? I wonder what that will entail.

  • brookland_rez

    Maybe they’ll change back to being Cluck U.

  • Taxes from booze rules in this city. We have to keep the bars and liquor stores that we have. Fewer bars and stores are opening up, just compare the number of applicants from this year to one or two years ago.

  • DC CapHill

    There is really only a few things left on H Street NE that remain, that are standing in the way of a full Hipster takeover, and Club XII is solidly one of them. The giant storage building and the awful strip mall are the others. I wonder what their mindset is, knowing their entire neighborhood hates them and continually fights to have them closed for good?

  • I walked by there the other night – first time I saw a line at the door. They were wanding patrons as they went in.

  • Does anyone know the proper way to report a noise complaint? As a neigbor of Club XII I am constantly kept awake my the loud music, and bass, on the weekend and weeknights. Our ANC has been at war with them for a while now as CLub XII keeps telling us that the insulated windows they have ordered are on back ordered (for three years now). Every time I call ABRA- no one answers, or responds to my calls. I have also been told by ABRA to call 911, but i do not want to waste the emergency responders time with a noise complaint.

    – please leave the snarky ” you should just move, get over it.” I care about the development of the nieghborhood and the first year we lived in our place Club XII had insulation in their windows and although ugly, it wasn’t keeping me up at nights.

    • Seems like a small price to pay to live near HYPE street…so trendy right now, HYPE street…so hot right now

    • When I lived in Dupont I lived right across the street from Marakesh Palace, which was downright awful. Constant fights. People leaving at 3am on a Wednesday just screaming because they could care less who they kept awake. There was even a shooting right outside my window one time. Anyways…..literally EVERY time I dialed 911. As soon as they operator picks up and asks “Police, Fire, or Emergency” I would instantly respond with “Non emergency noise complaint.”
      It work. At first they would just send a squad car but then later they began just posting one outside all night. Waste of resources? Perhaps. Maybe next time someone is stabbed they can look at that AND a list of 911 calls and close it for good.

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