Adams Morgan Hotel “Given Green Light”

1780 Columbia Road, NW

From Council Member Jim Graham:

“I am pleased to inform you that the Court of Appeals has dismissed a challenge against the planned Adams Morgan Hotel at Champlain and Euclid Streets in Adams Morgan.

This means that the project can now move forward unimpeded by this challenge.

Daytime commerce is certain to be substantially invigorated by this hotel development. We have also preserved a historic church building, the future of which was at best in doubt.

It is a great victory for our community.”

Back in early January we learned the hotel would be called The Line DC.


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  • Bravo. This will be very good for helping balance out the AM commercial scene and boost businesses that are open in the daytime. Hopefully, it can spur a bit of a retail renaissance.

  • Excellent. Will be a great addition to the AM neighborhood!

  • Haha NIMBY people. Take that!

  • Wonderful marvelous news. At long last.

  • Very cool addition. I love how much AdMo is growing. But as someone whose bedroom windows face the church, not looking forward to the construction. Any word on when things would start up?

  • Are the rooms still going to be $450/night?

    And, how much money in tax breaks did Jim Graham give them?

    • That corner has been a blight for ten years at least.
      A great victory for the community even if somebody else (gasp!) makes money on the deal.

    • Room rates will depend on demand. If there’s no slow demand for rooms, then rates will fall. If there’s a huge demand, rates will rise. If a room goes empty for one night, you’ve lost that revenue and it can never be regained for that one night. Welcome to the hotel industry.

      And I don’t know anything about tax breaks. Most all new construction get some type of tax incentives for a little while.

    • I didn’t know that the neighborhood and the right to dictate room rates. It’s their business, let them run it. And those tax breaks will likely turn into a better investment than lots of other things that we spend money on.

  • I just wish they made it bigger, like in the original design.

    AdMo is looking good. This hotel, The Adamo, The Ontario, a few complexes near HT, all are great things for the zone. To all the NIMBY’s out there, I know of two Hispanic working class families who bought brownstones there in the 70s and couldn’t be happier about the change that is going on in the area. As someone who lives on 18th, I would love it if the area becomes another Georgetown.

  • I think this is great news. Not only is the old church saved and preserved. But because it will house the hotels restaurants it opens that cool space to the public. Can’t wait to have a beer there.

  • Damn, they’ve been talking about this since I moved to DC back in 2004….10 years later we might actually see something.

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