A (Desperate and probably Delusional) Parking Plea


Thanks to @herb_legrand for tweeting us the photo above from 20th and E Street, NW.

You can’t tell from the photo if the guy is parked illegally but if he is, well, I don’t think they understand how the system works…

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  • Why can’t s/he move from that spot?

  • Seriously, If you can’t move, why? If the car doesnt run it is not allowed on the street. If it is a legal spot then dispute the tickets.

  • The city really needs to start towing these dumbasses. There’s abandoned vehicles all over the place.

    • accendo

      Yup! There’s a BMW 3-Series with VA plates at a meter on L St between 2nd and 3rd NE that’s been there for weeks. Hasn’t moved an inch but keeps amassing tickets. I thought there was a limit to the number of tickets they’d issue before just towing the damn thing.

  • OP (Original Photographer although I usually post here under my Nom de PoPville).

    He was parked at a parking meter and not sure why he thought he needed to move back since he looked legally parked to me. I took this picture around 4:00 pm at 20th and E NW and noticed at least 3 tickets on his front seat. Maybe he didn’t understand you can’t keep feeding the meter.

  • So basically if the car behind the van is pretty much screwed if the car behind it hasn’t given him any room to back up. Sounds about right. Good luck sandwiched car.

  • Yes, this city really needs to start towing and ticketing more. The only place that should have plenty of public parking is around the monuments (as a person who has disabled relatives I’m sensitive to the fact that people actually do need to drive sometimes). We need to do something to discourage people from driving into the city. I live on a permit only street and on the weekends there are so many non-permit (Maryland!) drivers on my street and I’ve never seen them get a ticket. I, however, get a ticket if I’m 2 inches too close to a stop sign. Yep, love that.

    • Tell me about it – I’m in Logan Circle (obviously) and the city really needs to start restricting parking to discourage driving into town. At 6:20 every evening, the spots on Rhode Island Ave start to fill up with drivers waiting for rush hour restrictions to end. Nearly every car is from either Virginia or Maryland, which means they get to park in the neighborhood for free all night when they go out to dinner/drinking. Meanwhile when actual residents get home, there are no spots left.

      • you’re criticizing MD residents for driving to work, when apparently you also drive to work? The real question here is, why the heck do people who live in the heart of the city drive to work?

        • Um, no? I’m not criticizing anyone, I’m saying I don’t think it’s fair that Virginia and Maryland drivers get to park in Logan Circle/U Street/Shaw for free allllll night by taking up neighborhood parking. The street parking restrictions need to be extended – right now, huge parts of Rhode Island Ave and other streets have no one parking there due to rush hour restrictions. Those end at 6:30, and by 6:20 every night the spots are all filled with out-of-staters who get to park there for free for their night out. Pretty sure I don’t get that same benefit if I went out in Clarendon or Bethesda.

          • So then contact DC DOT and circulate the petition you will get from them to the people on your block to sign. You’ll need to get a certain percentage of residents to sign. Then they’ll come out and do a study. Doesn’t mean they will increase parking restrictions but it is the first step..

          • We had this done on our block last year. One of the other tenants in my building organized it all with DDOT and got it done. It takes about 3 or 4 months to be completed. I owe him a bottle of wine for taking the lead!

          • Thank you Stacy and U Street for the advice! I will look into this.

          • Amen. What’s even worse is the hundreds of churchgoers from MD that descend into Shaw on Sunday. They park EVERY WHERE – legal, illegal spots, private driveways, intersections, SIDEWALKS. And there’s been no progress on this in years, despite resident efforts

      • clevelanddave

        This comment makes no sense. Where are people supposed to park their cars? Is it illegal to be from MD/VA (or for that matter, from outside your zone in DC) and spend your money in DC at dinner or a club or something else? What the city needs to do is to build parking garages in places like AdMo, 14th St. West End, Dupont etc so that there is a reasonable off street parking options. It isn’t an either or thing- bikes, metro, bus, cars all have their place and we should do all we can to make it as easy as possible for people to safely get into (and out of) downtown. Having roads that are not full of potholes, and having reasonably priced places to park are part of that equation. BTW I live in DC.

        • Obviously it is not illegal to be from MD/VA but it is illegal to park your car in a place you are not legally zoned to park in – the argument is for people obeying the street laws and enforcement of those laws. I’m not sure what you didn’t get about that. And the city should do more enforcement to limit the people chosing to drive in as oppossed to to taking public transportation.

        • There are parking garages in the very area I’m talking about – the same one Studio Theatre directs people to. But why pay to park when you can get away with it for free?

      • justinbc

        I used to live in Logan Circle. There are already restrictive parking signs all over the neighborhood. If you make the entire neighborhood restrictive then it will start to deter other people from coming there, and as much as you might think that’s a great idea, I can assure you that those businesses do not sustain themselves solely on neighborhood dollars.

    • +1 There is no end to my frustration when driving around my street looking for parking and seeing Maryland after Maryland after Maryland license plates.

    • It’s permit-only 24/7? I didn’t know those even existed.

      My block near U Street is permit-only Mon-Fri, 7am to 830pm (but those without permit can park for 2 hours). It’s hilarious to see the meter maid walk down the block and ticket EVERY car with an MD or VA license plate because they park there at 615pm and think they’re good for the night. The same woman is patrolling every Friday night, eager to make her quota. I sit on the stoop and watch her, it brings me joy 😀

      • I know, I actually love seeing parking enforcement driving around these days. There’s an older guy a few blocks from me who will stand on his porch and tell MD/VA drivers that they can’t park there when they try and get away with it on a 24/7 zoned street.

        Technically it’s not actually 24/7, but it is something like 7:00 a.m. – midnight, every day of the week. Of course, plenty of people ignore those signs.

      • There are some streets (mostly Adams Morgan and maybe down to Dupont/Logan, I think) where one side is residential only at all times. You can’t park there at all (not even for 2 hours) unless you have a zone sticker.

      • My block around U Street is one of those almost 24/7 zoned only (no 2 hr parking but you can park from midnight til 7 am). But by 6 on Friday and Saturday it is filled with out of state plates and zero enforcement. During the week I don’t normally have problems. Luckily I don’t drive very often but my spouse often needs to on the weekends. It’s frustrating. Especially since I live so close to public transportation that those cars could have taken to their destination.

    • Seriously. There are tons of MD and VA plates on my street all the time- and I always see the same cars. Clearly they are living in the city, but just didn’t bother to change their plates. I would love to get our street restricted to resident-only parking- has anyone ever had success in doing this?

      • if they *are* living in the city and parking overnight, then that’s a $100 ticket after the first warning. can’t park overnight in the district anywhere, without district plates or a visitor permit or being registered as a long-term visitor (like a college student)

  • they didnt say the magic word.

  • If you can afford a Land Cruiser, you can afford the tickets. Even if that thing doesn’t run it’s still worth $2-$3k.

  • I still don’t understand what is going on in this situation. Clearly, this is an ongoing situation, since they had time enough to print out (at least) six flyers. How did they even affix them to the windshield?

    • I wonder if by “can’t move back” and “can’t move from this spot” what they mean to say is that due to the way other people have parked their cars too close, they physically cannot remove their car from the parking spot, although they want to. Hm.

  • There is a car that has been parked at the end of my alley in Mt.P since NOVEMBER. It had a ticket on it back then that was snowed/washed away, and later had an official request to tow sticker thing placed on the side window. It looks like it may be someone who is older and probably died.

  • OP

    Guess who is back? I just took a stroll and just a few spaces where he was yesterday is the offending vehicle (and I was wrong when I said Maryland plates, it’s Virginia). There is only one sign now on the driver’s side. He is about 2 feet from the parking meter and there is plenty of space in front of him. Not sure it’s very smart to provoke Parking Control Agents—I’m sure they are looking for any reason to ticket him now.

    • I feel like this could all be resolved if he’d just put his orange reflector WMATA vest on his dashboard.

  • You’re seriously pissed at people for coming into the city, spending money, contributing to the economy and jobs, and you want them all to go home because you don’t have a parking space at your house? Lordsamercy, that’s a bit of a dumb perspective. Not everywhere is metro accessible.

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