11th Street between Park and Monroe Bars and Restaurants Lose Power Again in Columbia Heights

From the Coupe:

“Our power is out again on 11th. The Pint, KBC, Maple, we’re all down again!”

4th time since Thanksgiving!

Update via CM Jim Graham:

Councilmember Graham & members of the Columbia Heights community:

Pepco’s crews have located a fault and are preparing to make new splices to restore the circuit with an ETR of 1 am, presuming there are no further damage locations. The fault was in a switch that we had planned to replace as part of the work we outlined to this community last week.

In addition to the work being performed tonight, we are currently replacing cable on 14th St. between Columbia Rd. and Monroe St., NW, over the next 3 – 4 weeks. We will also replace cable on Park Road between Holmeade and 14th St., NW. In order to complete the cable replacement, we need to install new conduit in 2 areas. We are currently expanding a manhole and installing new conduit near Park Rd. and Holmeade Pl. NW. This work will take approximately eight weeks total to complete.

We will also install conduit in the following location:15 – 20′ of 14th St. near Park Rd. and also 350 – 400′ on Park Rd. east of 14th St., NW. Once the manhole and conduit work is complete, we will replace cable on Park Road between 14th St. and 11th St., NW. In addition, we will increase the capacity of two transformers and will replace one switch.

We have completed the installation of 500′ of new primary cable along Park Road near 11th Street and have completed an AMI review of overload trends and have identified transformers to upgrade in 2 locations. We are targeting the end of May to complete these activities at this time.

Once again, we regret the hardship these outages have caused, and remain committed to making the necessary repairs and upgrades as quickly as possible.

I will provide additional updates as information becomes available.

Thank you,


Marc K. Battle, Esq.
Vice President
Pepco Region, District of Columbia

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  • This is freakin ridiculous. Has the council member done anything? Is it Graham?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      My understanding is that it is a Pepco issue.

      • I understand that it’s a Pepco issue, but when it is a systematic problem, I would expect our leaders to get involved. This strip on 11th St is one of the best things CoHi has going for it. Our leaders need to continue to foster new development and ensure the city has the adequate infrastructure to support these businesses.

    • My understanding is that Graham is having a really hard time strapping a ladder to the roof of his Beetle that is long enough to reach the power equipment high above 11th Street that needs to be repaired. That right there would explain why nothing has been done about it yet.

  • It’s out here on Monroe between 14th and 16th, too. Estimated restoration around 10pm tonight. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Are the power lines buried in that area?

  • One time, ok. Two times, ok? But I have been without power five times !!!

    What the hell does it take for these morons to fix the power grid ?

  • Briefly lost power in Brookland too around the same time

  • Any updates on restoration time?

    • Pepco said 1 am, power was back around midnight. Can they at least tell us why this keeps happening?

      • maybe b/c the grid was made for homes in the 50s/60s when power use was a lot lower, and not the commercial strip that is there now…. pepco needs to step up but why its happening cant really be surprising.

  • As I understand it (and will fully admit this could be wrong, as it just comes from asking around the block during outages) the development on 11th has overwhelmed the underground cable that feeds this block on the street. I keep hoping that the work that has been going on by Pepco up around the Giant (they have large portions of Park dug up around there) is to install a more robust solution to the issue. It would be nice to get some idea from Pepco what the issue is and what they’re doing to solve it.

  • I’m one of the folks who loses power on this grid, and to be fair to Pepco (have those words ever been uttered?) they’ve notified us twice that they were planning to work on this, and both times they had to cancel due to snow emergencies. But still–losing power five times in six months, including most of Thanksgiving week, is unacceptable. This should have been fixed some time ago.

  • I used to live between 13th and 11th on Lamont for 3 years. I’ve never lost power so many times. So this is extremely shocking.

  • I used to live between 13th and 11th on Lamont for 3 years. I’ve never lost power so many times. So this is extremely shocking.

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