Sochi Sendoff Party, Thursday at 7:30 pm at Madam’s Organ, benefiting LGBTQ organizations in Russia


“Putin on the Glitz drag competition at 11:00 PM,

with special prize for the best Putin in drag!!!!

Live Music with Ambassador Andras Simonyi and Misspent Youth

Please join us for a celebration of human rights, share our concerns for the LGBTQ community in Russia. After the Sochi Olympics, when the last athletes have left for home and the attention of the world turns to the next event, our friends will need our help and support to make sure they aren’t forgotten. Your support matters.

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  • Whoops, Headline typo!
    A Heads up, PoP: This event is actually on THURSDAY, Feb. 6, not tonight as the headline indicates.

  • Glad to see this. The LGBT discrimination and abuse in Russia is absolutely appalling. Everyone should be aware of Russia’s downright abuse of this community – people are literally dying!

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