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You can talk about whatever is on your mind โ€“ quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct peopleโ€™s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • rant : NPS randomly deciding which entry/exit gates to Beach Dr. are closed. I am so tired of getting trapped in the park or randomly barred from entry just because it snowed a week ago (or for seemingly no reason at all).

  • epric002

    rave: tar heels!
    rave: friday!
    rave: tomorrow’s weather = a much needed RCP run with the doggies!
    rave: no rants!

  • justinbc

    Rant: While walking to the bus this morning I was checking my email and totally overlooked the giant fresh pile of soft dog poop on the sidewalk that someone had left behind. Planted my heel squarely in it. If this is the alternative to inconsiderate pricks dropping their poop bags inside my trash can then I think I would prefer the old method.
    Rave: Picked up Foothills Brewing’s Sexual Chocolate imperial stout out at Norm’s in Vienna. You can’t get it in DC, so it was a really nice find and a beer I’ve been longing to try for quite a while.
    Random: Anyone know what the heck was going on around 13th St near Maury Elementary last night around midnight? We heard a car screech off, then 10-15 minutes later half a dozen patrol cars show up and a helicopter with a spotlight was circling the area for a good half an hour. I tweeted the DC Police Dept but got no response and saw no commentary on it.

    • “While walking to the bus this morning I was checking my email”- Sorry you stepped in dog shit, but come on, get off the gd phone. Everyday I see or am, walked into by people who are looking down at their phone rather than looking where they are walking! Its annoying as hell and they tend to be the same people who can not walk in a gd straight line!

      • justinbc

        There are virtually no pedestrians on my street at the time I leave in the morning, so that’s not really an issue. When I’m walking through the downtown part of DC I never do it (because I’ve already done it during the quiet part of my commute).

    • I’m always fascinated at the extraneous information people drop into their comments here. That rant was a slam dunk until he mentioned that he wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on around him because he was checking his email. Yay for honesty, I guess?

      • yep, self-inflicted wound.

      • justinbc

        It’s not exactly equivalent to walking into oncoming traffic. Dog crap should not be left on the sidewalk, whether you’re constantly looking for it or not.

        • We’ll serve it up on a small plate with wine pairing next time! (I’m kidding of course). I did spy a flustered pregnant women walking pugs, sending dog excrement all over the city this morning. (Not kidding, but source not confirmed).

        • Welcome to The Big City? There’s shit on the ground in every major American city, unfortunately. DC is actually pretty clean compared to NYC, SF, and LA.

          • justinbc

            Yes, and people die all the time too. I don’t see folks commenting on everyone who posts “my mom/dad/wife/etc passed away this weekend” to suck it up and welcome to living on earth.

          • LOL @ comparing stepping on poo due to your own inattention vs. the emotional pain of a close relative dying.
            Justinbc – always the victim!

          • justinbc

            I give up with you people. I’m sure you’re all 100% observant at every moment of the day. God forbid anyone actually rant about anything (like my neighbor leaving shit on the sidewalk) in a post dedicated to ranting.

        • Sure, in a perfect world, there would be no dog crap on sidewalks, drivers would not encroach into bike lanes, myopic little twits wouldn’t be raising property tax values, etc etc. Shoulda woulda coulda. Flip side is had you been paying attention, you could have easily avoided a pile of excrement.

          • justinbc

            It’s a F’ing rant site, for Christ’s sake. I swear to God it doesn’t matter what I post some asshat like yourself is bound to give me shit for it (pun intended).

          • Contrary to your belief, I actually enjoy your posts and find a lot of them very helpful, especially the real estate-related topics. I suppose you’re just collateral damage to my pet peeve of how much people spend looking down at their smartphones. While driving, while walking, when with friends, while on a date, with family, crossing the street against lights, etc etc. Are we that much in a hurry that it can’t wait?

          • justinbc

            “Are we that much in a hurry that it canโ€™t wait?”
            Not that it’s an excuse, but I was coordinating with my property manager on showing one of our units to a prospective tenant this morning. I wasn’t exactly browsing Jezebel, but it had to get done ASAP and I don’t have time to do it while I’m getting ready at home, and the bus is often too crowded to manage a large smartphone. Again, I’m just shocked how there seems to more more societal angst towards me for doing something that you point out almost everyone does, rather than at the person who thinks it’s OK to leave piles of crap on the sidewalk. (I’m not really shocked by this, but I would like to be.)

        • a) I didn’t say it was, and b) I agree. But watching where you’re going is a time-proven method of avoiding avoidable problems. I’ve stepped in enough dog shit in my life to know that I can get mad at it as much as I want but if I wasn’t paying attention then I missed my chance to avoid the problem. And for email? I hope you were reading something really interesting.

          • justinbc

            Guess what? Had I been looking straight at the ground I obviously wouldn’t have stepped directly in the pile. WHAT A BRILLIANT CONCLUSION YOU’VE MADE, THANKS!!! With your expert advice I will surely succeed the rest of my life.

          • Geez, take it easy.

          • That was not for you Justin.

          • Hey if I started off my day by stepping in dog shit I wouldn’t want to hear from a bunch of pretentious Internet jerks either.

          • Anon 11:32: again, avoidable problems. You could not tell the pretentious internet jerks in the first place. Or you could just stick to the relevant information, i.e. I stepped in dog shit and therefore I’m annoyed – this was really my main point (I am also Anon 10:48), I apologize for the digression in my 11:10 post.

          • If it that easily avoidable then why bother stating the obvious? Just seems like you’re being a jerk to rub salt in a wound.

          • SRSLY?

  • rave: morning yoga class helped me complete a 21 day challenge. i can feel such a difference in my poses, strength, and flexibility! ๐Ÿ™‚
    rave: taking an inversion workshop tomorrow. i can already do a headstand but i’m looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone and trying other variations
    rave: friday

    • What was the challenge?

      • 21 classes in 21 days

        • colheights67

          First, congrats on completing the challenge.

          Second, oooof, the very thought of 21 days of yoga classes makes me ache. I tried three days in a row once and lordy, I could barely move on day four.

          • I did 28 days of a 30-day challenge of spinning and barre classes last year. Physically it was awesome, but it was putting such a strain on my personal life that I decided it wasn’t worth it!

          • thank you!

            and yes, at times it was hard but i just kept reminding myself it was only 3 weeks. i typically went after work but if i had plans, luckily i could go in the morning or during lunch

  • Rave: PoP (and fellow bloggers) for being a helpful resource for all number of issues we experience in city life. Whether it is who to contact for a loud nightclub near your house, job search questions, good and bad restaurants, crimes to be aware of, or dog/cat issues, I’ve found this blog to be tremendously useful.

    • I second this rave! I complained about this blog last week during “poop-gate”, but I’ve gone to the PoP community has given me great advice on everything from my internet thieving neighbors, to what coffee to buy, and most recently, finding a dentist (who I am thrilled with, btw). I was sorry that I couldn’t make it to the last happy hour to thank people in person.

      • lol @ “poop-gate.”

      • +1 for the helpful resource that is popville
        +1,000 for “poop-gate”

      • Which dentist are you thrilled with? I’ve got a long list of PoPville recommended, but haven’t explored them all yet.

        • It was Dr. Samaddar at the Capitol Smile Center. I hate going to the dentist, I was embarrassed I hadn’t gone in so long and I think it was Caroline (there were quite a few recommendations) who said she was really nice. Since they are out of network for me, I thought I’d just see them for the emergency appointment, but they really are so nice, I went back to them for a follow-up.

          • Yeah it was probably me! I’ve actually been disappointed with them lately because Dr. Samaddar never seems to be there anymore (all of her staff is wonderful, but I still like her the best!). Maybe I’ve just been unlucky though. I’m glad you had a great experience with them. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Yeah, I had Dr. Samaddar for the emergency appointment, but I had someone different for the follow-up. I really liked them both, but Dr. Samaddar is really great. She asked me how I found out about her, and I told her that one of her patients was recommending her on PoP and that she should advertise there. Trying to pay it forward!

      • I walked by the Poop Mansion of T Street last weekend and the yard was very clean! Looks like they took the criticism to heart.

    • +1 for PoPville being such a great resource.

    • austindc

      Agreed! I use popville to get information on lots of stuff. It’s a really great way to crowd source information. I used popville to find my house, repoint the brick, get a roofer, get a plumber, and to gang up on justinbc when the poor dude just stepped in dog shit. I just wish I could add comments to old posts so I could grow the body of knowledge–I wanted to add to an old post about how much people paid to get their brick repointed, but I couldn’t.

      • Grow the body of tuckpointing/repointing brick walls here! I have an exposed brick wall that has a crack in the mortar (it follows a jagged mortar line, it only goes through one or two bricks) from floor to ceiling on my second level, though I believe it continues down to my first level, but that’s behind drywall. From my conversations with a home inspector, I don’t believe it’s a structural issue. I know that I should probably ask a structural engineer for an opinion, but I’m too cheap and I’d rather just ask a good mason what he or she thinks. Do you have any recommendations for a good mason? Also, feel free to share how much you paid and the scope of the work completed if you want. Thanks!

  • gotryit

    Rant: used condoms and drug baggies on the sidewalk along the quieter side of my house. I am going to help nab these jerks. It’s just a question of time.

  • Rave: allowing myself a very slight, cautious bit of optimism regarding situation in Kiev today.
    Rant: certain big brother neighbor to the right…

  • Rave: Teleworking from home.
    Rave: Yesterday, I got great feedback from boss on webinar performance. I was shaking in my boots at the idea of talking to about 90 folks online but my boss said that I did great.
    Rave: Tomorrow’s forecast. 60 and sunny.
    Rant: Couldn’t get to sleep last night now sleepy today and trying to work. It’s gonna be a long day.

  • Rant: feeling down after receiving a new assignment at work. I think I’m just upset that it’s out of my comfort zone.
    Rave: trying my hardest to acknowledge the root of my unhappiness about it and trying to think positively. This could be a great learning experience for me.
    Rant: Still stress eating and stress pulling out my hair about it.
    Rave: Hopefully the nice weather this weekend will lead to some outdoor happy time.

  • Rave: got a new sewing machine and whipped up my first quilt top this week!
    Rant: quilting can be expensive…
    Rave-ish: Hoping for tons of help from PoP’ers – telling me where the best thrifting is for cotton clothes to cut up for quilts? = save $$ while still being happily creative!

    • Do you know about Scrap DC?

      • Cool! I can’t believe that I ran a needlework store in DC for 10 years and am just now hearing about it. Thanks!

      • I was very excited to learn about them until I saw they only take fabric over a yard. No fat quarters?!? That’s about all I ever used in quilting (and I have many in my closet I’d like to pass along now that I’m not sewing much).

    • I don’t know where you live but St. Alban’s, near Wisconsin & Mass NW, is a good option (or at least it always was for me). Another friend raves about Montgomery Country Thrift in Bethesda! Good luck!

    • Rave: My sewing machine is the same one they’re using this season on Downtown Abbey!

      • Oops – spell check didn’t like “Downton”

        • Thanks, people! I’ve never heard of Scrap DC, and will check it out. Victoria, I just had my machine repaired/refurbished, it’s an old Singer & weighs a ton. A little newer than Downton Abbey times, though!

      • Oooh, I’m envious. I learned on my grandmother’s old machine, which is not as old as yours but still so much better than the newer ones.

        • My grandmother’s machine had a mechanical foot treadle – so compared to that mine is like Star Trek! It can only take cotton thread, doesn’t do zig zag and choked a bit at thick fake fur – but I made bridesmaid dresses (horrible 80’s yellow taffata!) and recently taught & made a whole outfit with my 9 year old niece.

          • Also – since I’ve let my skills lapse for – well, a long time – I would love to find a creative & skilled person to rescue a couple of ( pretty difficult) dress projects. Gorgeous fabric – high ambitions – but underestimated the pattern alterations.

    • Is it wrong that as a guy, I would love to own a sewing machine?

      • Kken, lots of men quilt! And sewing machines – the mechanical kind – are WAY mechanical, which might appeal to you if you have a bit of Mr. Fix-It on board!

        • A former coworker of mine, who is super conservative and traditional, got really into sewing when he and his wife got a machine and were using it to make all their Christmas presents. I think sewing with a machine has more to do with understanding machinery and assembly than anything else, which is very macho. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • I still know how to use a sewing machine from my junior high home ec classes. I want to make a bunch of bicycle hats from old clothes so I’ve been kinda jonesin’ for a machine.

    • Yeah, it is expensive. I just made my first quilt (okay, my mom is binding it because I procrastinated so long on that part, but she loves hand sewing and I HATE hand sewing) and I saved all of the receipts. I need to dig them out and add it up. I do know that I spent as much on the machine quilting as I spent on the fabric, though.

      Bits of Thread sewing studio in Adams Morgan also has a small donated fabric shop. I’d had good luck there, but I’m usually looking for apparel fabric and I haven’t paid that much attention to cotton quilting fabric availability. They also rent out good manual Janome machines. If you’re thinking about getting into sewing or getting a machine I highly recommend taking a class or renting a machine there.

      Also, you whipped up a quilt top in a day?!?! I’m impressed.

      • *made your quilt top in a week. That is still really impressive. I think it took me a week just to cut mine, then again I had like 300 rectangles to cut. I made the chevron that has no triangles, just blocks that are two rentangles that make a square, and angled to make the chevrons.
        What pattern are you making?

        • I should have stated outright that I bought a little bundle of 5 fabrics, 1/2 yard each, all coordinated at G Street Fabrics. I switched one of those out for something l had that I liked better. I got the ‘bug’ from Pinterest, when I saw a “24-hour Quilt” listed. That looked cool, until I saw elsewhere a “jellyroll quilt” concept that was just strips cut and sewn end-to-end, then the “ribbon” is sewn repeatedly w/right sides together. So there was no cutting of lovely triangles or any of the classic stuff – but it’s still a classic-looking quilt. Make sense ? Whole thing took about 8 hours, and is 45″ x 57″ – again, as a newbie, I didn’t measure and decided to quilt whatever I ended up with! That part – backing, quilting, binding – will happen over the weekend.

          • Yes, I am familiar with the jelly roll concept. They also have layer cakes and all sort of strange names for the pre-cut products. That’s cool. I really like a lot of the color schemes those have. Way to go!
            Are you going to hand quilt or do you have a quilting foot?
            Yay for sewing nerds on PoPville!

      • I don’t understand buying fabric to make a quilt. Quilts are made of scraps of worn-out clothes, and the fact that they hold meaning is part of the completion. What is the point of buying new fabric to make a quilt?

        • Control over what it looks like. Some quilts are made for nostalgia, others are used to decorate a space, and in that case you might want to select your own patterns and colors rather than rely on whatever worn out clothes you have around. Plus the fabrics most clothes are made out of are not the best for detailed quilting.

    • I usually look for bedsheets at the thrift store if I want a lot of fabric – white ones can be dyed, and you get a lot of yardage for a similar price to a single garment.

      For anyone interested, there is an informal group of garment sewists who meet up for brunch every few months, usually in Chinatown on the weekend. We swap fabrics, patterns, notions, etc (anything unclaimed goes to be donated), and share projects. I can post the next time one is coming up (probably in the next month or two).

    • I’ve gotten rid of a lot of old jeans (going to a quilter) using freecycle. You might want to post a query there.

  • Rave/Rant: I was up really late having dinner and watching the Olympics with a friend, which means I’m dragging at the office today. But I had a great time.
    Rave: I managed to get to the gym yesterday after work. I’m trying to reestablish a regular gym routine. It makes me a much less grumpy person.
    Rave: I’m almost through month one of a much tighter budget, and I’m on track in every category of spending. Saving money and reducing expenses aren’t easy accomplishments for me, but meeting monthly goals is so exciting and motivating!
    Rave: It is Friday, and I have a pot of yummy beef stew with root vegetables bubbling away in the crockpot, waiting for me when I come home from the office.

    • I skipped the gym for over a week during the snow/holiday last week and this week. Finally went back last night. Thirty minutes on the treadmill made a world of difference. I’m sleeping well again, eating right (for the most part) and feeling good. Being able to bike to Metro yesterday and today helped too. Now I’m ready to start going 4-5 days a week again.

      • I’m hoping this puts me back on the 3-4 times a week schedule. I’ve been walking home from work instead of taking the bus. So nice to do when the weather isn’t awful. Funny how small things like that make it easier to make better choices all the way around (eating healthy, hitting the gym, etc).

  • Rave: Everything about this morning was perfect. Slept great, woke up actually awake, went on a run, made breakfast, etc. I’ve run past the mural at 1st and U NW (“Release your burdens and be free” with fire and Ganesh – anybody know the story behind it?) many times but today it really spoke to me (been having a horrible last few days)
    Rave: I’m a newbie to the rant/rave scene and (clearly) I’m starting to love it. I don’t know what it is about it but I appreciate the strangers taking the time out of their day to drop me a piece of advice or give encouraging words. Thanks, friends!

    • Whats been the issue the past few days?

      • Lots of things, most of which I’m fully capable of fixing I just became incredibly overwhelmed. I’m unsure about so much in my life right now and about what I want in the future. I’ve been dropping the ball on budgeting and going to the gym and eating right because I’ve been so stressed, which obviously didn’t help the issue. I’ve been letting things build up because I’d so much rather just lay in bed and watch something distracting. Sometimes its hard to break that kind of cycle but I’m hoping my run today was the push I needed.
        (Thanks for asking, I appreciate it)

    • houseintherear

      The artist lives in the neighborhood and was kind enough to make that mural after than particular wall was being tagged every 2 seconds (that’s what I heard from the store owner!).

  • Rant: Being moved from a very “prestigious” gig to a humdrum position in the bowels of the agency. It’s like being sent down to Triple-A.
    Rave: Still being paid pretty well.
    Undetermined: As the selection process limps into its third month, the SoCal gig shows a little leg once again: a video interview in mid-March. Cue the angst — shave the beard? White shirt or something sassy? Cooly confident or earnestly anxious? A touch of Downton or maybe clipped and efficient or maybe a bit of Valspeak? Sheesh, it’s three weeks away.

    • I love your posts. Good luck with the interview!

    • justinbc

      “Shave the beard?” This is almost never a good idea!

      • I think it’s a temporary installation — kind of a popup, if you will. And I don’t consider its presence or absence so integral a part of my brand that shaving it constitutes moral compromise.
        On the other hand, the girlfriend likes it and I don’t really want to work someplace where a beard would influence a hiring decision.
        Unless they pay as well as I think these guys do.

        • As I told you before, California is much more laid back. The beard should be fine.
          White button up (open collar) paired with a blue blazer is the “California Corporate Dude” uniform. You’ll probably match the other guy on the other end of the video chat, LOL

          • Since I’ll be doing the interview from one of their DC facilities, I figure I’ll just wear a tie in and sneak into the bathroom to take it off if it looks too formal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • justinbc

          Some women obsess over them, and others absolutely hate them. It’s interesting how polarizing it can be.

          • Emmaleigh504

            If you ever have kids and have the beard their entire life into adulthood, please give them some warning before you randomly decide to shave it. My dad shaved his when we were vacationing at my sister’s and I thought a stranger had walked into the house! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • In the past, I’ve gotten largely negative feedback, but this iteration has garnered a much better response. Maybe I’m just hanging with a younger generation — and a girlfriend with an eye for the toy boys. Another plus: ever since I’ve had the beard, people keep approaching me on the street and offering me these great real estate deals!

          • I’m in the “anti-beard/mustache” group – can’t stand them. Mustaches in particular – ugh.

          • I have threatened my husband with divorce if he ever shaves his!

  • rant: the guy i’ve been dating came to my work yesterday…and proceeded to break up with me. so that was cool.
    rant: i’ve been dealing with headaches and migraines for 8 days now.
    rant: i recently moved out of an apartment that i had lived in for 4 1/2 years. we gave proper notice per the lease agreement and now the landlord is trying to withhold our entire security deposit claiming we broke the lease. he basically doesn’t have a leg to stand on in this case. anyone have any advice to share about taking a landlord to small claims court?
    rave: i have good friends.

    • Anonynon

      Wait…why would he come to your work why not just wait til after? How long had you seen him? Did you see it coming? I hope your headaches and migraines go away, might take a few more days. But hey I am single too and life goes on ๐Ÿ™‚

    • epric002

      ๐Ÿ™ who does that?! (rant #1)
      i feel ya on the migraines. what do you take? 8 days sounds like it might be rebound headaches.

    • I would say that before you even go to small claims court you threaten him with that. He’ll probably have to hire an attorney and the threat of that might be enough to get him to return the deposit (if you haven’t already tried it).

    • justinbc

      WTF? At work? That’s terrible! Did you have any idea it was coming?

    • Damn, I thought I was having a bad week getting dumped b/c I wasn’t “creative”. Dude came to your job??? To breakup with you?? WTF, who does that?

      Glad you have some good friends. Hopefully you can get out the house and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend…take your mind off that loser.

    • Do you work at a bar, restaurant, or some other public place? Do you guys have opposite schedules?
      Seems sort of weird that he couldn’t wait to tell you until after you finished work.
      Then again, my old roommate broke up with a girl he had been dating for 6 months on a Saturday afternoon in order to hook up with a co-worker at a costume party later that night (they had been flirting heavily for weeks on end). He thought he was doing “the right thing” but he still came across as pretty scummy (me and his best friend told him so).

    • DC has a landlord/tenant court that would probably be better venue than small claims court. You can still represent yourself I believe.

    • msmaryedith

      What a horrible jerk. I know it’s hurtful, but you are much better off without him. As for the landlord issue, I *highly* recommend getting in touch with the Office of the Tenant Advocate and speaking with their attorney. He was super helpful with me. And letting your landlord know that you are in communication with them to discuss the potential of taking him to court might be enough to make him decide it’s in his best interest to just give it back. The minute I mentioned to my landlord that I was getting legal advice from them, he did a 180 and started treating us well (even gave us a small settlement). Good luck to you!

    • rant 1: while i had not been dating the guy for too long, we had been hanging out almost everyday for a bit. he came by my work to pick up something, but then he also rolled ending it into the visit. i did not see it coming one bit. in fact, i thought he was acting way more invested than i was because of how much time he wanted to spend with me. regardless of the back story, breaking up with someone while they are at work is a jerk move. we do not have opposite schedules – it really could have waited until another time. side note – he’s having a party tonight and i really think he just wants to sleep with someone coming to that party. it’s a feeling myself and mutual friends have. so i am definitely better off but i am just so peeved by the jerky way the whole thing went down.

      rant 2: i take imitrex. it sometimes works. this is the longest stretch i’ve had with terrible headaches morphing into migraines. i’m kind of at my breaking point with it so i am going to a new neurologist in a couple weeks. hopefully they have some better insight.

      rant 3: thanks everyone for the input on the landlord situation. i already do plan on contacting the office of the tenant advocate. my former roommate and i are just sorting stuff out and getting on the same page today before acting, as we are both in the same situation.

      • And for the jerk-boyfriend-party-wanting-to get lucky scenario – I know it stings a bit for now – but damn – that is an excellent jerk-boyfriend story!

      • The only thing that has worked for me for my migraines has been Topiramate (generic for Topimax). I tried about 20 different things before that for daily migraines (over a year of them) and it was the only thing that worked at all. Now I just have a daily mild headache and about one real migraine a month. SO much better. It does give me some brain fog, so I’m still trying to see if there is something else I can try, but so far, it has been a godsend.

        Good luck – migraines are terrible.

        • epric002

          what are you taking for the migraines when you get them?

        • i was actually prescribed topimax a while ago, but i had horrible insurance that didn’t cover it – now i have excellent insurance, so thanks for the tip – i might try for that.

          also i saw a comment about the nasal spray zomig – do you find that dries your sinuses out? i also have sinus issues – which doesn’t help the migraine situation.

      • Can’t add anything to the other comments on rant #1 – what a tool – but on rant #2, Zomig nasal spray really works for me. Other triptans don’t. I have also figured out that the week-long headaches that morph into real migraines are due to muscle spasms in my neck and upper back. Those muscles pull on the muscles in my head and pain ensues. The muscle spasm headaches are as bad as the migraines. I hope your new neuro can find a solution that works for you!

    • Send the landlord a certified letter with a copy of your notice, and for good measure, the page of the lease that applies. Ask for the deposit to be returned by a certain date and explain that if it isn’t you will go to court. If s/he wasn’t born yesterday, s/he knows s/he hasn’t a chance in court. If you do have to go to court is it super easy. Collecting a judgement – not quite so easy unless s/he has another renter, in which case you can garnish the rent – but that is a PITA.

  • Rant: Fender bender started this week
    Rave: FRIDAY & I’m in love ๐Ÿ™‚

    Question: Any suggestions where I can get a leather duffle bag personalized same day?

  • rave: bikeshared to work this morning for the first time since the fall. i forgot what a great little mood/energy boost that is in the morning. looking forward to lots more of this as we head in to spring.
    super rave: i just love bikeshare. i know they aren’t perfect, and some neighborhoods/docks work better than others, but for me, and my commute, it is just spot on. totally hassle free, reliable, and FUN.

  • RANT: Co-workers that rant for 30 minutes about how they do not have time to do an assignment rather than actually doing the assignment that would take 15 minutes.

  • Rave: It is so fantastic that a barista at TCB just won a bronze medal in women’s hockey. http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/olympics/wp/2014/02/20/d-c-barista-jessica-lutz-scores-go-ahead-goal-for-swiss/. Congrats to her!

  • RANT: The new Google maps update. A huge RAM hog on my PC and slow loading. It’s also really confusing (where’s Hybrid mode?!?!?)

    • You can switch back to “classic” by clicking on the ? in the lower right. Concur, new google maps is absolutely terrible.

      • Thanks for the tip on how to switch back to “classic”!

      • they took away “search nearby” which was one of the most useful things on the web. So yeah i’m back to classic as well. a rare misfire from google.

        • The new version is *seriously* bad. Almost Apple iphone maps bad. If you search for a location, and then realize you want to get directions to or from? Type it all in again. If you want to do the equivalent of “search nearby” once you’ve found an area, it automatically zooms you back out to default zoom level. You have to zoom in or out one tick at a time instead of because the zoom scalebar thing is gone. They must have enough click data to know people actually use these features, right?
          At least they brought back the pegman, which makes it a little easier to get to the right place on streetview.

    • It doesn’t even load on my work computer (which is way old and outdated, sigh). It’s just a blank page. SO frustrating! It’s something I often need to use for work as well.

  • Rave: Four week adoptaversary with the greatest (and very clever) little dog ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s learned to sit, leash walk, fetch, greet politely, and is finally gaining weight. Today I woke up and there he was, lying on his back with his legs in the air, staring up at the bed just waiting for his morning belly rubs. He’s such a silly dog and full of affection for everyone (which is crazy considering all that he’s been through).
    Rave: Weekend of running, good friends, House of Cards, and obviously a myriad of puppy snuggles.

  • Rant– why is there no information anywhere about the circling helicopter & police in NE – Hill east area??

    • This reminds me! Anybody have any information on why there were a couple of police cars at Cooper Circle (3rd and T NW) last night around 10:30?

  • Day 30 without a cigarette! I oddly sneaked a “puff” last night and it was really terrible. After years of attempting to kick it, I think this time its going to work!

    • That’s what it took for me. The time I actually quit forever was when the puff tasted gross. It has been two years and would never go back now. Good luck!

      • CONGRATS!!!! Did you go cold turkey? I am a smoker and just recently (within the last 10 days or so) I have enjoyed each cig less and less. They just don’t taste as good anymore, but not terrible enough not to smoke them. Stupid rationale, I know.

        • Thanks! I went cold turkey. I will say that I had to apologize a few times the first 2 weeks to the SO for being a complete dick, but after about day 15ish it started to feel much beter, and more like a competitive thing. Now, I’m trying to transition to not placing daily markers and do weeks. Also, after like week 1, I could tell me running/biking was significantly improved.

    • Congratulations – treat yourself to something nice to celebrate!

    • I quit in November, and have just now started to feel “free” of smoking. Like, “I’m so glad I’m NOT having a smoke right now” during an activity that would normally involve smoking. (My morning walk to the office, for example.)
      I could never make it work cold turkey, though. I used Chantix, and was very lucky not to experience any side effects (including the weight gain that comes from replacing smoking with eating).
      For anyone who’s been wanting to quit, we’re all cheering for you!

  • Rant: I just missed a Metro train as the doors literally closed in my face.
    Rave: The woman next to me who also had the doors close on her face exclaimed “Oh, fiddle faddle!”
    I am going to start inserting Oh, fiddle faddle into my daily lexicon ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Does anyone know what the hell happened to the bike lane blockers (or whatever you call the white sticks along the lane) on L Street, the ones that prevented motorists from driving into the lane at the ends of the lane? They are gone, and the bike lane is no longer a bike lane, at least not during rush hour. I am also sending this message to WABA.

    • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? That sucks. I don’t even ride a bike and I think that’s terrible.
      Two guesses – they are doing some sort of road/utility work and need to get their trucks in there OR a pissed off motorist removed them in the middle of the night.

      • I just called DDOT, actually got a friendly voice on the line who told me that they took them down deliberately to let the snow plows through and will put them back up next week. He added that they are trying to figure out a better solution for next year, and that are also considering narrowing the lanes so that cars can’t enter at all.

        It might also deter cyclists from trying to mow each other down in their mad race to get somewhere after work.

  • Rant: Canadian women’s hockey team. Damn them and their strategic maple syrup reserve!
    Rant: Ashley Wagner is a sore loser.
    Rave: it’s Friday.
    Rave: I just convinced a friend that I randomly caught a mutual friend (with whom I just vacationed with for a week) watching the most debauched, vile porn I could possibly imagine. I let my mutual friend know I was creating this ridiculous story about her and she thought it hilarious. Part of it was inspired by Freddie’s little speech that unnerves Frank in House of Cards Season 2, Episode 1. Now, the story is evolving like The Aristocrats!

    • I second your rant on Ashley Wagner. Also I really did not think her free skate was very good. She is not graceful on the ice at all and her performance felt very forced. Kostner was my favorite, I’m glad she made it to the podium.

  • RANT: Opened up my work bag to realize I left my lunch at home on the kitchen counter. GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
    RAVE: Heading to Elephant and Castle in 20 minutes with two coworkers to watch hockey. Will consume a beer and wings. SO BAD! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rant – Looks like the thunderstorms are coming just when I”m getting ready to head out to lunch. Blerg.
    Rave – Warm weather this weekend! Sunshine! I want to go hiking but it probably be too muddy. Perhaps a bike ride on the paved trail instead.
    Rave – I’m always sad when the Olympics end, but also sort of relieved because I really need to catch up on my sleep (and House of Cards episodes!) this weekend.

  • Rant: Phone call with Verizon. My “free” dvr year is up — so I called to get instructions to return it, only to be informed that I need to rent a digital adapter in order to use the service. These range in price from $6 a month to $20 — with mailing fees on top of that. So my “bundle price” does not actually include “everything” except for the surcharges. Grrr. And avoiding the mailing fee means adding travel time and transportation costs. Either way, I pay.
    Rant: I have FIOS. I think they ripped out the old phone lines when it got installed. Now I’m worried that that could cause problems if I want to switch landline service providers at some point.

    Rant: People used to be “souls”, then “citizens”, then “consumers”. Now it seems like we’re either the “product” or simply a trapped source of income for corporations and shareholders.

  • Rant: Can’t find a chocolate bar I had been saving for a craving like today.

  • Rave: Boots and pants and boots and pants.
    Rant: Liquid diet is gettnig really tiresome.

    • I guess you don’t mind them, but I’m happy the warm weather has allowed me to break out of the boots and pants wearing!

      • Haha, I think Broken is referring to the weird commercial where the anthropomorphized pig uses the words “boots and pants” to simulate the sound of techno beats.
        And on the subject of awesome commercials, I like the Coke “social media shield.” Teehee, it feeds into my inner smart-phone hate.

  • Rave: working from home with the hockey game on. Come on USA!!

  • Rant: Truck constantly parked illegally in my neighborhood (in No Parking zone). It blocks the sight at the intersection and I’ve almost been run over by cars coming around it who can’t see me. I checked the DC gov website and it seems you can call 311 to report it, but I assume only when it happens? Or can I call and report it happening repeatedly, even if the truck happens to be gone at the moment?

    • If you submit a report using the 311 app on your smartphone you can attach a picture. So every time you see it, snap a photo and submit a complaint using the 311 app. I can’t promise results but at least they can see what you’re complaining about.
      As for calling 311, yes, you can call and file a complaint every time you see the truck there, but I wouldn’t call if the truck isn’t actually there.

  • Rant: Boss did not approve my timesheets this past month (claims to have forgotten). I received a wonderful $0 paycheck this week. As an assistant in the government, I kinda live paycheck to paycheck, so this BLOWS. This is the SECOND time this has happened in the past year. Tapping into my savings AGAIN. Kinda makes my decision to find a new job much easier.
    Rave: Good weather tomorrow and going to see Young the Giant and Cayucas on Sunday.

  • Trash “slide” day for President’s day holiday didn’t get picked up today. Called 311 and the person had no idea how “slide’ days were supposed to work and said we wouldn’t get picked up until next regular day (Tuesday!) So a whole week with no trash pick up.

    Does anyone actually know how it is supposed to work? Previously it has mostly worked with “slide” one day for the holiday, then regular pick up – but why doesn’t our govt. know? Not that hard!

    • I’m assuming your trash is collected twice a week since if it’s once, your “slide” day would have been Wednesday. I always thought that twice a week collections were either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. If that’s the case, your “slide” day is tomorrow.

    • What are your regular pickup days? Does your alley have only once-a-week pickup?
      My alley has Tuesday and Friday pickup. Given how long it took DPW to do any trash pickup on my alley after the previous snowstorm I was worried that Wednesday’s “slide” pickup wouldn’t occur this week… but I was very relieved that it did.
      BTW, I contacted the DPW inspector who had issued the violation notice I was complaining about in the Feb. 7 RRRR (http://www.popville.com/2014/02/random-reader-rant-andor-revel-998/#comment-722936), and he got it dismissed! Very happy about this.

    • I think the slide affects the whole week/ both pick-ups. But I wouldn’t swear to that, because I’ve seen it happen both ways.
      Leave your trash out for tomorrow (Saturday) morning, and report back!

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