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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks and no need to correct people’s grammar. This is a place to vent and/or celebrate things about daily life in DC.

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  • Rant: neighboring group houses of 20-somethings that can’t be bothered to shovel.
    Rave: full liquor cabinet

  • Rant: Dear popville, please tell me about why having a car is useless to get your grandpa to the hospital in the snow when Metro is shut down…. ? (just a scenario, not reality for me)

    Rant: Working from home. Doing more work than a day in office because people like to make plans for everyone else (but themselves) on the morning conference call because they “have grown kids they need to babysit”…

    Rant: Shoveling snow in the rain.

    Rave: I still get to work at home with my dog while watching movies. Bah, humbug.

    • I dunno, if my grandpa needed to get to the hospital in a snowstorm, I’d try 911 as a faster, safer option compared to trying to drag an ill person on the Metro. That’s also what I’d do if there weren’t a snowstorm. But that’s just me…

    • We had to get my mom to the hospital during snowmageddon. I couldn’t carry her up and down stairs myself so we called 911.

    • Well, I can’t speak for all of PoPville, but I think most reasonable people would agree that there are certain circumstances where a car is necessary, or at least extremely helpful, enough so that the benefits outweigh the costs. I don’t think that the pro-carfree/pro-transit movement (aside from maybe an extreme fringe) is trying to say that no one should own a car, ever; rather, it’s about asking people to think critically about whether a car really IS necessary for them, given that most of us raised in America over the past 50-ish years have been conditioned to think cars are the be all-end all and transit is a poor substitute. Those assumptions don’t always hold. Personally, if I was living with and caring for an elderly relative that I knew needed frequent trips to the doctor, etc. and who had mobility challenges, I might invest in a car. If it was more like a “well, my grandparent *might* need to go to the hospital someday, and we *might* be in the middle of a snowstorm at that time” situation, I would probably skip car ownership and look to other alternatives like 911 or Uber (even with its surge pricing).

      • We’re holding onto our car for the sake of my girlfriend’s elderly mother. She’s healthy and doesn’t have mobility issues, but she lives in NoVA and (wisely) will no longer subject herself to the chaos of local highway driving. So the only way she and my girlfriend can see each other is if my girlfriend drives out there.

      • +1 to Anonymous 12:55 p.m.
        And I’m a little unclear about the original scenario, but when a snowstorm is so severe that roads are difficult/impassable, it doesn’t seem as though getting one’s relative to the hospital via car would be a viable option anyway — better to go with an ambulance or the Uber/taxi option (if the latter can actually get through despite the snow).

    • You don’t need to *have* a car when Car2Go is available. Or ZipCar or even regular rentals.

  • Rant: Damn those red line delays!!
    Rave: Thank you Red line for running on a day like today!

  • Rave: no work today!
    Rant: weekend flight to sunny Florida scheduled for 6 PM departure out of Reagan and runways are still closed

    • My flight to sunny Florida scheduled for 7:30 pm departure tonight got cancelled yesterday 🙁 Hope you have better luck than me!

  • Rant: Tilton Bernstein Management Company. Ugh.
    Rave: Vacation time coming up!

  • Rant: Someone stole my snow shovel this morning. I followed the footprints for awhile but them lost them to a plowed road. Who would do this? Rhetorical question…
    Rave: Neighbor that loaned me their shovel

  • Rave: Snow Day! Office closed. Gonna catch up on a bunch of personal reading and make a dent in my Netflix queue.
    Rant: People from the midwest/upstate NY/etc. that feel the constant need to remind us all that they are sooooo much better at dealing with snow than us and we’re a bunch of pansies. We get it. Thanks. Now stop.

  • laurelo

    Rave: American allowing me to change me flight home from tonight to last night. I think we were one of the last planes to leave Reagan last night.
    Rave: Spending the day working from the ‘rents house with the family dog at my feet
    Rant: the attitudes/behavior of fellow travelers last night. We’re all in this together, folks. A little courtesy and a deep breath go a long way in stressful travel situations.

  • Rave: Snow Day from work and have time to make a full breakfast. My Hong Kong egg waffle batches are the best yet, crispy yet tender!!
    Rave: crush called me this morning and we spent an hour on the phone. I think he really likes me!
    Rave: It’s still only 10am. There’s a full day to play in the snow!

  • Rave: With one phone call and one email, DC Attorney General totally dismissed the DCRA attempt to fine me.

    Rant: The kitties have decided their favorite canned food is the one that most looks like vomit.

  • Rant: I’m supposed to be working today but I’m itching to go on a snow photowalk (snowtowalk?).

    • Oh, go out now and work later!! It was lovely a couple of hours ago, but getting less so by the minute as it rained and the snow got heavier.

  • Rant: Snow not being shoveled. Not sure who is responsible for shoveling the little park, sidewalks, and curb cuts next to the SW library, but last time it snowed it wasn’t done. Only right in front of the doors were shoveled and that was it. It melted during the day and would turn to ice during the night, which made most people walk in the street.

    Rave: Got a new computer last week, so I’m glad.

  • Rave: snow day!! Which means another free day of ‘maternity leave’
    Rave: had a job offer
    Rant: large, multi-national corp who made offer emailed this a.m to say they weren’t going to extend an offer after all. Which is the most f’d up thing when I had already told them I was ok with a pay cut. The way they handled themselves was so unprofessional – 5(!!!) interviews, a test (!!!) and then this? For every interview I spent money on cab fare and my spouse had to take time off work to make sure the baby had someone to watch him. I’m glad I never accepted the offer. It was a laaarge pay cut. They’ll never get someone experienced and dedicated for what they were offering.
    Rave: I have a job.
    Rant: I eventually have to go back and leave my little guy with a nanny. My heart is breaking.

  • Anonynon

    Rave: Working from home!
    Rave: Snow storm that actually met the hype
    Rave: Work from home tomorrow?
    Rant: Valentines day tomorrow – 0 plans (still not sure how i feel about this one)

  • Rant: Working in a hospital where I’m considered ‘essential’…even though I’m really not.

    Rave(ish): It will be a quiet day so I can get a lot accomplished!

    Rave!: Coffee shop was closed today so they put out complimentary coffee – buzzed!

    Random: In charge of an event with a bunch of Execs tomorrow and really hoping I don’t make an ass of myself.

  • Rant: Damn am I out of shape. Just shoveling off my porch kicked my ass. Taking a break now.

    Rave: Nacho Nacho Man Smoothie last night. Tostitos® Salsa Con Queso with ground turkey, black beans, spinach and flax seed did the Mexican Hat dance in my blender. (Don’t judge, I HAVE A HEAD INJURY and I shopped at the Whitelaw Market!)

  • justinbc

    Rave: After at least 3 delays and multiple annoying negotiations back and forth we finally closed on our next investment property! Our agent (Annette Wagner of Centurion Properties) and title company (Federal Title in Friendship Heights) were both amazing on securing the deal and closing it, very highly recommend them. The local lender we used (New American Financial in Rockville) was also very good, much more communicative than the guys we used for our own place. We were so close from walking away on it this week, it’s a huge stress reliever to finally have it done and know that we essentially just ensured we’ll be retiring 10 years earlier now! 🙂

  • epric002

    rave: 9 inches of snow!
    rave: blueberry cornmeal pancakes!
    rave(ish): total housecleaning on today’s schedule.
    rave: the doggies have been at my parents’ since christmas. we get them back this weekend! 😀

  • Rave: Doggie snuggles today! We frolicked in the snow for an hour and now he’s passed out snoring like a lawnmower next to me on the couch. Sure makes grant reviews so much more enjoyable.
    Rant: Not sure if our flight out to Boston early tomorrow will be on time…

  • Rave: Our whole block is shoveled! I think it’s a combination of one guy that several neighbors paid, a couple homeowners that did one or two houses extra (rowhouses) and one neighbor that went way above and beyond (and is awesome). I love my block!

    • Rave: Same with me! My block looks out for each other, they are just so awesome!

    • gotryit

      Yes! Our block too – I couldn’t believe it. Completely cleaned corner to corner. I love my neighbors.

      • My block is good as well, except for my always horrible next door neighbor, and of course the frigging CHURCH on the corner of 13th & Irving. Hello – the burning bush isn’t showing up anytime soon to melt away your snow, nor are pentecostal tongues of flame or the GPS pillar of Exodus. Right now I’m hoping for some pure Revelation ass-whupping.

  • Rave: my coffee marshmallows are done and awaiting my afternoon, post painting snack session!
    Rant: Painting, I am so sick of it.
    Rave: I did about 2 hours of work this morning, then logged off. We’re closed.
    Rave: Carlson and Ovi scoring their team’s first goals in mens hockey today!

  • rave: snow day, even if i have to do some work
    rave: homemade dark chocolate and heath bar scones
    rave: the dog we adopted at the end of last year, turns 1 on saturday. she is absolutely loving running around in her first big snow storm!

  • Rant: trying to get pregnant is like a torture to me! since the miscarriage my body is doing his own thing. Every month i get pregnancy symptoms and then my period show up. sorry if it is TMI.
    Rant: my FIL is having a 2nd heart surgery tomorrow, the first one didn’t go very well, among other complications he got an infection, we are not sure he will make it this time, not sure what to do, and this is happening thousand of miles away, we are just sitting here powerless waiting for update.
    Rant: trying really hard to rave about something today but I got nothing.

    • my heart hurts for you. stay strong and know that people are thinking about and wishing the best for you.

    • i am also feeling sad and discouraged, trying to get pregnant. It’s only been four months, so I know that’s not so bad on the grand scale of things, but the ups and downs every month, the anticipation, excitement, doubt, not knowing, hopefulness, and then…. period. It sucks.

      • You’re not alone. I miscarried this past week and it’s been rough. Take care of yourself.

        • Gosh- big hug to you all!! I can’t imagine the emotions you all are going through.

        • Hug to you, LM.
          I find most of the message boards on TTC websites to be a slippery slope of dramatic and misinformation. For the most part, I do like TCOYF.com (and the book I also found very helpful). I

    • I am a blissed out mama of two beautiful girls….these two miracles came after three consecutive miscarriages and years of inconclusive fertility testing. I do not wish those dark years on any other couples trying to have a baby. If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to find community. I found wonderful women on Babycenter’s community board for those who have experienced miscarriages. They kept me from sinking into complete depression. A few years after my second daughter was born we had a DC/VA/MD meet up and almost 99% of those women were there with their miracle babies. Stay strong! Don’t give up hope! You are not alone!

    • Thanks to you all and hug to LM. Went through that, not easy. All i can say is try as soon as you are reading, don’t follow all the BS about waiting for a couple of months. Good luck you and TTC anon.
      Reading online stuffs can be useful and scary at the same time, everybody is so different.

  • Rant: Apartment buildings/condos that don’t shovel. For example, Park Pleasant apts and Overlook condos which means a whole block of Newton St is unshoveled.
    Rave: Neighbors with corner houses that shovel both sides
    Rant: Neighbors with corner houses that don’t
    Net rave: Snow day

    • Be patient with us. The guy who has a contract doesn’t show up. Most of our condo building is rented to 20 somethings who don’t have any responsibility. So — it is two 67 year old owner/residents who have to do it. We are not very fast.


  • Question: Anyplace where you can pay just to use a sauna? Or even if you have to book a spa service, as long as it’s not some $200 massage?

    • spa world in Virginia

      • epric002

        +1 i’m not a sauna fan, but my husband is and loves spa world.

      • Yeah, I know about Spa World, but my partner and I are gay so we’re not comfortable going there (plus it’s far and I’m not crazy about the forced nudity aspect).

        • What does being gay have to do with it?
          As long as you’re not fondling each other (and really, no one – gay or straight couples – should be doing that in a sauna), I think you’ll be fine. SpaWorld is good people.

          • Call me weird, but I don’t appreciate being referred to as “abnormal.”

          • There was a large, public, and ultimately overblown flap involving Spa World and a gay woman a few years ago. A lot of people only read “Spa World bans gay people” and never bothered to learn or retain the full story. (It was a situation of a woman acting in a deliberately provocative manner to see if she could get herself banned. She had done it other places, and was in it for the publicity. They played right into her hand, and suffered for it.)

          • I read the whole story, and don’t have a problem with them refusing that particular customer. I did, however, have a problem with the official response from Spa World following the incident. I don’t care if it was a language barrier issue– it was insulting to gay customers who just wanted to go and use the facilities like anyone else.

          • Why do you jump to the conclusion that gay people might be fondling each other? You’re just as bad as they are. Give me a break.

          • Spa World has said some hateful things about LGBT people, then when it made the papers, they blamed it on not speaking English well. http://www.fairfaxtimes.com/article/20130222/NEWS/130228867/0/fairfaxTimes%26template=fairfaxTimes&template=fairfaxTimes

        • @ Ugh 1:18
          I didn’t read the comment as assuming that gay people would fondle each other, but as a way of identifying some outrageous behavior that nobody (gay or straight) would be likely to do in a public place.

      • Yeah, so… any other recommendations?

        • Vida on U has saunas (a women’s and a coed). Nothing too fancy, but does the job. You could get a day pass to the gym and use it. You probably also get to use it if you book a service w/their spa.

        • I think Bliss Spa at the W hotel allows for just sauna access. Not sure what the price is for a day pass.

  • Rant: Allergies in the middle of a snow day?! I thought I could stop using Zyrtec and just use my nasal spray, but clearly my nose has other plans. Sudafed is doing nothing for the sinus pressure either.
    Rave: Roving bands of teenagers looking to make money shoveling. Won’t someone take them up on their offers? I’m looking at you group house on the corner of 11th and Girard.

  • At the rate the snow is melting, the kids won’t get a two-fer and thus a five-day weekend.

  • Rave: Had a very enjoyable walk to work this morning. Left nice and early because I knew walking through a foot or so of snow would be slow moving. It ended up taking only an hour. Couldn’t care less about people not shoveling. Sometimes when there’s a snow storm, you gotta walk through snow. And per DC law, they have 8 hours after the snow stops falling to clear their sidewalks, and it was still snowing when I was out and it won’t be 8 hours later until this evening, so I’m not sure why so many people are complaining so early.

    • It is definitely too early to start complaining. But why do you assume everyone has the physical capacity you do? And that’s not rhetorical. I’ve noticed many, many people saying the exact same thing, and it’s totally unfathomable to me.

  • Rave: So glad I had a productive day yesterday and got a lot done at the office. Now, I can enjoy my snow day guilt-free.
    Rant: I slept so poorly last night and woke up with a headache. I’m hoping that coffee improves things.
    Rave: Baking cookies and then maybe some muffins this afternoon.

  • Rant: Egocentrics. Their complete and utter oblivion and inability to use logic infuriates me. Like truly transforms me into a very angry person. How hard is it to recognize that there are other, different people out there and your actions or lack thereof really, truly affect them! I see people suffer from the majority of our society being egocentrics, and I can’t help but feel certain that the real solution is to get egocentrics to check into reality and to stop hurting others. But it’s just so impossible to achieve, because they may listen, but they choose to hear only what they want to hear, and have no logic to understand even that! How do people not kill themselves over feeling like this?

  • Can anyone explain the rationale for leaving windshield wipers up in the air? I never saw this until I moved to DC. It seems like the probability>0 of getting broken from wet heavy snow, and I don’t see any downside of just leaving them in place. Even if they get iced in, you turn on the defroster and by the time you’re done dealing with the other snow and ice on the car they’re melted free.

    • During the blizzard of 2003 I left my wipers down, and while shoveling out my car, I also shoveled off half the frozen solid windshield wipers. That’s the only reason I can think of with leaving them up. You know just where they are.

    • Perhaps having the wipers on the window under accumulated frozen snow all night ruins the rubber? That would be my guess.

      • If that’s the reason, then it’s just wrong (based on half a lifetime in northern climates where my wiper blades were under snow for months out of the year).

  • Rave: Walking outside last night as the snow started to fall. I usually hate cold weather, but the air was so refreshing and the falling flakes were so beautiful, that for about five and a half minutes, I actually became a convert.
    Rave: I made slow cooked spareribs this morning. Maybe I’ll move this from “once a decade” to “once a year.”
    Rave: Noodling. This is a great day for a little bit of guitar practicing and a lot of guitar noodling.
    Rave: Yesterday I checked off some significant deadlines. A snow day feels like a just reward.
    Rave: No rants. Yay!

    • The snow was very pretty last night for the first two hours. Extremely sparkly! It was like shards of discoball were fluttering through the air 😀

  • Rant: What is your dog barking constantly at every single time you walk it, for the complete duration of the walk? The air? Your dog is disrupting our quiet Logan street.

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