Formerly Kelsey Gardens, Now Jefferson MarketPlace, Luxury Apartments, Opening Spring 2014 in Shaw

7th and P St, NW

We’ve given lots of love to the neighboring CityMarket at O but it’s worth noting that the Jefferson MarketPlace is also nearing completion:

“Jefferson MarketPlace is a mixed-use development located at the corner of 7th and P Streets in Northwest Washington, DC. The project will include 281 luxury apartments, 230 below-grade parking spaces, and 13,400 square feet of retail space. First units will deliver in spring 2014.

Jefferson MarketPlace will feature modern amenity spaces that will include a boutique-style lobby with a 24-hour concierge, state-of-the-art fitness center, resident business center, and community lounge with bar and gaming areas. Residents will also have exclusive access to two private courtyards on the ground floor, a landscaped roof deck on the seventh floor, and a large pool deck on the 8th floor roof.

Jefferson MarketPlace is located less than three blocks north of the Mt. Vernon Square Metro Station and two blocks south of the Shaw-Howard Metro Station. The project has tremendous visibility with over 455 feet of frontage along 7th Street NW and will be located adjacent to the future City Market at O, a 1 million square foot mixed-use project anchored by a new 58,000 square foot Giant Supermarket.”

And here are some of their amenities:

“Well, you certainly can in our rooftop pool. Or get yourself in tip-top shape at our state-of-the-art 24-hour fitness center and take the streets of DC by storm directly from your apartment in Shaw. Want to stay in? That’s covered too. Entertain your friends, in any number of ways, with our stylish, convenient and fun amenities.

– Resort-style rooftop pool with sundeck, lounging areas and grills
– Resident clubroom with bar, televisions, billiards, shuffleboard and indoor/outdoor bar seating
– Modern, stylish lobby with 24-hour concierge services
– 24-hour fitness center with club-style equipment and yoga zone
– Two private courtyards with indoor bar and outdoor pub with bocce court
– Fully-equipped business center with computers and printers
– Wi-Fi in amenity spaces
– Dynamic 7th floor outdoor mezzanine with fire pit, grilling area, bar rails and outdoor TV with lounge seating
– Controlled-access parking garage
– Pet-friendly community
– Close to Shaw-Howard U and Mt Vernon Sq Metro stations
– Views of Washington landmarks, including Washington Monument and National Cathedral
– 14,000 sq. ft. of retail conveniently located in the building”

7th and Q St, NW

Formerly Kelsey Gardens – from 2009:

Kelsey Gardens

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  • Looks good. Now when can we tear down Park Morton (half of which is boarded up)?

  • Seriously, lets move this sort of mindset up 14th St/ Euclid/Clifton/Harvard.

    • Yep, let’s increase the value of our condos by driving out every last one of the working-class people in our neighborhood, because a tiny percentage of them are criminals.

      • Or how about we just feel sad because we can’t all afford to live in Georgetown and drive a new Mercedes…. If a developer is willing to tear down some horrid little two floor garden apartments (which were a cesspool of crime, not a “tiny percentage”, btw) and add desperately needed density right between two Metro stops, which, in turn, alleviates the housing crush city wide and helps reduce demand, and prices, on more affordable B class apartments for all of us, shouldn’t we actually applaud that instead of whining about it? 281 apartments where 54 once stood, a 520% increase in the number of residents housed, means the extra 227 households who were once looking for other space can now live here. That’s 227 fewer applications for cheaper housing elsewhere. Those are numbers we should all get behind.

  • Welcome. I can’t believe it’s almost ready to open.

  • Well you certainly can *what* in the rooftop pool? (I checked the website, it says “want to make a splash?” to kill the joy of my imagination racing)

  • “[T]ake the streets of DC by storm directly from your apartment in Shaw” sounds to me like launching out of one’s window. 🙂

  • Any word on the type of retail coming here? I would love a take out sort of salad/deli place in this area.

  • Any word on what they will be charging?

    • The old rule of thumb is likely true here: if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it…

      Last I heard $2200-$3300 for a ONE bedroom, and upwards from there.

  • Just some normal apartments or refurbished row houses transformed to multiunit places would be nice! Something simple and affordable (DC affordable) but not a dump please!!!!!!!!

    • Agreed. I don’t need a fancy building, rooftop pool, or business center, just a clean apartment in a safe area for a reasonable cost.

      • Yeah — it’s a pity that any new development seems to consist of “luxury” apartments. It seems like the only non-luxury apartments left are the ones in older buildings… and even in many of those, the owners renovate each unit after a tenant leaves, so as to turn it into a “luxury” unit (with a corresponding price tag).

        • Any building with “luxury” in its name or advertising is guaranteed not to actually be “luxury.” This is one of the laws of real estate. True luxury need not proclaim itself.

  • Why do these places put in “business centers”? Always empty.

    • Because that’s how they justify charging $2500-3000 for a 1BR 600 sq foot shoebox. It’s all part of the scam.

  • I wonder if they’ll keep their previous commitment to allow old residents to move back in and to keep 54 units as affordable housing.

  • currently in the market for a new place and inquired about prices. they told me they hadn’t decided but studios would probably be starting at $1800. *insert obligatory shock and disgust at price here*. too rich for my blood.

    • That’s a lot to pay for a crime filled ‘hood, but at least the rich folks will be able to buy illegal drugs conveniently:

      According to MPD, violent crime is up ~30% w/in 1500ft of #JeffersonMrktPl in the last year. Assault with a dangerous weapon (gun) has quadrupled w/in the last year. See chart:

      More well heeled residents mean the local drug gangs and petty-crime drug addicts have more sitting ducks to pick from when exploiting shoppers or feeding their own addictions. I wonder if Trey Radel ever shopped in Shaw before he got nabbed in Dupont Circle. Theft from autos are still dizzyingly high, but more people want to drive into Shaw rather than using the two convenient Metro stations.

      @ANC6E should promote more security camera use, but they are still dilly dallying about rolling out a matching grants program to encourage local retailers to install exterior security cameras in Shaw. Surveillance cameras are a proven tool to discourage and help convict criminals and help rid neighborhoods of crime.
      Contact your local commissioners to urge them to do something about the crime:

      • i think you are taking too extreme a position here. the entire hood is not a drug laden Shooty McMurderland. It is true that safety can be block by block. more people walking up and down these streets will help push the bad seeds out.

      • Yes, going from 3 to 12 is mathematically “quadrupled”, but the way you talk about it it sounds like everyone who walks in front of the construction site is going to have a gun shoved in their face till they give up their iPhone. Even if 100% of the crime was restricted to ONLY residents of this new building and not to the 1500 foot radius you provide, assuming 500 residents (and with 281 units, there are bound to be couples and families) that means 97.6% of them went without an ADW that year. And given the thousands of people who walk in this area, not just these future tenants, that means 99%+ do so without incident. 1% of people are victims of crime? Heck, that happens at Metro freaking Center. Stop trying to scare people out of a good, transitioning neighborhood. Crime happens everywhere – and going from one every quarter to one a month STILL means that 30 days out of every single month, nobody gets robbed at gunpoint, and the one day it happens, it only happens to one person. Those are pretty decent odds it won’t happen to you. I wonder if you worry about the odds of being hit by lightning or being eaten by a shark too?

  • If it is anything like the 7th st Flats, the floors will warp in 2 months and the fixtures will have fallen off in 1. Cheap, shoddy construction with absolutely no attention paid to aesthetics or sturdy quality.

    Not even a balcony on any floor. They recycled the blueprints from a college dormitory.

  • Walked past it today. It is very unattractive and uses that cheap-looking ‘brick’. So sad. Hope the commercial spaces get interesting tenants at least. Strangely Kelsey Gardens was probably much better constructed.

    • what are “bricks”?

    • Kelsey Gardens was built to withstand the gang shootings like the old shaw library bunker

      most new buildings make use of glass as a low-cost prefab way to avoid the manual labor of using brick to construct walls; and robots are much less expensive than undocumented non english speaking Latino workers, they don’t talk back or under their breath and work overtime at no extra cost, and they’re sober and ready to work everyday

  • Fake bricks is the executive summary. Cheaply built disposable housing for suckers. Reminds me of Springfield’s foray into the monorail idea.

  • Anyone know what happened to the former residents – did they get bought out, or were they given units in the building?

  • yes they coming back ha ha ha ha

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