Dear PoPville – How Much Should it Cost to Lease a Parking Spot around 14th and U?

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“Dear PoPville,

I’m wondering if you could do a GDoN for parking spaces. The last one you did seems to be back 4 years ago.

I’m particularly interested in the 14 and U st area, as things have changed since the last post. I’d be curious in hearing your, and others, opinions on how much someone should expect monthly lease/rents are for parking spots in various neighborhoods.”

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  • the parking spots in union row at 14 and V go for 200-225. Usually a few people looking to rent out their spots each month

  • We’re farther down 14th, but we pay $195 a month for gated parking. There are some CRAZY prices out there – when I was looking I saw a bunch for $250/month, and that was for parking behind a row house that you had to walk through a dark alley to get to. Shop around, cause anything over $200 is not a good deal.

  • Garage parking is beginning to hit $250

  • If it were retail space, an average parking spot would be worth ~$500 a month.

  • We’re near 18th and U and rent out our space for $225/month

  • take a look at the listings on craigslist to get an idea for the various neighborhoods

  • When I lived at the Ellington 5 years ago, it was 250/month. I imagine that the spaces in buildings (even condo) are only available for renting to others in the building bc otherwise you’d have people with no tie to the building having building access. In my experience living in a different condo building in that neighborhood, that is quite frowned upon for security reasons, because breakins are a regular occurrence.

    • Many buildings permit rentals to outsiders (including mine). People who can pay the going rate probably aren’t going to pose “security threats”. As for typical condo owner complaints….he rule breakers in our garage tend to be people’s short term visitors or people renting condos in the building, or owners of condos who generally annoy their neighbors. Parking space renters seem to be just fine (I’ve been on the board of my building for several years and hear all this kind of stuff).

  • i used to have one at 14th and U for 150, but that was about 3 years ago…now i have one for 150 still in CH.

  • $200/month for outdoor spot at 17th/P, $250 for garage nearby.

  • The Roosevelt Apartments on 16th Street rents parking spaces in their garage. You can stop by any day during work hours or call them at 202-265-4540 and they can let you know what the going price is.

    I have a parking space on Euclid between 14th and 15th that I’ve been renting for about 5 years to a guy down the street from me. I charge $125.00 a month but from the looks of the prices I’ve been seeing on this post, I think it’s time to raise the price.

  • This spot is no longer available.

  • Also, as someone who also lives in Union Row, I’d be pretty annoyed if someone posted an internal email that includes my name and unit number.

  • I rent my uncovered, alley-access (but right next to the street) parking space near 17th & Kalorama for $225/month. I absolutely recommend a lease.

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