A Few Days Left – Where are the Best Places to Watch the Olympics

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“Dear PoPville,

We are one of the increasing number of people who do not buy cable, and just get all our media through Netflix or Amazon. I am usually quite content with this, but not being able to watch the Olympics has got me down. Where are the best bars or pubs in DC to watch the Olympics? Has anybody else found good alternatives for getting some of the events online?”

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  • Lucky Bar has been showing the US hockey games in the morning.

  • NBC allows you to watch live or replayed events online or through apps for mobile devices. If you have a family member with a cable account, you can use their login and password to access it. I’m sure the network wouldn’t mind.

  • Another option for you cable-less people (me included) is to just buy a HD-antenna. You’ll get all the local channels for free, including NBC. $20-30 from Amazon and you’ll be good to go. Unless you just wanted to go to the bar, which is also a good option.

    • Exactly. Unless you really want to watch events live as they happen, like curling at 3AM or hockey at 7AM, many of the day’s events are replayed in prime time on NBC, which can be watched for free with an antenna.

    • Or $8 from Radio Shack, and you walk out of the store with it.

    • andy

      My ~$12 antenna is not great. A plane overhead and it looks like I’m playing Tetris, all jagged blocks and artifacts.

      Do you get a lot more with the $30 version?

  • tonyr

    You could just go old-school and watch it OTA; at least what’s on NBC4.

  • You’re not missing much – the Winter Olympics includes way too many events that are either subjectively judged or lack the head-to-head competition that makes the Summer Games so enjoyable.

  • Coverage by NBC has been atrocious. The evening replays on NBC 4 are anywhere from 12 to 18 hours delayed. And they cut up the segments to primarily show US athletes’ performances, even if their performances are terrible (i.e. they will only show foreign athlete performances if those athletes are medal winners). Then they will space out performances – such as figure skating – into 15-20 minute segments that are interspersed with other sports (curling, snowboarding, skiing, etc.)
    Overall, it’s a fairly terrible experience.

    • Ha ha, I think we need a rant ‘n’ revel Olympics edition thread. Here’s what’s bugging me:
      1) Way too many commercials. There are so many commercials.
      2) Too much Bob Costas/Mary Carillo.
      3) Terrible post-event interviews with athletes. Interviewers need to know when to say “thanks” and end the interview. I don’t want to sit there and watch 15 seconds of awkward silence with someone who just didn’t win a medal.
      4) Too much figure skating/ice dancing, as always. (I guess I’m in the minority but really who watches that stuff?)
      5) Couldn’t they at least show us a few of the medal ceremonies? Maybe it’s just me but I’ve literally only seen one televised since the Olympics started.

      • The figure skating is the only thing that interests me (probably because I find sports boring, but like performing arts). I imagine there are a lot of people like me.

        • You are probably right. Having said that it seems an odd twist of reality that the coverage of the Olympics would be tailored toward people who don’t like sports, since the Olympics is about sports. But getting maximum viewership is not about sports, alas.

        • Watching Johnny Weir’s outfits and hair updos is kind of fun!!!! My favorite is how he looks at Tara Lipinski when she talks…..adds a little spice to the ice skating 🙂

          • Me too. Tara and Johnny are fun to watch and actually excellent commentators. They have their own paired Twitter now, @taraandjohnny

  • Andy Benard was in DC?

  • A.G.B Restaurant in the Graham hotel in Georgetown has an extensive Olympic cocktail and food menu as well as an Olympic ice luge that has been kept outside. When the US wins gold you get a free specialty shot through the ice luge. This is a beautiful quaint little bar buried in the basement of this renovated hotel. It is a fun time for the Olympics!!

  • We’re cable-less too and have been watching OTA in the evenings. It is weird that they don’t really show the medal ceremonies. I was hoping to see the ice dancing ceremony, and NBC breezed right past it. Otherwise, we’ve caught other events out in bars. DC Reynolds was open early for hockey and may have the games on generally. I think most bars with TVs are showing the games, or will turn to the games if asked and people aren’t already watching something on the TV.

    • Medal ceremonies have been taking place the following day in separate ceremonies, not immediately after the conclusion of the event, so it’s been difficult or strangely timed for NBC to air. There was a lot of flack about NBC not showing the ice dancing medal ceremony yesterday, but it hadn’t happened yet! Funny to see so many angry comments about NBC not showing an event that hadn’t even happened. The event ended on Monday, and they weren’t doing the medal ceremony until Tuesday!!

  • I paid $7 for a great VPN and am just streaming everything through CBC. Amazing coverage! I think PQST is showing the Canada-US gold medal game on Thursday – that’ll be awesome!

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