Taxi Jumps Curb Crashes into Bus Shelter by U Street Metro


@waynemancomedy tweets us the photo above around 4:40pm.

Around 4:10pm @DCPoliceDept tweeted:

“Traffic Alert: E/B 1000 blk of U St NW is closed between 10th & 11th St NW / Vehicular accident / 5760”

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  • The glass for that shelter was just replaced last month after the shooting near the memorial.

  • Quite a scene. I’m actually surprised accidents like this don’t happen more often. While 440p is a little late in the day, it would be interesting to see just how long this driver had been driving. Perhaps they had been going all night. I’ve talked with many drivers who say will drive 10-12+ hours a night, fatigue could have definately been a factor. Thankful no one was critically injured.

  • That cop on the left is dreamy.

  • A friend of mine saw it from a different angle and said that the pedestrian may have been jaywalking. I’ve been guilty of crossing against the light after exiting the Metro, especially when traffic is light. Throw in a drunk brunch and all bets are off.

    • Seriously you think a jaywalker caused a cab to jump the curb into a bus shelter? No not unless the cab was speeding already.

      • It’s not uncommon to see cars going 35-40 MPH through that stretch anyway, and at those speeds, it would not be hard to imagine a car doing this to avoid hitting a pedestrian.

      • I do consider it a real possibility. If the pedestrian is crossing the street when the driver has right-of-way the driver could have swerved to attempt to not hit the pedestrian. This could have resulted in the driver jumping the curb. So yes, I do consider this a real possibility.

    • That’s scary. Aggressive drivers and jaywalking pedestrians don’t mix well.

  • Some see tragedy but I see rough street justice. Day in and day out that bus shelter mocked all who passed by. The Metro buses gave warning which went unheeded. The CaBi rebalancers tried to calm things down. But nothing could have stopped *this* bus shelter. Everyone said that one day something bad would happen. And now it has. Let that be a lesson to all of you. You’re DC bus shelters, not some hoity-toity, million dollar Arlington bus shelter.

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