Water Main Break on the 3600 block of 13th St, NW – Covers Parked Cars, Street in Ice and Slush

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2014 at 9:23 am 3 Comments


Thanks to a reader for sending:

“Crazy scene on 13th street — called water dept and there was a broken main or something. Lots of slushy ice including all over the cars parked on west side of the street — crappy start to the day!”



  • Anon

    That’s extremely odd considering they had turned off the water on the 3600 block of 11th St all day yesterday for repairs

    • What is extremely odd that it happened on the same block of 11th and 13th?

  • dress

    What is actually odd is that yes, they were working around 13th/11th/Otis yesterday and it’s still leaking as of 7pm tonight. And has been all day, and when I called DC Water at 4:30 to report it–I figured someone HAD to have called already and thought I’d see workmen out at any moment–she told me they already knew about it but didn’t know when someone would be out. There must be thousands of gallons of water wasted and the road is going to be nice and icy in the morning. Today isn’t any colder than yesterday so I can’t imagine that’s why they’re not fixing it bGreat job, DC Water!

    The cars were ridiculously iced up, too. It must have been like a geyser when it burst.


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