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  • Oh sweet Jesus please let this eyesore be completed. The construction is so shoddy it should probably be demolished, but I would be happy if it were just a wee less ugly.

  • PoP, do you have a before picture of the house?

  • A before picture? Cameras were not invented when this reno began.

    • This is not a reno. They built it from the ground up, starting more than a dozen years ago. As the commenter above said, the construction is so bad it should be torn down.

  • That thing is a travesty. Look at the gorgeous victorians right next to it…just awful.

  • What’s up with the windows, etc. not being centered across the facade, leaving all of that empty space on the right?

  • I lived on this block from 2000-2013. This house is a work in progress…..with progress meaning bathroom tile applied to the front. That happened about 5 years ago. The owner’s a nice enough guy but his house is an embarrassment. I wouldn’t read too much into the appearance of drywall or other building materials.

  • PoP, you should post pictures of the back. It’s all done up like some Spanish revival.

  • Another gloryhole? Is this the same team who brought us the Ella of V Street?

  • Don’t get so excited. Those building materials have been in the downstairs for at least a year. Nothing is happening here. Like another commenter said, the owner is nice enough, but the house is amazingly terrible.

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