Michel Richard Apparently Wants No Association with Former Citronelle Space in Geogetown


I thought it was pretty funny that they blacked out Michel Richard’s name but left Citronelle on the awning to the former space in Georgetown:


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  • Well, I can’t blame him. For those who don’t know the backstory behind the current closure, the place may appear as some failed has-been restaurant. I wouldn’t want my name dangling like that for months/years while the hotel owner gets their act together and rebuilds from the flood damage.

  • It was at one time a really fabulous restaurant and an almost impossible reservation.

  • Going to become micro-apartments under new ownership.

  • I don’t think it was flood damage so much as structural damage from either poor construction or a poorly maintained superstructure. Heard that support beams in the parking garage below had decayed. In any case, I sure do miss the la Madeleine that was part of that complex, on the corner of 30th and M Sts.

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