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  • I went to CUA and I am not sure what I would have done if I had encountered good beer back then. We used to buy cases of Busch beer for $6. I love Meridian Pint and hope this place is a resounding success.

  • Not the the most creative name but I care not for a creative name only for a creative beer!!! quote me on that!

    • Creativity is not my best quality but I’m not too shabby at beer. I’m not even that good at beer, that’s why I’ve hired what I believe to be the best beer team in DC. They will, of course, be running Broodland Pint’s beer program as well.

      • I wasn’t doubting the brewing talents of the pint. I can’t wait for you guys to open!! Do you have a sample of the food menu? Please let it consist of bbq.

      • I think Brookland Pint is a perfectly serviceable name. It lets people know the connection between that bar and Meridian Pint and it lets people know they can buy beer there. Mission: accomplished, as far as names go, if you ask me.

      • saf

        Dear John;

        Please do not take away my Meridian Pint bartender dream team. Thank you.

        The redhead at the basement bar

  • Good name just in case patrons won’t know they’re in B R O O K L A N D.

  • I am so so so excited for this. Looking forward to enjoying a good beer after work.

  • We need a Hill East Pint too! There’s plenty of good commericial space along 15th street SE itching for this.

  • brookland_rez

    Awesome! Great news!

  • I hope they didn’t spend too much on a marketing agency to come up with that name. But exciting nonetheless! Meridian Pint is a wonderful bar.

  • Petworth Pint has a certain ring to it…

  • I think the name is great! Gives it local identiy with a realtionship to its “family” places. Keep them going…Hill Pint, Petworth Pint, Georgetown Pint. I do wish the Meridain Pint was named Columbia Pint….it is columbia hts, not meridian hill…….but the concept is GREAT!

    • The idea for Meridian Pint came to me because of Meridian Hill Park which got it’s name from the effort, over a century ago, to establish a prime meridian here in DC. This effort clearly failed but the park was left with the name it now bares. I like the name because it represents a high point or a central starting point both of which are representative of Meridian Pint. As the ‘Pint’ brand grows, Meridian Pint will be where it all started.

      • Fair enough. Thanks for clarifying. BTW you guys have an AWSOME brunch!!!!…to hell with the Coupe 😉

      • John! You are fantastic. Now please come to Hill East (maybe new the development by Stadium Armory, or one of the commercial places up for auction on 15th street).

  • The food is great. Don’t listen to what’s-her-face.

    • Nah, do listen to what’s her face. The food (and service) at MP is wildly inconsistent. I’ve gotten some terrible meals there: terrible. I’ve gone back because the beer is great, it’s close, it’s easy with a baby if you go early, and I want to like it. They’ve got problems there, though. We went just the other day and had a good meal (not for the first time, in fairness), but that was after a run of lousy ones. I said to my wife walking in “If this one sucks we’re never eating here again.”

  • Just leave off the tacky Christmas lights from the new place.

  • SO excited for this! please have some vegan menu options!

  • Excellent. Looking forward to the openinf

  • On everything I love, I named this restaurant when they had the contest. I need my gift card lol

  • Brookland is kind of a rough area. Especially walking home after a night out from this spot towards the metro. NE DC aint no joke. But I guess revitalization has to start somewhere.

    • You obviously don’t live here. First, you can pretty much walk directly from this restaurant into the Metro. It would be difficult for it to be any closer. Second, I regularly walk around the neighborhood at night, and while it’s not a great idea to walk through dark alleys waving your iPhone around, it’s probably the safest neighborhood in NE – and safer than plenty of NW and WOTR SE neighborhoods as well.

      • Also – welcome to the neighborhood John! I’m a big fan of Meridian Pint but don’t get over there as much as I’d like. I look forward to drinking copious amounts of beer at Brookland Pint.

    • This is a laughable comment on so many level.

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