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The Reading Room at Petworth Citizen Grand Opening Tues. Feb. 4th

by Prince Of Petworth January 28, 2014 at 11:30 am 15 Comments

829 Upshur Street, NW

Details about The Reading Room at Petworth Citizen from an email:

“Now accepting donations to the Free Book Library, which will be open during regular Petworth Citizen hours. We’ve built out our shelves to accommodate over 3,000 volumes.

Grand Opening Open House – Next Monday Tuesday (Feb. 4) from 7pm – 9pm. Public is welcome to come by and take a look.

We’ve already hosted a number of readings and other events. And we continue to add programming including Knowledge Commons classes, more readings organized by Barrelhouse, private book club meetings, PlayBackTheTape screening, meetings of local organizations, etc.”



More photos after the jump.





The Bar/Restaurant:



  • Anonymous

    so do you have to be quiet in this room or could it be used to hold a book club for example?

    • Anonymous

      Says in the press release that they hold book club meetings and other events.

  • TG

    Do I have to buy anything or can I just go in and read. Alternatively, will there be backgammon?

    • AE

      Haha – don’t you know that bars are the best place for playing backgammon?

  • Anonymous

    Petworth Citizen has been a most welcome addition to the neighborhood and I’d encourage all to check it out. Excellent cocktails and unique up food options. The potential of this area is limitless – hoping once the huge Safeway opens it will only explode.

    • saf

      Ah, I would LOVE it if the Safeway were to explode!

  • I’m excited that the reading room is opening up — great idea for a public space.
    On another note…I recently returned to Petworth Citizen for dinner about 1 month after Tom Sietsema’s scathing review. I was hopeful that PC would have responded to his review and the hundreds of comments that were posted (most of which agreed with Tom’s review) — but was disappointed that theire menu has not changed one bit.
    I really want to love this place and would eat here frequently if the food improved. Come on, PC – please be better.

    • sarah

      man, i have been really impressed with the food and drinks and have been a couple times in the last few weeks.

  • Irving Streete

    Well, with the renovations soon to commence, I wonder if the Citizen can take my “library” off my hands — and if anyone will really read my Trollope?

  • TropicBird

    Will this be a family friendly reading room or more like an extension of the bar? Was really disappointed when PC opened that it was not a more inclusive space considering the enormous number of families in the area.
    Somebody could make a mint with a friendly Italian or Clyde’s type place in Petworth especially with Moroni Bros closed…maybe a Mellow Mushroom?

    • saf

      You are kidding, right? There are plenty of places for you to take your kids. And we don’t really need chain places here.

      • anonymous

        Sorry Tropicbird, I completely agree with saf. Let’s leave the chain restaurants for Columbia Heights. And the kids should adapt to restaurants, not expect to have restaurants cater to them. The majority of people eating out do not have kids.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Tropicbird, you’re just not cool enough to be their neighbor. We don’t need regular families in the neighborhood, much less family friendly places. Either dress your kids in plaid, skinny jeans, and ironic baseball caps and teach them to complain that gentrifiers are ruining the neighborhood or GTFO.

    • Anonymous

      there are routinely families with children in domku.

    • Stavros

      Taking your kid out is all about timing. Go early enough and just about anyplace will work.


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