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  • Guess you don’t know the secret knock.

  • I’ve seen people coming and going several times over the past few months. However, it never actually looks like anything is going on in there.

  • That’s weird, I was just thinking of asking in the forum if anyone knew what’s going on at this location. I assume places like this that never open are victims of the owner underestimating how much it’s going to cost to start up a business. Does anyone else remember 8 or 9 years ago, there was a guy who was going to open a bakery/coffee shop on this block? That never materialized either, he got mentioned in a Post column detailiing his trouble navigating DC’s bureaucracy.

  • Is this a doomed location?

  • The food truck leaves this location every morning. It seems like they are only using it to prep their food truck.

  • Petworth could use a decent Greek spot. I love the potential of Upshur St and Georgia Av near the new Safeway. Let’s get some more development coming in! The people are here waiting.

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