President Lincoln’s Cottage Gets Proper Signage


I’ve always thought President Lincoln’s Cottage should get more exposure. Glad to see this addition at the entrance on the corner of Upshur and Rock Creek Church Rd, NW.


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  • That looks awesome!!!

  • If the neighborhood of Petworth did a better job of marketing itself with some help from the District, the more people would knows about it. Clean up Georgia Avenue, do more to stop crime and encourage more commercial/retail development in the area and people will come. It’s all marketing.

    Does Petworth have a business or marketing board similar to other neighborhoods?

  • So can you drive right through the gates and walk around? Or do you need to make reservations?

    • You can drive right through the gates, but you need a ticket to tour the actual house. I’ve never had a problem getting one for within 30 minutes of when I’ve arrived, but you can get them in advance, too.

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