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  • I am not sure how Kickstarter work, you also contribute for “for profit business”? Do they reimburse when they start making money? Or anyone can just post a project there and get money from generous people to start their business?

    • Yeah, it’s a bit off putting that the community is being asked to chip in because someone didn’t have a good enough business plan… though I will say I’m dying for this place to open and even thought about donating, but not unless it means my $50 donation is good for a $50 coupon (or $25 or something!) when it opens. The owners should think about giving coupons for goods or lessons to those who give. I mean, I didn’t chip in for Starbucks to open… they get my money when I buy overpriced coffee.

  • Woah… I thought this was going to be a smaller version of the many desi grocery stores out in NoVA or Montgomery County. VERY interesting concept! I’ve spent a lot of time in cities in the U.S. with large south asian communities but haven’t seen something quite like this!

    wish her the best of luck!

  • Wait, so is this an ayurvedic medicine store, tea/coffee shop thing, cooking spices shop, book store, or what?

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