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Farewell Clement’s, Grafix Tattoos and Italian Kitchen – Armenian Genocide Museum Coming One Day?

by Prince Of Petworth December 27, 2013 at 11:30 am 7 Comments


It’s been a long time coming but the last signs of the Clement’s Pastry Shop are now gone from the 1300 block of G Street, NW.

In April Washington Business Journal reported:

“The Cafesjian Family Foundation of Minneapolis has submitted a request to raze 1338, 1340 and 1342 G St. NW, all of which back up to the historic but vacant National Bank of Washington building at 14th and G, which it also owns.”

It’s important to note the article’s author, Michael Neibauer, concludes:

“The 50,000-square-foot museum complex is in limbo, and based on a brief conversation I had with a museum representative, I’m less confident than ever that a museum will open in the bank building on 14th Street, two blocks from the White House.

The raze, as I understand it, has little to do with the museum. More likely, it is related to the District’s attempted “blight” classification, which would come with with a property tax rate six times the standard commercial rate. Get rid of the building, get rid of the tax bill.”

You can read about plans for the Armenian Genocide Museum here.

Demo starts on the 1300 block of G Street, NW:


Ed. Note: You can read a great history on the National Bank of Washington building on the corner here.

14th and G Street, NW

  • Anonymous

    Good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    Even though most of those storefronts have been vacant for decades, it was kind of like a little time capsule, and I’m gonna miss them. And these folks are never going to get around to building their museum. It has always been an overly-ambitious project.

  • Interesting reads. I can actually see my office in one of those photos, and I’ve always been curious what’s the story behind the abandoned buildings on that corner.

  • Neva Gonna Happen

    Sad..sad…sad. This will now be a run down, dirty parking lot for the next 15 – 20 years. Whomever is the council member for the district that this falls in should hold the owners responsible for paying the blighted property tax rate or be forced to sell.

    • NotACrook

      Oh yeah, good luck with that–like that crook Jack Evans is ever going to do anything except take free tickets.

    • Anonymous

      The council TRIED to raise the nuisance tax on this property. After they’d finished lobbying, they ended up getting a tax CUT and an extention on when they had to start construction. Vibrant urban kleptocracy is kleptocratic.

  • ClevelandDave

    All that can be said is *slumlords* It is people like these that ruins a city – more than a graffiti artist or literer. They buy buildings and let them deteriorate for decades. Even worse, they buy historic buildings and let them fall apart. It really does not seem to make any sense for anyone- including themselves. Why not do some modest renovation and rent them out? If it is a tax law that allows or encourages this rot then those laws ought to be changed. These owners- presumably Armenian- Americans should be ashamed and those that know them or associated with them should be embarassed to know them. And the city- whatever position you take regarding development- should ask them to move on or move out as they are depressing the value of other buildings by not properly maintaining their structures. The National Bank of Washington Building is a sorry shame- it deserves better, the neighborhood deserves better, Washington deserves better. The city, including the councilman responsible for this ward should make it a priority to get this matter for this high profile building resolved- it has been two decades since Clements closed and far past time for action. BTW, I remember Clements and thought they had very good pastries and I was sad when they closed- probably closed because the building was going to be redeveloped- in 1995.


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