Dear PoPville – Status of the “Future” Bacon Funeral Home?

3449 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

I was wondering about the progress on the Bacon Funeral Home at 3449 14th St. NW, and wonder if you have any information regarding recent developments on this property. From your last blog post on 03/21/13, Bacon Funeral Home was given 30 days to enclose the building by the city council. In any case that this did not occur, (still remains open to the elements) it would forward this matter on to DCRA. 30 days has already occurred, many times over.

I find it frustrating that we are talking about raising the building height restriction in DC, when developments like the Bacon property are left to languish for years without repercussion. Imagine if a huge, towering development like Louis at 14th and U had all the issues that Bacon Funeral Home has had. This sets a terrible precedent for other property owners and developers.”

Ed. Note: I’ll tweet this query to Council Member Jim Graham’s office and DCRA and post any updates they send. Anyone else hear anything about the status?


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  • I don’t quite understand why this place is necessary. In my house, bacon doesn’t last long enough to die.

  • jim_ed

    Status of the Bacon Funeral Home: Still Blighty

  • The place is a monument to the incompetence and corruption of the DC government. DCRA’s insanely high fees and heavy-handed regulations make is nearly impossible to rehab a blighted property and/or run a small business in this city. Neighborhood councils quibble over facades and setbacks. I need a full-on building permit to put up a small iron fence. And yet, This.

    • Maybe I’m just lucky, but I generally get good service from the DC government. At any rate, I find the idea that it’s heavy-handed regulations that are keeping this place blighted to be pretty silly. For one thing, the city is full of rehabbed properties, so claiming that it’s nearly impossible is clearly inaccurate. For another, this property is owned by a small business, has been blighted for years, and yet the heavy boot of the DC government has proven unable to give him the kick in the ass he needs to do something about it. Indeed, the Bacon funeral home has proven all-too-adept at working around the DC laws and regulations to avoid any consequences of their long-blighted property.

  • I tried to ask Graham about it. He blew me off with “It’s complicated.” I said “what about the 30 days they got back in the spring?” He smiled and waved and walked away.

    And we’re going to re-elect this clown? Please let’s not.

    • Agree with you 100%. Graham has got to go. The only reason he’s still on the council is because there are more corrupt and useless members who are now in jail. Let’s get rid of this useless fool.

      • But…but…but…Jim Graham turned down that bribe!

        • Why does Graham work so hard to load Columbia Heights his target constituents? He is essentially loading the deck to guarantee his re-election. It is a shame for the rest of us that would like to see the community improve. In the meantime, watch your back for muggers, fist punches, package thieves, and drug dealers. It is a race to the bottom and Jim Graham is leading the way!

          • A follow up thought: When asked about Gray’s re-election bid, Graham said: “He has been so hard working that the word tireless is an understatement, a gross understatement.” (Express, 12/4/13).

            Jim, we wish you were tireless in your efforts. And we wish both you and Gray would go.

  • The District should give this place to the folks who are nearly finished with the ex-funeral home at Rhode Island and Florida. That’s a former funeral home to be proud of.

  • If this were a Donatelli issue Mr. Graham would be involved, but a funeral home in the neighborghood, there is nothing for him there.

  • Status of the Bacon Funeral Home: DOA

  • I know they’ve got plenty of money to pay for the fleet of cars (two Escalades, a Cadillac sedan and a brand new hearse) that they’ve been driving around.

    • I too have seen this impressive fleet.

      2 Escalades: $130,000
      1 Cadillac sedan: $50,000
      1 modified Cadillac hearse: $120,000

      Total: $300,000

      If only they spent that amount on paying taxes or building out the property next door. The closure of the Getaway restaurant and the restaurant before it – I feel is largely because diners didn’t want to look out the window at this blight – and resulting in less business tax income for DC.

      But let’s not ignore all the other blighted properties on this stretch of 14th. I smell a rat, and his name is Graham.

      • Dear Thought,

        I agree with you about not forgetting other blighted and neglected properties up and down 14th St, but lets not blame these other properties for the closure of the Getaway “restaurant.” The Getaway’s patio highlighted their own issues – neglected patio barriers that were falling apart, dead plants, damaged tables and sub-par food. I was really hoping that the place would have been a success but after trying it a few times, I just gave up. Too many other places to go where I wouldn’t feel like I was sitting where a car should be parked.

        Not to single out the Getaway, but I have similar issues with the supposed “hardware” store just a few doors North of the Bacon Funeral Home. I tried to support this local place but again gave up because it seemed like they didn’t care at all. So why should I?

        Columbia Heights deserves local business that actually care about being in business and being a member of the community. Only then will they garner respect.

        • There are lots of sub-par restaurants that are still in business in DC. But only the Getaway (and the restaurant before it, and I’m guessing the restaurant after it) have a view of a drug house on one corner and an unfinished funeral home on the other. The restaurant is the variable. Jim Graham, the drug house, and the funeral home are the constant. Time to fix it. : |

  • I get so mad every time I walk past this place.

  • I got an update from Cm. Graham on this: the property is finally being taxed as “Blighted.” A quick check online shows they owe a whopping $134,573 for the two parcels, including unpaid taxes and penalties from 2012. So perhaps since DCRA continues to utterly fail at mitigating this atrocity, Bacon will be forced out. Or at least sell off a few Cadillacs.

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